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  1. A WR crew that begins with (Number 1 receiver), Mims, Crowder, and Perriman is a respectable group of NFL wide receivers. Mims can possibly be a number 1, but I am not counting that chicken just yet.
  2. I give credit to JD for not wasting a 2nd round pick on a QB that couldn't hack it in the Spring League. Wasting only a fourth round pick is an improvement in my book.
  3. I root for the Jets to win but I don't feel bad after a loss. I just can't get myself to root against my team.
  4. The difference in quality between the 20th and 32nd pick is negligible. It's almost a blessing to pick later in the first round. When you pick, say 3rd or 6th, you end up taking the "consensus best player in the draft" that never turns out to be the best player in the draft. There will be plenty of day one starters available at our pick.
  5. The success or lack thereof with Jim Harbaugh would hinge on the relationship with JD. I could see a clash between a Jim Harbaugh type and Joe Douglas, but I could also see two football minds meshing and building a successful franchise. If we grade this on the curve, Jim Harbaugh is a massive upgrade over Gase., but then again, Todd Bowles would be an upgrade over Gase.
  6. When Braxton Berrios is the 4th or 5th receiver, I'll be satisfied with the receiving corps.
  7. Where is the option for building a fortress for a QB who may or may not be Darnold? I'd be open to a massive trade that included a combination of players and draft picks. When I say massive, I mean something that makes the Herschel Walker trade seem weak. I'm also open to drafting a "once in a lifetime" talent and trying to build around him while he is wet behind the ears.
  8. Compensatory picks. The team doesn't lose the picks if they hire a minority coach.
  9. I root for my teams to win. I just can't bring myself to root for losses.
  10. We are either going to not win, lose, not lose, or win this game.
  11. I understand how it works, but I thought more people would have commented on it.
  12. Are we going to pretend that Elway didn't go to FIVE super bowls with two different coaches? His first super bowl appearance was in 1986, and his last was in 1997. It's a losing proposition to try to convince people that Elway isn't all-time great QB.

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