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  1. Draft this kid. Come on. I want this kid clapping back at Manish every week.
  2. Manning, Brady, Rodgers...all smart dudes who challenge everything and their teammates... Ive had to read Jet fans lament the intelligence of our qbs since Chad got hurt...if we have a chance at Rosen we shouldnt blink.
  3. Given Chris Johnson's defense of player freedom to protest last week, I don't imagine a scenario where he is guided by Woody's political inclinations on draft day, but thought this review of the QBs by the Ringer was interesting. - https://www.theringer.com/2018/3/29/17177030/nfl-quarterback-prospects-red-flags-bust-potential
  4. This. And SO much read option, when it was clear NO ONE respected their run and Allen was running for his life and throwing the ball away or into desperate windows... I wonder what his completion % would look like if you took out the amount of times he had to dash to get out of the pocket and hurl the ball out of bounds....
  5. Preparation matters. I heard reported earlier that Lamar doesnt have an agent and teams are struggling to contact him through his mom. Thats a disaster for a kid who is trying to position himself as quarterback capable in the draft and it seems to also reflect in the chalkboard and wonderlic preparation. I am a big Gladwell fan and believe in his view from Outliers that prep, and knowing what to expect, has huge impact on outcomes. I just cant believe a former heisman winner doesnt have mentors in place that could hook him up with the right folks to guide him through the process.
  6. So, I am not a big film watcher, but I did see a lot of Allen's games this year. Just rewatching some of the vids on yt tonight, one thing I did notice is that the Wyoming offense was awful off of playaction in the read option. I'd read somewhere that Allen took considerably more snaps this year from the pistol and far more under center the prior year, and just watching I think it had an impact on his completion %, because I've never seen (that might be hyperbole, but it happens alot) a QB making as many desperation throws (either running out of bounds or with multiple defenders bearing him do
  7. Agree. Thought Kearse really brought a lot of leadership amongst receivers last year. Would hate to lose him.
  8. CB - Across multiple forums, I've always enjoyed your posts and found you to be a level headed poster. I think here you are extrapolating a lot from Mora's responses in that video. Having watched the video and also read the other interview thats been posted, I think its just a case where Mora is so close to Rosen he's being almost protective of him. He raves about the kid, but he also had to coach and mentor the kid through the jacuzzi incident. Remember Mora started Rosen as a freshman in a pro style offense in a relatively competitive conference - he threw him to the fire and has prob seen t
  9. The start of this video reminded me of the Hansel montage at the start of Zoolander. So over the top. That said., he is by far my fave for the Jets and I think his personality and intelligence would be terrific for this franchise. I dont know where the idea comes from that these guys shouldnt be able to think for themselves and I liked his response to that question from Eisen. The Mora interview doesnt give me too much pause, because it seemed clear that he was framing that as the challenge for Rosen, but in the next breathe expressing great confidence in him.
  10. Agree with the call and what a breath of fresh air for a member of the Johnson family to be taking active mgmt steps that are cogent and not simply intended to sell/curry favor of newspapers.
  11. I am no draftnik, but i wanted to note one thing about the kid that's different than Hack and Geno and Cutler - this kid seems like a dude people want to be around, with leadership potential. I know those Wyoming kids around him were terrible but they lived for the guy and it was clear on the sideline he was their guy. Ive read similar stuff from the folks who cover the senior bowl and combine on how he conducted himself and worked with the other players there - we keep talking about this kid like Drago, but he seems to play with a lot of heart and have some alpha in him too. The other in
  12. Hoping against hope the Giants feel that way. Saquon is special and I can imagine how tempting having him, OBJ and Eli on field together must be for them...
  13. Doesn't that depend on there being folks with motive and ammo the Giants want? The Colts did the deal with us because they liked the move back to Six. The Broncos sitting at 5 with strong motive to leap us is material, no? No one else in the top 10 picks needs a qb...
  14. If only Cousins had gone to the Broncos. More worried about them than Bills. Anyone have a theory to assuage that concern?
  15. I was very impressed by throws in tight windows but especially on fade routes to the sideline - those are tough but he threw them perfectly time after time. Also thought he was very accurate throwing while on the move (which I didn't realize was a strength of his till tonight). I'd be fine with trading a 2nd rounder for him and using free agency and maybe our 1 on OL. if the argument is that he needs OL play to perform, fine - that is true of 99% of QBs, even Brady can't throw off his back. Yes, the coaching and OL play was terrific tonight, but he had to make the throws and he did.
  16. Sure. And i ask for updates on him because id like to see him succeed one day, but my point is jet second rd picks have been awful regardless in recent history with the exception of Maye...
  17. My eyes must have lied to me, because there were real, honest to goodness open receivers, with separation even, this year. And when it was a clear there was a cb on the opp side having a rough day, we actually attacked a weakness. I am not discrediting McCown, who i think performed admirably under the circumstances and showed some great leadership - but Morton seemed the best coordinator weve had in that role for a while and it was his first year in that capacity. these things aren't mutually exclusive.
  18. A total pleasant surprise and one of Macc's best moves.
  19. Any updates on Devin Smith? People seem so up in arms over the Hack pick but he is just the latest in a plethora of second rd nightmares..
  20. Fwiw. Our last two first rounders (Jamal and Darron) have taken to Twitter today with strong endorsements of Mayfield.
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