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  1. Whenever I think about Griffin, one word comes to mind. Professional. He does what you need a TE to do. Dare I say that a healthy Herndon and Griffin make for a top 12-15 combo?
  2. An isolated incident can be reasonably justified as a momentary lapse in judgement. Myles Garrett is a dirty player, and that needs to be taken into account for his suspension. I want to see no less than a $500,000 fine and a six game suspension. It wouldn't be enough, but at least it wouldn't be a slap on the wrist. If Mason Rudolph grabbed Garrett by the balls, that should also carry a steep fine and suspension. Don't touch someone's genitals.
  3. You are getting paid millions to do rehab. It's your job. "Hi, this is Quincy. I just found out this morning that my wife was a Veteran. I had to take her out to lunch on Veteran's Day."
  4. Can he play football? If yes, I hope he gets an opportunity. Handling the kneeling and protesting should be up to the owner of the team. It doesn't affect me either way.
  5. I accept. I'm sorry for starting my response with a snarky remark. World peace!
  6. I don't know how anyone signed off on the new design. They are not an upgrade from the Namath era uniforms, or the Sack Exchange era uniforms. The one thing that would have made most sense is making a black alternate that gets used once a year.
  7. Settle down Francis. I just mentioned his name in passing. This is why it's almost impossible to have a conversation on here. Every thought and sentence is nitpicked and a narrative is created, If I say Adams had a good/bad/neutral game, out come the snarky "best safety tandems don't win games. We should have drafted Mahomes."
  8. Some franchise QBs are money sooner than later. Mahomes being one example. Others take some time to develop. I'm not giving up on a 22 year old QB who has shown promise. I'm prepared to go through his growing pains while he develops. He is going through his terrible twos right now, and make no mistake about it that he sucks at the moment. Being dealt an awful hand doesn't mean you get a pass. He needs to hit open receivers on the few occasions when the line does their job. He needs to stop throwing off his back foot and either learn to put the ball in the stands or just take the sack. Now in his defense, it's hard to develop as a QB when you are not in sync with your offensive line. We have back up right tackles playing left tackle. A center who had one foot out the door before being coaxed back with a nice contract. Our OL has a different look almost every week due to injury. Last but not least, you have a head coach who has no idea how to use one of the most talented, versatile RBs in football. It's possible that the horrific OL handicaps Gase, but that is only more of an indictment on the OL. It's quite possible that Darnold is truly a bust. It's also possible that Darnold is the next Gannon or Testaverde and doesn't develop until his hair turns grey. One thing is for sure, Gase is not the answer, unless the question is how to guarantee that your team will suck. His record as a HC speaks for itself.
  9. Did we just score a TD on an opening drive in two consecutive weeks?
  10. I'm streaming the game. I saw this before the play happened on my computer.
  11. Pleased with the play calls so far. Let's see how long that lasts.
  12. I can't find a single story on Google and DuckDuckGo about this press conference. Is this even happening today?
  13. I saw what I wanted to see. Got a hard on and rushed to report it. I did the very thing that I have knocked the media about for the past two years.
  14. I got duped by a fake Adam Schefter comment. I fell for the ole fake Twitter account in the tailpipe.
  15. The tweet was there in all of it's glory and it disappeared. WTF?
  16. It official! Adams to Cowboys! Edit - The tweet disappeared. I retract. Sorry for being a dope! Edit - I found the fake Adam Schefter tweet. Well, he got me good.
  17. Not really. If I said Montgomery was the best RB, it would be a joke.

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