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  1. Common sense says not to be a Jets fan, but then again, there is not a lot of common sense on this board. I'm going to do what I do every single year. I'm going to die on the hill rooting for the team that has broken my heart for 39 year plus years.
  2. Ryan Leaf's opinion about Zach Wilson is more valid than 99% of the posters on this board., but I'm not going to mention that every time a fat neckbeard gives their two cents about a player.
  3. The quicker we get rid of the stench of Maccagnan, the better. JD will want to re-sign his own players. I wouldn't be shocked if Quinnen is one of the few holdovers that JD re-signs. If Maye excels in Saleh's system, he will be taken care of. If he is ok in Saleh's system, he is getting franchised one more time, and then bye bye.
  4. I pledge my allegiance to the laundry. I pledge no allegiance to any player, coach, GM, or owner.
  5. I've tempered my expectations as a Jets fan over the years. I'm excited about our future, but the thing that pleases me the most is that the black cloud of the Adam Gase era (error) is gone. I never want to revisit that two years of organizational disaster ever again.
  6. Draft value and $2.75 gets you on an NYC bus. Drafting quality players wins games, divisions, and championships. The only time draft value charts matter is when you give up the farm for a failed player. Nobody will remember or care about draft value if AVT becomes the player he was drafted to be. Value is fluid and changes over time. I don't have the the value for the trade the Chiefs made to trade up for Pat Mahomes, but I guarantee you that nobody cares if the Chiefs got "hosed" on the draft value chart at the time. (Yes, I am aware that AVT is not a QB) I'd prefer if JD wins out on dra
  7. He's gone from the Redskins again? You necroed the wrong thread.
  8. I would love for Darnold to start playing well in 2022. 0-17 for 2021.
  9. What happens if a rookie hasn't signed? Can they still participate in mini-camp? If so, what happens if they get injured?
  10. There are many one and doners, but there are also Robby Andersons, Philip Lyndsays, James Robinsons and Adam Thielens. It's fun to catch lighting in a bottle.
  11. Came here to say this. I think it's a requirement that you play god awful hippity hop during a highlight video.
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