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  1. If there ever were a year where the Jets can play the "culture" game, this would be the year. There is no doubt that Mims has talent, but he is not a game breaker. 10 games, 397 yards, zero touchdowns. He has proven nothing in the NFL. He isn't good enough to not play special teams. Not sure why people are acting like Mims is a special talent. He can't even beat out Keelan Cole and Jeff Smith. That is not a Saleh problem. This is a Mims problem.
  2. Rex defense didn't do a lot of whipping right before he was sh*tcanned.
  3. In this game, Zach Wilson's four interceptions derailed the game. In this game, Mike LaFleur is not to blame.
  4. I'm still trying to figure out how LaFleur manages the roster.
  5. There is not even a small chance that JD is fired at the end of 2021. He would need a rub n tug type scandal for the Johnson's to even consider yanking JD.
  6. Did Lafleur design four interception plays for Zach? Are you a troll? Lafleur doesn't manage the roster.
  7. This is it right here. Guys with more talent than Mims have been traded and cut from teams. There is a reason why guys like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Ochocinco had multiple homes. Their juice wasn't worth the squeeze, and they were head and shoulders above Mims in terms of talent.
  8. The media is not going to rattle him, He answered it appropriately.
  9. Exactly. You don't get cute when you like a player. Mims wasn't the original pick for a reason.
  10. Mims is talented, and I think that 99.9% of us agree with that. Mims is a physical presence and can go up and get 50/50 balls. Not sure if we all agree on that, but I'm sure most of us do. Now for assumptions: What we don't know is how Mims practices, or if he has a poor attitude, or an unwillingness to learn different aspects of the position. IF these are the issues, I support the team's decision to sit him. You cannot build a culture of all gas, no brake, if you are not living it on the practice field. Nobody is bigger than the team, unless your name is Aaron Rogers. Mims is n
  11. Zach Wilson looked like a rookie QB who faced a coach who has been in the league for 47 years. Zach Wilson's mom was one when Belichick came into the league.
  12. Me just moments before I got over it.
  13. Thanks for creating a new thread. We have never discussed this before.
  14. Mike LaFleur should call better plays instead of asking Zach Wilson to throw four interceptions.
  15. Awful news. I did chuckle when I went to look at his profile.
  16. WAY TOO EARLY to make this claim. The first two weeks have undoubtedly been an unmitigated disaster, but it is way too early to call the rebuild a fail. I would have liked to have seen more cohesion on this team, but we are dealing with a first time HC, a first time OC, rookie QB, and wide receivers who haven't played more than a few snaps of pre-season football with their rookie QB. The defense is already playing better than expected while losing out on their stud pass rusher. In terms of the defense, the rebuild is working out just fine. If we are in game six and we haven't
  17. That INT was 100% on Wilson. The only pass that should have been thrown was to Moore for the short gain. The coaching staff needs to sit Wilson down and explain that he is not ready to pass up the safe play for the high risk play. In a different place, and a different time, that pass to Davis would have been the correct decision, but that comes after solidifying your rapport with your receivers. Zach Wilson has not spent enough time with his receivers, and the receivers haven't spent enough time with their QB. This happens when you leave your QB on the bench in the pre-season.
  18. I couldn't think of a worse position than WR to select in the first round in 2022. This team needs OL, TE, CB, EDGE, and LB infinitely more than a WR at this point. I'd call for JD's firing if he selected a WR in the first round in 2022. Zach Wilson's interceptions have NOTHING to do with our WR group.
  19. We are not even figuratively dragging out "state" JAGSSSSSSSSS! Not playing Mims doesn't somehow diminish the skillsets of our other WRs.
  20. We are in year three of a minimum of five before we can change them back or completely redesign them.
  21. I just want to add that seeing Nick Mangold in the new uniform made me cringe. It made him look awful.
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