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  1. Williams is doing a better job of using patchwork players to play decent defense at times. Gase drives me crazy because there are times when he actually seems like the "offensive guru" he was advertised to be. Then there are his two runs up the gut and a screen play drives that makes me question if he is letting the opposing team call the plays. I don't believe that Gase is ever going to take this team anywhere, and I hope that he makes me eat my words.
  2. CBS studio executive - "Hey you over there, what is in my hand?" Random CBS Staff - "A football." CBS studio executive - "You're calling the Jets game this weekend."
  3. Walloping a winning team the week before and pooping the bed the following week is the same old Jetsiests Jet thing ever. How many times have I watched this game over the past 40 years? The least Jetsiest thing would be for us to make adjustments and make us forget about the first half. Let's hope for the best, but expect the worst.
  4. I am not deluding myself into thinking about a playoff run, but I would like for Darnold, WIlliams and Gase to show some character and blow the Bengals out of the water in the second half. The rest of the season is a dress rehearsal for the 2020 season. If Gase makes the proper adjustments, and this team wins, I'd be feeling pretty pretty pretty good.
  5. That was a good call. If you don't turn your head, you are getting a PI called on you 99% of the time.
  6. For someone who doesn't want to talk about dropped passes, you sure do a lot of talking about dropped passes.
  7. Yeah. Keep responding if you want it die. That is the best strategy.
  8. Agreed. It was an awful pass. Darnold needs to hit open receivers. Darnold didn't put Robby in the best position to catch that ball, but Robby needs to catch that.
  9. Robby dropped a catchable, poorly thrown pass. So I guess you are complicit in keeping the "bad play by Robbie" thing going for a while. Huh?
  10. False. Darnold did his job by getting the ball to where Robby could catch it. If you can get two hands and your body on a ball, you can catch it. Darnold threw a duck, albeit a catchable duck, The goat on that play is Robby.
  11. A bad throw by Darnold doesn't excuse dropping a catchable ball. That was more on the guy who dropped a catchable pass.
  12. Can't complain. More points on an opening drive. Robby dropped a catchable TD, but whatever.
  13. As of this moment, Gase has me leaning toward a vote of confidence. Not completely convinced, but I'm interested to see how he finishes out this season.
  14. His ship has sailed as a head coach. He is going to be our defensive coordinator for the foreseeable future.
  15. I'm not sure what your point is. Jonah Williams got hurt in practice. Getting hurt happens and likely wouldn't have happened on any other team. The same goes for CJ Mosely, unless he had a pre-existing groin injury.
  16. Let me get this straight. Jonah Williams would have been a bad pick because he got hurt on the Bengals practice field. Using your logic, Sam would have got mono if he played for another team.
  17. Football is becoming unwatchable at times. You have to hold your breath after each play to see if a flag will be thrown or retroactively thrown.
  18. I'm not encouraged by Q's current production, but I am going to hold off on calling him a bust until I see him play the rest of the season and a few games into 2020. I'm also not going to judge him by Macc's ineptitude. He was the wrong pick even if he turns out to be a stellar DT.

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