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  1. That is the best take on Adams. In a vacuum, drafting an All-Pro safety is a win. In context, it was an awful pick. Adams has proven that a stud safety doesn't move the needle on a team that has so many holes. Adams would have been an outstanding luxury pick for a team who was one or two pieces away from competing.
  2. Would you agree that Bless Austin is a shining example of Mike Maccidentally making a good draft pick?
  3. I'm glad you said this. He is hard to look at in general, and even harder to listen to during an interview. I'd take him in a heartbeat as my QB, but damn, he got hit with the ugly stick twice.
  4. I was going to start a thread, but I'll just post it here instead. This is a game that the Same Old Jets win. Why? They are no longer in playoff contention and have no business winning this game. If they had beaten the Bengals and this was a must win game, it would be a forgone conclusion that the Jets lay an egg and lose bigly. I'm not saying that the Jets are going to win, but I would not be shocked if they did.
  5. I would love to see Leo stick it to the Giants by re-signing with the Jets for a modest 1 year "prove it" deal.
  6. Leo is going to get a decent (not top tier) pay day for a team who runs a 4-3 that has decent edge rushers.. He will run stuff, get an occasional sack and shine like the 4th round talent that he is. The guy is a decent football player and it's not his fault that he was anointed as the best player in the draft. Also not his fault that Macc drafted an interior lineman when there were more pressing needs.
  7. Ficken will likely be one of several kickers brought into camp.
  8. He is just old, crotchety, and fed up. I don't see him at all as a shill. If I got paid to be me on the radio, I'd be a little more me than usual. If that's considered being a shill, so be it.
  9. Whether you like Joe B or despise him, he does represent the frustration that Jets fans have with the organization. The time and effort put into designing new uniforms was greater than the time and effort used to hire Gase. He is spot on about ownership not giving playoff mandates. It would go a long way with the fans if the owners gave us the illusion that they actually want to win.
  10. You think that Joe Douglas makes calls without the Johnson's input? That's cute.
  11. What is the recovery time for Mosely's type of injury? If his rehab gets him back on track for OTA's, the delay won't be that big of a deal. If he isn't ready to play by week 1, this will be another mark on the ineptitude of this organization.
  12. The Johnson's are awful at running a football operation. At this point, if a player complains about ownership/front office, I will believe the player. They have demonstrated that they are clueless at running a successful football team.

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