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  1. Is it Darnold? Yes. Is it coaching? Yes. Is it the OL? Yes. Darnold still has potential, but potential and $3.75 can buy you a gallon of 2% milk. He is still young and could possibly come of age on a new team while playing behind another seasoned QB. It's not happening now, or on this team. Coaching - Gase Is it the OL? ABSOLUTELY. Any QB playing behind a musical chairs swiss cheese line is going to struggle. Could a better QB adapt? Sure, Darnold is not that QB.
  2. I gave Macc way too many chances to right the ship. I'm not soured on JD but I am already questioning his plan. The coming off-season is likely going to help me decide if JD is a football genius or the bastard child of a drunken rendezvous between Idzik and Macc. With an early number 1, likely the first pick in the draft, and a late number 1, likely in the 29-32 range, the Jets have positioned themselves to add a true franchise QB and another blue chip piece of the puzzle. With three day two picks, the opportunity is there to fill gaping holes at WR and CB. I have hopped off the JD can do no wrong train, but I am not ready to chop up the train and send it to the scrap yard just yet. If JD can convince Chris and Woody that he knows more football than them, we have a glimmer of hope. If the Johnson's select the next head coach, we have to hope that they accidentally hire the right coach. Maybe Otto Graham calls Chris and Woody in their dreams and recommends a hotshot college coach who is coaching to where football is going.
  3. I once passed out with 185 lbs pressed over my head. Granted, I was only out for a moment, but I went complexly black. I didn't drop the weight. He gets a pass on dropping it,, but I would just for once see a receiver hold onto the ball after a hit.
  4. I know it was a dirty hit, but can we hold onto the football after getting hit?
  5. Sometimes it is his fault, but he can’t throw the ball and catch it for them.
  6. Darnold drops a dime and I guess it’s his fault that Berrios dropped it, right?
  7. I think that Darnold should throw less of those types of passes.
  8. Darnold has a long way to go, but there is a star QB in there somewhere.

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