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  1. They are not drafting Sewell, but nobody would be complaining if he turned out to be who they said he would be. A great offensive line doesn't win championships, but a bad offensive line loses championships. Look at Mahomes behind a patchwork OL in the Super Bowl.
  2. I want to personally thank Jamal Adams for being a decent enough linebacker that he got us two firsts and a third. Other than that, he can sit on a inadequately lubed bicycle seat post.
  3. Why stop at 3? Who is going to be our fourth TE? We had a lot of tight ends on a roster that did not feature a TE.
  4. The Pats fans on Facebook seem to be happy for Brady. While there might be SOME crying Pats fans, it seems that most are genuinely happy to see Brady and Gronk win another SB.
  5. How much did Macc give to a guy who didn't play a snap in the Super Bowl? 52.5 million minus whatever they saved by cutting him.
  6. That's the thing. I can. Tom Brady played when he played, and it's irrelevant what he would have done when he didn't play. Sour grapes never comes off as a good thing.
  7. Irrelevant. Brady didn't play in the 80's and 90's. No use being sour grapes about it.
  8. Without a good OL, having a franchise QB isn't going to mean much. Just look what a bad OL does to arguably the best QB in the league who is surrounded by top skill players. This point is moot because Joe Douglas is going to address the OL this offseason, while still drafting a QB.
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