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  1. This was a great spot! Thanks!
  2. Funny thread. Let us rejoice that while we don't have a #1 - we actually have three, THREE dudes who COULD be in Davis, Mims and Moore. I know all three are unproven but this is exciting! And that's before you even factor in that Crowder is really consistent and Cole is promising.
  3. This seems like a big deal that we signed Zach's RG. Except I guess that we also drafted Sam's LT and that didn't work out... Anyone know if Hoge can play?
  4. It's unfortunate the question got dressed in the weird nickname joke. I'm excited to see how each plays this season.
  5. thank you for clarifying this.
  6. You don't even want to imagine it... But if he were anything like his former self....no don't get hopes up.
  7. This was a well written and researched article with a lot of nuggets I hadn't heard before. Good for DJ. I pray he doesn't go the way of Manish. Nuggets that are new for me: - Prepping for practice with his girlfriend. Vs. our prior QBs getting mono or showing up on page six. This is a breath of fresh air to me. I have no problem with boys being boys, but all things equal if our qb's sniper girlfriend is really into football and helps him prepare, that's cool. - Love the anecdote of him staying ahead of his coach with prep and knowing the opposition better. Great story th
  8. Will be really interesting to see if Joe has any added loyalty to Perine as one of his picks. Without question Ty Johnson out played him last year and had potential to be super explosive.
  9. That's the thing - we've all be in awe of the recent Ole Miss receivers adapting so fast to the nfl between AJ and DK - and AJ thinks Elijah is better than him on technique? And when you watch the film and listen to folks, they think it's there too. Who is recruiting and coaching WRs there?
  10. I suggest eating some chocolate. You'll feel better.
  11. Watched the cut ups of three of his games this morning (Bama, FL and AR) and this is probably the most excited I've been on a draft pick in a minute. Some things I noticed: - He was a high volume target and it took me till the third game to see him not come down with one. It wasn't like he had great qb play either...Guy has fantastic hands and a tremendous engine. - The comment I read in the draft thread that he made bulk of his catches within five yards of line of scrimmage is false. Dude is a great route runner and caught a lot downfield. If anything, I noticed that the thre
  12. Great observation. This is my favorite draft since 2005. We had a clear strategy: - Pandemic year means less ability to vet players so prioritize your top 30-50 players, once those guys are gone trade back and grab as many lottery stabs as you can. - Take best players available at positions of need with emphasis on Offense to balance the focus on Defense the team had in early free agency. (Reflecting a strong POV on where the quality sat at each phase this off season) - When considering needs focus on what you need to full exploit Shanahan O and Salah D schemes (Need athletic O
  13. Wild. I think the two key comps I heard this weekend were Cooks (based on his college production) and Deebo (based on what this guy was drafted to do). I think the importance of Deebo to Shanahan's offense in SF is the best explanation for why Salah and Lafleur thought him so valuable. That's what they want him to do.
  14. Happy birthday, Stream!
  15. What the heck happened to Cade Johnson the off simulator thing was recommending him to me in round three and four...
  16. This is the LEAST I can remember worrying about UDFAs in eternity. What a draft.
  17. Jason Pinnock, CB Pitt Also, Revis' went to Pitt
  18. I remember many years where we were TERRIBLE at Safety and desperately wanted one.
  19. Aww man. Apparently NOT related to Darrelle. Explains why he was below radar.
  20. Do we care this late in the draft in this year where scouts had so much less data? At same time, if Darrelle is his uncle weird he flew below radar either way.
  21. Ha! The Carter Peninsula!
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