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    These are Godwin's first big game experiences, right? I want to see him have a big game on the tundra...
  2. The thing with Chad is that he was so promising that first year... Going into that Raider game probably the most hyped I can remember being about the future of the team. And then the Snoopy bowl injury...
  3. They literally interviewed him today. As soon as they were able after this blew up in the news. Would certainly seem that Watson's concerns are impacting their process.
  4. Well, we should know more soon as Houston has announced they completed their interview with Bienemy. They can't hire him until after KC's season ends, right? I'd still expect there would be some leaks if that's the resolution ...
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    #1 PROTECT GHOST! #2 Juju's form can have fallen off since AB left Pittsburgh AND Godwin can have a major case of the dropsies the past few weeks. These are not mutually exclusive.
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    I don't know about Juju but Godwin has been a horror show the past two weeks for TB.
  7. Seemed appropriate to rewatch today. Watson is a beast (and Hopkins incredible), but pre Gase Sam was fun to watch too. Devastating to think how he looked this season when you watch him throwing down field here...
  8. If I were them I am on Zoom with Bienemy right now and asking Watson who he wants at OC, DC, how he takes his coffee...
  9. Does anyone have the link to the segment referenced in the OP? I looked on YT but couldn't find (as you can imagine there are a lot of Orlovsky vids talking about Darnold).
  10. I'll take this as true AND still think this is open ended still because Douglas strikes me as the type that will do his hw - meet and work out all these kids and seriously consider Saleh and Lafleur's input on it. This is me, for once, believing in the professionalism of our mgmt.
  11. I don't get the freak out on this point. Saleh and Douglas both have 5 years to turn around the franchise and know that the QB position is a vital piece of that and Sam's contract is another. They have EVERY incentive to get this right and scrutinize this deeply - nothing about the methodical way Douglas has played his time at the team would make you think different. If they stick with Darnold, with Saleh, Douglas and Lafleur having evaluated him, Fields and Wilson (who supposedly comes in with mastery of Lafleurs offense from BYU already) when doing so comes at a higher hard financial c
  12. Was about to say that would be kinda perfect.
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/06/06/robert-saleh-49ers-defensive-coordinator-arab-american Thought this was a great article on Saleh's roots. Seems like a special human being.
  14. Gamebreaker. Serious kid too. Pushes himself - found interesting he is from bay area but went to Bama.
  15. This is a compelling argument...
  16. Totally agree. He and Saleh are both great candidates as are a few others. Crossing fingers we get one of the good ones.
  17. We need to take our time, but given the expansive first round, I hope we start moving fast here so that we give our new HC the best opp to staff well. Esp as it seems they will likely be a coordinator making the leap to HC.
  18. If we were to hire Arthur, the Sewell + Najee double dip suddenly becomes pretty attractive.
  19. Hmm....we just dont know what Douglas wanted. If he was convinced of Saleh and couldn't close, that would be a terrible sign. But if he legit thinks he can play the field.... I will hope this works out like that trade in the second round last year.
  20. its this. no one knows how he will be covered. there is a lot there...
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