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  1. He looked bigger than I expected in a good way. Not out of shape or fat but much more solid and likely to be able to take a hit...
  2. thanks for the heads up! You can set it to record on Youtube TV by searching for 'Path to Draft'
  3. Yes! I just want a couple of these at CB...
  4. ryu79

    Ty Johnson

    Johnson was a breath of fresh air last year. Was almost strange after seeing all our snaps go to Gore...
  5. Sign this man. People get injured. QBs need people to throw to. It's ok to have multiple starting calibre receivers on a team...
  6. Ha! How beaten down are we that presented with what most teams would consider an acceptable receiver corps, we would think 'thats too good for the jets, theyll never invest in it'
  7. EVERY freaking year. What a disaster it is to bet, ever, on signing OL in FA....
  8. Every year I get excited about these guards...every year they resign or get tagged... So annoying!
  9. Remarkable how Wentz's perceived value plummeted this past season. Such a bizarre season with all kinds of random circumstances impacting so much.
  10. I think BYU is March 26. This is going to take forever.
  11. Interesting. Did he lose weight between junior and senior year? Looks sturdier looking there than I saw him in clips this year. His pro day at BYU isn't till next month so this is going to go on forever...
  12. But his brother is a Jets fan.... ....
  13. He clearly became one as he wore the patch...why fixate on this once that's clear? I wonder if mcshay saw the same and didn't realize? Either way Mcshay is high on the guy so I don't understand why this is an angle Cimini would go....
  14. What a bizarre nothing burger of a story. Mcshay who says Wilson is a LOCK at two (whether us or anyone else) mistakenly says he wasn't a captain (there are pictures of him playing with the C on his chest, and his teammates have to correct record), and here we are five pages into a thread... To give Paradis credit, it was more interesting than another thread about Sam's trade value.
  15. Who ya gonna believe Cimini's tweet or your lying eyes over whether he was captain?
  16. (Puts on helmet) This assessment is the same reason people speculate JD may give Darnold a shot in the Shanahan system.
  17. Love Leon! I remember being so upset when he and Big jenks got hurt (was that a raiders game?) - we looked amazing with them both.
  18. ryu79


    Not true. Remember that time he took the d play calling from Kacy for a week? I think Kacy was sick or something... And the d was suddenly incredible for one day. Bowles is a tremendous defensive coordinator just didn't make things happen as a head coach.
  19. This is the season he is gonna finally deliver on that preseason promise!
  20. Hope someone has some Gladys Knight queued up for Todd to celebrate! His D showed up today!
  21. Big risk for me is the injury history. Less the severity of what's happened so far and more the tendency. Milliner had an injury history but had never missed time for it at Bama. Kept getting hurt at nfl level. Sincerely hope that when the Jets drs get to him they like what they see, because just like his height these are the kinds of things that will be read consistently across teams and whether we are drafting him or trading the pick his being viable is key.
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