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  1. And hopefully he learned his lesson. You have think Salah and Douglas interrogated this?
  2. All respect but aren't the Moore's virtually the same height with similar roles on field? I could see being upset because we could have traded down and probably gotten one of the Moore's (or another solid offensive player), but is your beef that we picked the wrong slot receiver named Moore?
  3. ryu79

    Pick 34?

    Trade back makes so much sense BUT - drafting Williams to run behind 77 and AVT would be dope or locking in great run game for years with Jenkins also super tempting. What a fun draft!
  4. ryu79


    He was awkwardly highfiving fans and stuff. We are good. The kids is serious.
  5. Woody telling Zach he knows more about him than his children... Tough look...
  6. ryu79


    Zack literally predicted superbowl and said he was excited to transform Jets... Don't know what more you could ask for?
  7. Exactly, would be shocking good fortune. That said with Samuel Jr. still being there is intriguing. If he can slide back a little and still get him or Jenkins or Humphrey, that's compelling too.
  8. If by some miracle Jenkins is there at 34 - pick him too! I get the desire to add picks but if we could lock in real quality at LG and RG this draft it would totally be worth it.
  9. If Harris is there and you can have him run behind Big Ticket and AVT... DO IT.
  10. Either if them. Just get one of them or AVT... Please.
  11. Just wait till Bellichek drafts Mac Jones!!!
  12. Wow. The Mac Jones smokescreen was strong! That's some misdirection...
  13. Christ. Those Hackenburg receipts are brutal.
  14. I was hoping we resign Poole after the draft either way.
  15. Whenever I hear his name I think of Bradley Cooper's character in Wedding Crashers.
  16. All this stuff is an echo chamber. The captaincy stuff was all over the place and I think he handled it great and got out his story effectively. That it's true makes no difference - a lot of folks have great stories and are unable to land them.
  17. You always need early success in this market. Agree there.
  18. Was not meant cynically. One of my worries was comparisons that he's another Baker Mayfield type - after seeing how he and his fam have handled the early media stuff about him, Im relieved.
  19. C'mon man. Like him or not, he's managed this media cycle very well. Mac Jones? You are grasping.
  20. You know that's hyperbole, Tom. The best guys at this are super conscious of the narrative and know how to avoid or stay ahead of it (think Jeter). This isn't all or nothing and not everyone who is self aware becomes Jamal Adams.
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