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  1. Wild. I think the two key comps I heard this weekend were Cooks (based on his college production) and Deebo (based on what this guy was drafted to do). I think the importance of Deebo to Shanahan's offense in SF is the best explanation for why Salah and Lafleur thought him so valuable. That's what they want him to do.
  2. Happy birthday, Stream!
  3. What the heck happened to Cade Johnson the off simulator thing was recommending him to me in round three and four...
  4. This is the LEAST I can remember worrying about UDFAs in eternity. What a draft.
  5. Jason Pinnock, CB Pitt Also, Revis' went to Pitt
  6. I remember many years where we were TERRIBLE at Safety and desperately wanted one.
  7. Aww man. Apparently NOT related to Darrelle. Explains why he was below radar.
  8. Do we care this late in the draft in this year where scouts had so much less data? At same time, if Darrelle is his uncle weird he flew below radar either way.
  9. Ha! The Carter Peninsula!
  10. My god, like ten of us just posted that simultaneously.
  11. JD's like "the JN people are gonna pan this pick as a safety. Let's call him a WILL"
  12. Just goes to show why JD traded up when he did. Saw the talent in this draft early and thinks rest of this draft is a crap shoot (so you might as well get more kicks at can)
  13. Incredible. JD is really focused on offense in a way we haven't seen...in decades? Key is this - he did the work he wanted to do in FA on defense and must have stuff in place w Sherman and Poole.
  14. I thought an interesting question Douglas got asked after rd1 was whether he was more aggressive because the Covid context made it harder to eval players and created a situation where teams have confidence in fewer players - he pivoted in his answer, but seemed to acknowledge the premise. I think that's why we traded up and why we didn't mess around at 34. He got cute last year in r2 because he had confidence in how he felt about the board. Think it's also interesting as we look to tomorrow and where he goes next.
  15. We just don't know what these things look like...it's going to take a while to be comfortable with not desperately worrying whether one of our UDFAs is gonna breakout for us at WR every year because we ignored the position again.
  16. I love Connor's comparison to Brandin Cooks too - I LOVED him coming out of college (we picked Calvin Pryor) and if it weren't for the concussions he's a difference maker. If Elijah can play that role for us and Mims is anything like we hope....
  17. I could live with Santana... We haven't had someone like that in ages...
  18. And hopefully he learned his lesson. You have think Salah and Douglas interrogated this?
  19. All respect but aren't the Moore's virtually the same height with similar roles on field? I could see being upset because we could have traded down and probably gotten one of the Moore's (or another solid offensive player), but is your beef that we picked the wrong slot receiver named Moore?
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