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  1. Getting your knee rolled into is going to injure a well conditioned player. He had a pec injury which is not generally from weight or conditioning issues.
  2. If I just got my bell rung, the last thing I will do is approach the guy who just rocked me with my hands down.
  3. This is the time to be overjoyed by decent play in padless 7 on 7 drills but unbothered by lackluster play in padless 7 on 7 drills. "Gardner covered Garret Wilson like sauce on a flatbread pizza." - EXCELLENT! 1st team all-pro! "Garret Wilson struggles against press coverage." - Nothing to worry about. This is just practice.
  4. I passed out at a GNR concert in the parking lot. I cannot return until I take a mandatory 6 hour online code of conduct course.
  5. I like Jake. I also like Jets Central but he can be a little over-optimistic at times. "Welcome in, the Jets just made a big move by signing a UDFA long snapper to a futures contract."
  6. Thursday 5 - I woke up feeling like a cold was coming on. Went to work and made it through the day. Did yard work for a few hours and I was feeling better than I was in the morning. Friday 6- Woke up with a stuffy head and sinuses and that "I have a cold feeling." Was supposed to see DD Verni and the Cadillac Band at Count Basie. I probably could have toughed it out, but I didn't want to get my family and friends sick, even though I thought it was just a sinus infection. Saturday 7 - Wasn't feeling better and took a rapid test. It came up positive immediately. Took a second test to confirm. Sunday 8 - First day of feeling slightly better. Still had a stuffy head and sinuses Monday 9 - Feeling 50% better Tuesday 10 - 60% better Wednesday 11 - 75% better Thursday 12 - 90% better Friday 13 - 92% better. Went camping all weekend Wednesday 18 - Today - Still not 100%
  7. Now I have to be stressed out that guys like Irvin Charles are not going to make the team. Oh those darn Jets!
  8. I got Roner last week. It felt like a medium cold. I was vaxxed a year ago, so I consider this my booster.
  9. Now I have to be stressed out that guys like Kenny Yeboah and Lawrence Cager are not going to make the team. Oh those darn Jets!
  10. He won't be remembered. Most NFL fans don't know or care about who owns the Jets.
  11. The CJ Mosely contract was bad and his first two years on the team were a wash. With that said, I'm glad he is here. He may not be a good value, but he is a good player. His presence will be valuable on a team with a new stable of young bucks. He might be willing to restructure his contract in 2023 and play on a more team friendly contract.
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