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  1. Hoping against hope the Giants feel that way. Saquon is special and I can imagine how tempting having him, OBJ and Eli on field together must be for them...
  2. Doesn't that depend on there being folks with motive and ammo the Giants want? The Colts did the deal with us because they liked the move back to Six. The Broncos sitting at 5 with strong motive to leap us is material, no? No one else in the top 10 picks needs a qb...
  3. If only Cousins had gone to the Broncos. More worried about them than Bills. Anyone have a theory to assuage that concern?
  4. I was very impressed by throws in tight windows but especially on fade routes to the sideline - those are tough but he threw them perfectly time after time. Also thought he was very accurate throwing while on the move (which I didn't realize was a strength of his till tonight). I'd be fine with trading a 2nd rounder for him and using free agency and maybe our 1 on OL. if the argument is that he needs OL play to perform, fine - that is true of 99% of QBs, even Brady can't throw off his back. Yes, the coaching and OL play was terrific tonight, but he had to make the throws and he did.
  5. Sure. And i ask for updates on him because id like to see him succeed one day, but my point is jet second rd picks have been awful regardless in recent history with the exception of Maye...
  6. My eyes must have lied to me, because there were real, honest to goodness open receivers, with separation even, this year. And when it was a clear there was a cb on the opp side having a rough day, we actually attacked a weakness. I am not discrediting McCown, who i think performed admirably under the circumstances and showed some great leadership - but Morton seemed the best coordinator weve had in that role for a while and it was his first year in that capacity. these things aren't mutually exclusive.
  7. A total pleasant surprise and one of Macc's best moves.
  8. Any updates on Devin Smith? People seem so up in arms over the Hack pick but he is just the latest in a plethora of second rd nightmares..
  9. Fwiw. Our last two first rounders (Jamal and Darron) have taken to Twitter today with strong endorsements of Mayfield.
  10. Bowles is getting so much more from this team than anyone expected and as a first year coordinator Morton has been super impressive - people are actually open! Our oline is ... Improving! What is this?
  11. Huge steps from Lee in the last month and Adams looked solid tonight. Considering no Claiborne, we were lucky Skrine didnt get torched too.
  12. Wait. If they redrafted Collins year, wouldnt he be a top five or six pick though? I think you could reasonably make that argument as support for where Adams got picked.
  13. Well Watson is done for the year... https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/926193425917063169 Lets hope the guy we pick can make it through his rookie year. Shame as this guy had looked fantastic.
  14. Despite soft opposition, Josh Allen had his best game of season on Saturday. Curious if he will move up draft boards with a stronger second half to season.
  15. The lack of playing time for the kids in a lost season is angersome. Well said.
  16. i think its a bit premature to evaluate anyone from last years draft, if he's still there at seasons end or hasnt shown improvement i'd be happy to concede that point. But i certainly wasnt referring to his td ratio when i mentioned his leadership. And i was a fan of penny, dont think we've picked well at that position since.
  17. With Jordan Matthews a pretty solid receiver tandom too.
  18. I mean literally that the team is following him. Which you dont see a lot with a rookie. This was the top ranked player on tons of boards last year at a position we have been awful at forever. Amongst the opps we've had to draft a qb that could made a difference (bridgewater, carr, dak, etc) i think its random to fixate on this one when Adams was a straightforward pick that night. We've been awful at picking qbs since chad, thats not a reason to dump on this kid.
  19. He may not be a world beater yet, but he is getting better week by week. Getting to ball much faster.
  20. I dont get it. Adams has been great for a rookie and he does show remarkable leadership at his age. Great draft pick, imho.
  21. If you think Mayfield is the one, then youve gotta take him in first... Chances are we wont be only ones given his performance this year.
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