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  1. The hypothetical success or failure of Harbaugh hinges on the relationship between him and JD. If the Johnson's make the hire without the blessing of JD, we can get used to another 5 years of garbage time football. This goes for any head coaching hire.
  2. One thing is for certain, Darnold winning on the Jets is not happening. Two head coaches and 11 wins in three seasons. In a perfect situation he can probably be a salvageable QB for a new team. I don't want a salvageable at best QB. I want a QB who can read a defense and know when to throw the ball away. I'm done with the excuses of his surrounding cast. You know what, he is part of the surrounding cast to other players.
  3. I haven't hit my tipping point yet on his career, but my tipping point with this team has the been the results of three years of Jets football. He has more flashes as trash than he does treasure. The question isn't about his talent, at least for me. He has demonstrated that when his decisions are good, he can play winning football. Overall, his decision making process is not good. He takes too many sacks when he could have easily thrown it away. His reads can be atrocious at times. How many times do we see WIDE OPEN receivers get ignored? With the right coaching, I see his ceiling as league average to Kirk Cousins. It's not happening on the Jets, and I wish him well in all of his future endeavors.
  4. It wasn't the right pick at the time, but that is now irrelevant. We have a blossoming defensive tackle who will hopefully turn into a perennial pro-bowler. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but Q is trending in the right direction, and he is the type of player that contributes to winning football.
  5. A WR crew that begins with (Number 1 receiver), Mims, Crowder, and Perriman is a respectable group of NFL wide receivers. Mims can possibly be a number 1, but I am not counting that chicken just yet.
  6. I give credit to JD for not wasting a 2nd round pick on a QB that couldn't hack it in the Spring League. Wasting only a fourth round pick is an improvement in my book.
  7. I root for the Jets to win but I don't feel bad after a loss. I just can't get myself to root against my team.
  8. The difference in quality between the 20th and 32nd pick is negligible. It's almost a blessing to pick later in the first round. When you pick, say 3rd or 6th, you end up taking the "consensus best player in the draft" that never turns out to be the best player in the draft. There will be plenty of day one starters available at our pick.
  9. The success or lack thereof with Jim Harbaugh would hinge on the relationship with JD. I could see a clash between a Jim Harbaugh type and Joe Douglas, but I could also see two football minds meshing and building a successful franchise. If we grade this on the curve, Jim Harbaugh is a massive upgrade over Gase., but then again, Todd Bowles would be an upgrade over Gase.
  10. When Braxton Berrios is the 4th or 5th receiver, I'll be satisfied with the receiving corps.
  11. Where is the option for building a fortress for a QB who may or may not be Darnold? I'd be open to a massive trade that included a combination of players and draft picks. When I say massive, I mean something that makes the Herschel Walker trade seem weak. I'm also open to drafting a "once in a lifetime" talent and trying to build around him while he is wet behind the ears.

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