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  1. Hopefully thats an empty flex. We need starters at OL and CB from 23 and 34 (or the trade back/up outcome derivatives)
  2. I don't get the Sanchez hate. He wasn't that good in general, but in big games, Mark showed up pretty well for us. He wasn't Mahomes, but he did well in those playoff wins and never said anything derogatory about the fans I can remember. By the time he left us though his short comings on the field had been exposed and he could barely receive a snap clean...but I never had a character concern with the guy. I hope he gets a shot to do more tv stuff.
  3. I would love to see a collage about this!
  4. I thought yesterday - how weird that Douglas would raise Morgan at his press conference - but this kind of thread /scrutiny of that pick is prob why. I think the press conference laid bare yesterday that a year ago Douglas really was committed to Sam and that Morgan was probably picked to be a guy they would develop over a period to be a backup in some future. Don't think Douglas was secretly plotting to have the kid see field ever last season or had delusions of what he'd be....and yeah, that makes the timing of the pick with the talent on the board at the time weirder/more dissappointi
  5. Thought this video was insightful. Particularly on ball placement in common situations being an issue. That it wasn't addressed in season is coaching. I think it's also why you hear about folks like Lafleur being psyched about working with and pushing to potentially give it a shot with Sam. But it's a gamble and the hardest thing is our fanbase has already made its call, which makes that gamble even tougher to pull off. I think you've got to trade him at this point, just worry that most of his potential suitors have already made their moves this off season.
  6. Oh man. No matter the QB next year can't wait to see Denzel next year.
  7. He said being drafted by us at 2 would be a dream. If he threw like that with a pulled hammy he is not soft - as impressive as Fields was a healthy Justin put a lot more body into some of his downfield tosses and Wilson's looked pretty effortless (I had absolutely no indication he was hurt). I'm torn between them as prospects because I fear that Fields' ceiling with the right coach is absurd... But Wilson runs the exact scheme we intend to expertly and his accuracy is great. A lot of the speculating here feels over the top... Id also be fine with running it back with Sam, tradi
  8. Are you suggesting we stick with The Ginger and draft Boots at 2? Pitter patter...
  9. Fascinating. We may see play out the tension between the draft/talent eval media (Kiper, Shay, Miller) who vouched so hard for Darnold as a rare talent (even after his first two years in the league) and the league itself. Given coverage by Schefter that seemed to reflect the view that there was a market for Darnold for a 2nd (and even a late 1st at one point), it didn't seem like this tension existed until now. Of course, the big difference is time - most of the folks for whom Darnold might be worth those things have already solved their QB issue for 2022. Douglas didnt move earlier beca
  10. You really have to wonder how Fields' Zoom interviews with them could be going for them to at least not divide and conquer...
  11. If we decide to pick Wilson - it is absolutely imperative we address the OL a few times in the early stages of this draft. His downfield accuracy will be useless if he is on his behind everytime we try to go deep or injured running around behind the kind of protection we've put out there in recent years.
  12. This is both the best take and funniest image. If we do sign this kid the ironic headband taking over the meadowlands on Sunday s would be hysterical.
  13. Is Riddick trolling at all? Just feels like a good check on hysterics... Sam and Wilson can both have the ability to make off platform throws and improvise (they do) and they can have other traits that are different (arguably Wilson has unique deep accuracy). We have no idea how Sam will respond to better coaching/scheme (he carries unflattering tape and stats from this season for sure) and no idea how Wilson will cope with tougher competition/pressure. All else equal it seems Wilson on sheer economics and risk mgmt is the smarter play and a fresh start likely suits Sam best too. I hope D
  14. He looked bigger than I expected in a good way. Not out of shape or fat but much more solid and likely to be able to take a hit...
  15. thanks for the heads up! You can set it to record on Youtube TV by searching for 'Path to Draft'
  16. Yes! I just want a couple of these at CB...
  17. ryu79

    Ty Johnson

    Johnson was a breath of fresh air last year. Was almost strange after seeing all our snaps go to Gore...
  18. Sign this man. People get injured. QBs need people to throw to. It's ok to have multiple starting calibre receivers on a team...
  19. Ha! How beaten down are we that presented with what most teams would consider an acceptable receiver corps, we would think 'thats too good for the jets, theyll never invest in it'
  20. EVERY freaking year. What a disaster it is to bet, ever, on signing OL in FA....
  21. Every year I get excited about these guards...every year they resign or get tagged... So annoying!
  22. Remarkable how Wentz's perceived value plummeted this past season. Such a bizarre season with all kinds of random circumstances impacting so much.
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