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  1. Not saying that we are a good team but this is how good teams win. When the game is on the line, good teams find a way to win.
  2. Whistle blows at 2:02 but the clock runs to 2:00. Is that normal?
  3. I would never bet against the Jets unless they were laying 24.5 and I though that they would only win by 24.
  4. The most SOJ thing ever would be to get to 7-7 with the possibility of making the playoffs only to lay two fat goose eggs in the final two games to miss the playoffs. Alternately, we get to 8-7 by winning in comeback fashion against the Steelers only to get beat by the Bills and their back up QB. Reality is that we end up with two to four wins.
  5. Name me all of the QB's that have started for him. Then we can continue our conversation.
  6. I've been a fan of this team long enough to know that this is possible. Not likely, but possible.
  7. Macc threw enough poop against the wall for some of it to stick. Cashman is going to outplay his draft position.
  8. I don't know if a coaching staff of Lombardi, Parcells, and Belichick could do much better with this roster. Gase is capable of coaching a good team, but not a roster of overpaid trash.
  9. Sorry to have triggered you, snowy. . I won't respond to political posts anymore.
  10. I'm not giving up on Douglas after three games, but has this guy made any good moves? Kalil is a disaster.
  11. Stop pounding your chest when you are getting your anus beat.

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