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  1. This would be hilarious if JD was sitting on his hands during the off-season. He has only upgraded the WR room and about to make the most impactful trade in NY Jets history.
  2. I can assure you that JD and his staff have this all mapped out on a big board. If a trade down makes sense and another team wants to trade up, it will happen.
  3. JD does not get fleeced on trades unless there is a good reason. He got fleeced on the Flacco trade out of necessity. He got fleeced on this trade because Moore wasn't a culture fit and was toxic to the team. Moore and a 3rd for a 2nd is not good value AT ALL. This was a necessary trade.
  4. I'd like to trade my credit card debt. I'll take a conditional seventh.
  5. We'll look back fondly on the uniforms and even the stadium when we win the Super Bowl.
  6. TIL that Trey Wingo was born Hal Chapman Wingo III. I'm guessing that the Trey is from being the third Hal Chapman.
  7. Berrios being released doesn't change anything. This was a dumb thread when it was started, and it still is.
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