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  1. Please merge with the other twenty "who at 23?" posts.
  2. Washington Hogs is the only choice that makes sense, to me. This isn't soccer. WFT doesn't fit in.
  3. JD is not selecting a RB at 34, but if he does, I am not mad at all. I'd be confused, but not mad. I'm not getting mad at anything to support our next QB.
  4. Fun fact. That is Tony Ray Rossi, and he cut my hair at his hair salon on 86th Street in Brooklyn. A friend of the family.
  5. Not passive either. I think patient is a good descriptor.
  6. When someone says something nice about my guy, I agree with it. I agree with Josh McCown about Zach Wilson having a higher ceiling than Lawrence. If he said the inverse, I would say that he is clueless and shouldn't comment about anything regarding the Jets.
  7. Cutting those two hall of famers is really going to move that needle south.
  8. We can reconvene after the draft and after June cuts.
  9. We don't play games on paper, but on paper, the stars are finally aligned. We have a GM that most of us seem pleased with, or at least optimistic about. He got to choose his head coach, which most of us, if not all of us are please with. We have the correct organizational structure with the GM reporting to the owner and the head coach reporting to the GM. The head coach got to build his own staff. We have cap space. We have our choice of Zach Wilson or Zach Wilson with our 2nd overall pick. We have multiple day one and two draft picks in 2021 and 2022. In other words, JD has no excuses f
  10. I know what you mean, but I'm not sure what you're getting at. Are you saying that JD has to draft players who won't get hurt in their rookie year which also happened to be a pandemic year without a training camp?
  11. Let's have someone in mind., then trade down and still get that guy. Worked with Mims, right?
  12. A top level offensive line can't make a bad QB good, but it can turn a mediocre RB into a pro-bowler. Let's finally get this wall built and then we can start loading up on skill position players. We have enough picks to both build a wall, and fill in some holes. I am not mad at all if two of the first three picks are OL.
  13. I once bought a plate of sliders for my friend at a bar. He took them into the bathroom stall. People booed him. They actually booed him.
  14. Are you being trollish? What gives you the impression that a guy who drafted two OL and a WR in his first draft is not going to continue to draft OL and WR in his second draft? Your posts are making assumptions and then creating a narrative on the assumptions.
  15. Having one bout of diarrhea is better than having two or three bouts of diarrhea. I'm a pro-JD guy but he's not exactly replacing Carmen Policy.
  16. I don't know if you heard me. I'm not sure if I care less about what Mehta, or Casserly has to say about anything.
  17. I'm not sure if I care less about Mehta or Casserly's opinion about anything.
  18. Dude. Super Bowls are won and lost in the 4th round. You better draft a first team all pro hall of famer with the 4th round pick, every time. That pick has to be an IMMEDIATE hit and judged IMMEDIATELY.
  19. I like Hoyer as a back up because he has watched more football than he has played, just like a back up should. Although he is god awful at football, he can teach Wilson things like how to lace up cleats and adjust the chin strap on the helmet.
  20. I don't understand the logic of not drafting a CB at 23 because Kyle Wilson was a bust. I'm on the OL train for 23 and 34, but I am not crying if we draft a CB.
  21. Do you think JD drafted James Morgan with the "knowledge" that he wouldn't pan out as a starter or back up? If you can see the future, please PM the winning numbers for MegaMillions and Powerball. You may end up being right about Morgan, but it is way too early to make a definitive determination about a fourth round pick who hasn't played a down of NFL football due to a pandemic year and injury.
  22. Until the start of the 2022 season, the only time I want to hear Darnold’s name is when it is followed by “throws another interception.”
  23. A team with a new head coach and offensive coordinator doesn’t inspire the confidence of fat Peter King? My day is ruined.
  24. Is this based on knowledge of Mullens not being a mentor type or is it his lack of experience? Sometimes the best mentors are the ones who do the most observation from the sidelines. I don’t know Mullens from Adam but he could be one of those guys who are students of the game who share their knowledge with the starter. The inverse are the 10 year veterans who have no interest in taking a young guy under their wings.
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