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  1. Remember all those previous all-pro seasons by Andre Roberts?
  2. Brandon Marshall came to us for a swap of 5th and 7th round picks. AJ Green isn't far off from where Marshall was at the time.
  3. I want to know details before I jump off the ledge. What was the contract offered? What was demanded?
  4. I'm not pleased with his body of work, but I'm interested to see how he drafts with Gase and Williams instead of Bowles and Rodgers. If I was the GM, I would want to draft guys that fit the scheme of the coaches. If he doesn't come up with a minimum of a B draft, it's time to say good bye to Macc.
  5. It happened, so no use pretending that it didn't.
  6. I'll never forget the quality year he gave us. Good luck Meyers!
  7. Nope. You don't get to take away his record breaking game. It happened.
  8. 4.8 yards per carry is adequate for a back up RB. In what world is 4 million a year overpaying for a serviceable RB?
  9. In terms of a second RB, you're not going to get much better than Crowell at 4 million a year. He is skilled enough to be a spot starter and a change of pace back. If we find another RB in the draft, I'd be fine with cutting Crowell. He doesn't make or break the Jets.
  10. You haven't been a Jets fan for very long if you believe that. He is middle of the pack.
  11. Failed to get Cousins? He succeeded in not getting Cousins. You answered you own question. Sam Darnold is why he still has a job.
  12. Anyone who loses out on quality free magnets should be fired from life.
  13. This reminds me of when I was 17 and gave a girl my number. She said that she would call me the next day. At 10am, there was no call. At 12pm, there was no call. 3, 4,5, 6 o'clock came and went. I called her all sorts of nasty things, and bad mouthed her to all of my friends. Then she called at 6:30, and she was the most beautiful girl in the world.
  14. You are a piece of work. You stalked me and then accused me of being "fixated." You win. I'm done. Bye.
  15. The Jets and Giants are not making major trades with each other.
  16. Did you take 12 seconds to see if this was posted twice before?
  17. You putting your two cents in about not adding to the thread, isn't adding a lot to this thread. You would have been better off ignoring it and moving along. Now you made it worse. Good job.
  18. Just like the Osemele trade came out of nowhere, we can take on another high priced OL for a pick swap. I'm not panicking after day 2 of legal tampering. With two 3rd rounders, we have a decent shot at finding a center. I'll panic when Johnatheonion Harrison is the opening day starter.
  19. Higher taxes and playing in a town that puts you under a microscope is too much for some people. Not everyone is cut out to be a New Yorker. Fortunately, President Mal is.
  20. I couldn't have said it better myself. We are only into day 2 of legal tampering and tampons are already overflowing.
  21. If the board wanted examples of people wanting Macc to fail, add this one to the list.
  22. Who were we taking besides Lee that wouldn't also be considered a bust? Not a pro-bowler in the bunch. Sometimes there isn't much to choose from. 1 20 New York Jets Darron Lee LB Ohio State Big Ten 1 21 Houston Texans Will Fuller WR Notre Dame Ind. (FBS) from Washington [R1 - 8] 1 22 Washington Redskins Josh Doctson WR TCU Big 12 from Houston [R1 - 9] 1 23 Minnesota Vikings Laquon Treadwell WR Ole Miss SEC 1 24 Cincinnati Bengals William Jackson CB Houston The American 1 25 Pittsburgh Steelers Artie Burns CB Miami (FL) ACC 1 26 Denver Broncos Paxton Lynch QB Memphis The American from Seattle [R1 - 10] 1 27 Green Bay Packers Kenny Clark DT UCLA Pac-12 1 28 San Francisco 49ers Joshua Garnett G Stanford Pac-12 from Kansas City [R1 - 11] 1 – New England Patriots Selection forfeited as a result of the Deflategate scandal[Forfeited 1] 1 29 Arizona Cardinals Robert Nkemdiche DT Ole Miss SEC 1 30 Carolina Panthers Vernon Butler DT Louisiana Tech C-USA 1 31 Seattle Seahawks Germain Ifedi OT Texas A&M SEC
  23. I can't, and won't continue this nonsensical argument with you.
  24. Are you just going to keep doubling down on your nonsense? I wasn't arguing against his failure at building an OL.

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