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  1. Ficken will likely be one of several kickers brought into camp.
  2. He is just old, crotchety, and fed up. I don't see him at all as a shill. If I got paid to be me on the radio, I'd be a little more me than usual. If that's considered being a shill, so be it.
  3. Whether you like Joe B or despise him, he does represent the frustration that Jets fans have with the organization. The time and effort put into designing new uniforms was greater than the time and effort used to hire Gase. He is spot on about ownership not giving playoff mandates. It would go a long way with the fans if the owners gave us the illusion that they actually want to win.
  4. You think that Joe Douglas makes calls without the Johnson's input? That's cute.
  5. What is the recovery time for Mosely's type of injury? If his rehab gets him back on track for OTA's, the delay won't be that big of a deal. If he isn't ready to play by week 1, this will be another mark on the ineptitude of this organization.
  6. The Johnson's are awful at running a football operation. At this point, if a player complains about ownership/front office, I will believe the player. They have demonstrated that they are clueless at running a successful football team.
  7. The Bengals just asked the Jets to win this game. Now let's go win this game!
  8. While I agree that a 3rd overall pick should have an immediate impact, some defensive greats take time to develop. The kid is young, and has shown that he has the ability to push two linemen into the QB. I share your frustration with Macc picking a DL. I share your frustration that QW has not played up to his potential, but I do not for a second think that he is a bust. He is not Leo.
  9. Williams is doing a better job of using patchwork players to play decent defense at times. Gase drives me crazy because there are times when he actually seems like the "offensive guru" he was advertised to be. Then there are his two runs up the gut and a screen play drives that makes me question if he is letting the opposing team call the plays. I don't believe that Gase is ever going to take this team anywhere, and I hope that he makes me eat my words.
  10. CBS studio executive - "Hey you over there, what is in my hand?" Random CBS Staff - "A football." CBS studio executive - "You're calling the Jets game this weekend."
  11. Walloping a winning team the week before and pooping the bed the following week is the same old Jetsiests Jet thing ever. How many times have I watched this game over the past 40 years? The least Jetsiest thing would be for us to make adjustments and make us forget about the first half. Let's hope for the best, but expect the worst.
  12. I am not deluding myself into thinking about a playoff run, but I would like for Darnold, WIlliams and Gase to show some character and blow the Bengals out of the water in the second half. The rest of the season is a dress rehearsal for the 2020 season. If Gase makes the proper adjustments, and this team wins, I'd be feeling pretty pretty pretty good.
  13. That was a good call. If you don't turn your head, you are getting a PI called on you 99% of the time.
  14. When your receiver stops running, it makes the throw look bad.
  15. For someone who doesn't want to talk about dropped passes, you sure do a lot of talking about dropped passes.
  16. Yeah. Keep responding if you want it die. That is the best strategy.
  17. Agreed. It was an awful pass. Darnold needs to hit open receivers. Darnold didn't put Robby in the best position to catch that ball, but Robby needs to catch that.
  18. Robby dropped a catchable, poorly thrown pass. So I guess you are complicit in keeping the "bad play by Robbie" thing going for a while. Huh?
  19. False. Darnold did his job by getting the ball to where Robby could catch it. If you can get two hands and your body on a ball, you can catch it. Darnold threw a duck, albeit a catchable duck, The goat on that play is Robby.

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