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  1. Having the best QB moves the needle. Having the best safety doesn't. Mahomes is better at being the best QB than Adams is at being the best safety.
  2. Pfffft! 6 rings? That's like one less than seven and two more than four. What a loser! Imagine only winning six rings and having people make a big deal about it. You made enough salt for all of the pretzels in Gillette Stadium.
  3. Let's put it this way, if Mark Sanchez won a Super Bowl, there would already have been a statue of him eating a hot dog.
  4. I'm interested.
  5. Either one of Troy Taylor's two career TD passes.
  6. Why is this even a thread? Edoga and Cashman are locks for the 2020 roster.
  7. I am 44 and I thought I was 45 until the doctor said that I was still 44.
  8. Fant is a versatile back up who can spot start. They have plans for him, and if not, we have quality, yet overpriced depth.
  9. Our uniforms looks like my nephew created them in Madden. I don't think that they are hideous at all for his flag football team. They are not timeless and will look outdated in 5 minutes. Time to go back to the classic style. The style we NEVER should have changed to begin with.
  10. Cool new XFL uniforms. The classic yellow Rams uniform was fine the way it is.
  11. There will be some sort of season. Multi-billion dollar organizations figure sh*t out. There will most likely be modifications, but football will be played. My guess is that teams will be quarantined together and games will be played in a few choice stadiums. Without crowds, you can get two games per day in one stadium. Games could be played over a few days.
  12. Winters is injury prone but he is far from a bum. This guy plays through excruciating painful injuries. There is a reason why he has played for three GMs and three coaches.
  13. I'm not defending Brett for putting himself above the team. The totality of his time with the Jets was a failure, but I am not going to kid myself to say that he didn't play well before he got hurt. Two separate issues. Who are you trying to kid?
  14. I would say that he could face a tomato can in a comeback match but he lost his last two fights to tomato cans, fifteen years ago. If they could find another 50 year old who can pass a physical, it would be nice to see Tyson back in the ring one more time.
  15. I'll take that kind of production over someone who doesn't want to be a Jet over someone who dedicates their life to the team and sucks. Are you at your best when you tear your biceps?
  16. I think you're misremembering how well he played until his biceps injury. 6 TD's in a game is the exact opposite of not showing up. He played though an injury, unlike John "I need a new contract" Abraham.
  17. Drafting Hackenberg was less of a head scratcher than giving Enunwa a contract with injury guarantees. He was good, but far from irreplaceable. This is Albert Haynesworth level of bad contracts.
  18. I got a little too enthusiastic at a Guns N Roses concert. When you mix too many substances in the sun without drinking water, you may or may not end up in the infirmary. I have to pay $250 and watch all 6 hours of a how not to be an a-hole fan video before I am off the list.
  19. There are three main camps with COVID-19. Camp 1 - "It's just the flu. The NWO, Illuminati, and Charmin conspired to take away our rights and sell more toilet paper. The Constitution states that I can do whatever I want." Camp 2 - "I am not leaving the house until the daily COVID-19 death count is zero. I bathe in Purell and use a P100 respirator when I get the mail. Also, I microwave the mail." (High risk individuals get a pass) Camp 3 - Sane people who are cautious, educate themselves about the disease, and take proper precautions so that they don't get or transmit the virus.
  20. Want to back that up with a $20? Do you think he will go the entire season without ONE touch? I count a touch as a rush or reception. Dropped passes won't count.

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