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  1. This guy is a troll, or a politician. Either way, the only winning strategy is to ignore him. There is absolutely nothing you could say to him that will sway his opinion. I would settle for a rational adult response, at this point, but that isn't happening.
  2. This is you and a bunch of your clones moving the goal posts again. Holy baby Jesus and Mary! It's impossible to have a conversation with you.
  3. First he said experienced GM. Then when he couldn't come up with one, he pivoted to experienced Asst. GM. He couldn't even come up with an experienced Asst. GM. Joe Douglas was the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Super Bowl champion Eagles under Howie Roseman. Should I tell him that Vice President of Player Personnel is another way to say Asst. GM? By his standards, the Jets hired the right guy.
  4. Says he is going to give an example. Proceeds NOT to give an example.
  5. We are at troll level at this point with this dude. He is not interested in having a conversation, but he is interested in repeating his unsubstantiated point. He can't even name a single potential GM who was available at the time to make it seem plausible that he has a valid opinion.
  6. You would do well as the press secretary for the current president, or a future president. You simply refuse to answer a simple question, but make sure that you repeat your position.
  7. I'm willing to see what LaFleur can do for the rest of this year. If we see steady improvement and progress with Zach Wilson, I would welcome him back. If we are having the same conversation in three weeks, nine weeks, and week seventeen, I would expect that a change is made. I am not convinced that LaFleur is a long term solution, but I also know that 5 games is not enough time to properly evaluate a rookie OC who is trying to develop a rosy cheeked rookie QB. With each passing week, the criticism will become valid if things don't change. I suspect that things will get better.
  8. That's my point. He didn't hire a seasoned HC/OC and didn't add veteran players, because more of the same gets you more of the same. This was a calculated risk that is high risk, but also has the possibility of a high reward. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that Woody would have signed off on this if he wasn't on board with the slow burn. The fact that Woody has been mostly invisible lately is a separate issue, but also a good sign of things to come.
  9. I am anatomically, diatonically, catastrophically, pedantically, metaphorically, gravimetrically and cholinergically opposed to thinking that JD is a failure. (Yes, I know that none of these words make any sense in this context) The six year deal is the first clue as to why this team has been stripped to the bare bones. He told Christopher Johnson that he was taking the job with the understanding that he is going to tear it down and rebuild it, and that he needs a commitment to the plan. When Maye and Crowder get traded, the last of the old guard will be gone. Don't be surprised if CJ Mo
  10. Do you think people with experience as only a McDonald's manager apply for GM jobs? GM candidates work in lower level executive positions before getting GM jobs. While Joe Douglas didn't have GM experience before being hired by the Jets, he worked for two Super Bowl winning franchises. Joe Douglas now has experience with being a GM, so we now have an experienced GM.
  11. Parcells was an AWFUL drafter. Holy sh*t!
  12. The average GM makes between $1 million and $3 million a year. JD is being paid the high end of the average. By definition, that is not cheap. Who was this $7 million a year GM that was not already the GM of another organization? Good GMs don't stay unemployed.
  13. They gave Douglas a six year contract worth $24 million. Who was available and how much do you expect to pay for a GM?
  14. You are either a troll or took the extra small bus to school. Objective means based on facts, not feelings, or opinion. He has experience working as an offensive coordinator in college, and he was the passing game coordinator under Kyle Shanahan. By objective measures, he is a qualified to be an offensive coordinator, and arguing this fact doesn't reflect well on you.
  15. You can delude yourself into thinking whatever you want, but he is objectively qualified to be an offensive coordinator in the NFL.
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