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  1. You know how getting a puppy for an older dog makes them feel young again? Same thing here. Darnold is the puppy. Kalil is going to have a throwback year.
  2. I'll make my judgement when the regular season starts. I don't care about optics. I care about winning and rebounding strong from tough loses.
  3. Um, ok. I wasn't arguing for Daniel Jones in any way. I agree that he was drafted way too high.
  4. This settles it. A single pass in training camp is defining Daniel Jones's career.
  5. Does he have a degree? I wish him well in his future off the field.
  6. I heard rumors that Al Groh is not returning to coach the Jets.
  7. He hurt his shoulder in a Bengals practice. If he was drafted by the Jets, there is no way to be certain that he would have been injured.
  8. The lesson learned is that diplomacy is always the best option for private matters.
  9. That's great and all, but you're not on the Jets and your disinterest in contests is irrelevant.
  10. It's a driving range that requires little skill. It's a great place for a dick measuring contest because you can hit the back fence with a monster shot. Lighten up Francis.
  11. You hit the nail right on the head. Some people on this board, not all, revel in their misery. It's comforting. It's their safe space. It's easier to be an insufferable tool and make a snarky, redundant comment on every single post than it is to try to find a positive spin. Real life comes with enough misery to feign outrage over watching men play a sport.
  12. Dear Macc, I like you as a friend, but I'm happy that you're gone. I wanted you to succeed in the worst way for two reasons. One reason being that your success would have been New York Jets success, The other reason was to prove your doubters wrong. You failed in creating success, and you failed at proving the doubters wrong. For those two reasons, I welcome your dismissal. I would have liked for you to have been dismissed before the off-season or at the end of the 2019 season. The one thing that HAS been proven is that Woody and Chris are clueless at running a football organization. The convoluted organizational structure gave you the plausible excuse of your failure being partly because of you being a GM who reports along side of the HC. After seeing the 2019 draft, any doubt that I had that you were not the right GM for the Jets was removed. Kudos for not being hosed by a bad trade down, but no special praise for picking the BPA who may actually be the best player in the draft. Kudos are deserved for taking a chance on Polite. Drafting an OL in round three was a decent move but many years too late. Building an OL is your major weakness. A bad QB becomes an awful QB behind a bad line. A young QB behind a bad line is not setting him up for success. Can you please tell me why you drafted a TE, LB, and long shot CB when we needed offensive linemen? There is no doubt that rounds 5, 6 and 7 are not the best place to find starting caliber OL, but you did manage to find a plug and play RT in Brandon Shell in the 5th. I hold no ill will against you because I believe that you did try. Good luck with you and your family. Thank you for Sam Darnold. Sincerely, Long suffering New York Football Jets Fan
  13. I would be upset if Lee didn't finish the season on a 4 game ban. I'm kind of neutral on this trade.
  14. I want to comment first and then read 23 pages of previous comments. I shed no tears for Macc. I liked the guy, but his record precedes him. You are what your record says you are. I wanted to see him succeed, but his final grade is F. My beef is with Jets ownership. They are absolutely clueless, and I hope to one day look back at this comment and eat crow. How do you let a guy spend on free agents and then allow him to draft before firing him? I hope that there are answers that clarify this.
  15. PM sent. Everyone else can find me by doing a Google search of Blue Waffle or going directly to lemonparty.org.
  16. My face has been photoshopped into the bunghole of Goatse. If that didn't dissuade me from posting my face on forums, I don't know what will.
  17. I was looking through old pictures and I stumbled upon this.
  18. I don't know how the Jets will replace a blocking TE and his 8 receptions a year.
  19. In my opinion, Gase is not much of a media darling, and is focused on coaching a football team. I'm not trying to be funny, but I think that Gase is on the spectrum. For some people on the spectrum, social interaction outside of their comfort zone is uncomfortable. His comfort zone is coaching a football team. Again, just my opinion.
  20. Do you tell 5 year old kids that Santa Claus isn't real?

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