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  1. You don't give away the best RB in football for less than a first rounder.
  2. You failed miserably at trying to be funny. Quit while you're behind. Okay? Good.
  3. That is why I said that I couldn't get behind the trade unless it was for a haul.
  4. I can only get behind this if it's for an absolute haul. I define a haul as a first rounder plus something else.
  5. Here is a life pro tip. When trying to be funny, be funny. Now THAT is being Captain Obvious.
  6. Mike Maccagnan did not set Gase up for success AND Gase is not a good head coach. Drafting Jamal Adams instead of one of the two best QBs available was a bad move AND Jamal Adams is an elite safety. The Jets have an awful offensive line, Adam Gase is not a good head coach AND Sam Darnold has regressed and is making awful decisions. Feel free to add to the list. I'll be waiting for some clever, snarky comments that are not at all old and tired.
  7. I think that it was flipping hilarious. The best way to respond is to shut up everyone up by winning games.
  8. It's really easy for us to ask a player to be put under and sliced open with a knife. I hope that Mosely does what is best for his own body. I also hope that he opts for surgery if he feels that it will make him 100% for 2020.
  9. Shut Mosely down. A fully healthy Mosely in 2020 is more valuable than garbage time in 2019.
  10. Gettleman is no longer paying the 6th overall pick Leo. He is paying the failed on the Jets traded to the Giants Leo. Leo has value to a football team, but he will always be judged by his draft position. If he were a 5th round pick, Leo would be seen in a more positive light. He'll get a mid-range contract that is closer to what he is worth to a team. We're getting the 4th.
  11. I am neutral, leaning towards optimism about Darnold. Once I see Darnold play behind a decent line and have a coach who designs plays specifically for his skill set, I'll reserve a little optimism for the 22 year old prospect. The fact that Le'Veon Bell is not featured in this offense proves one of two things, or both. The offensive line is awful, and/or Gase is not a good play caller. I am completely open to the fact that Darnold may never be good, but I haven't been soured on him just yet.
  12. Option 1 - Re-sign Leo and overpay Option 2 - Let him leave via free agency and not get a compensation pick Option 3 - Cut losses, recoup picks I'll take my chances with JD selecting a 3rd rounder over the known commodity of Leo.
  13. He is a fraud, quitter. Just like me I guess. Go be a quitter somewhere else, quitter.
  14. 49 yrs old. Season ticket holder for many, many years (not anymore). Always travel to a couple road games a year. Live out of town and have directv to watch jet games. NFL game pass to get Jet pre season games. Haven't missed a single down of Jets football for 30 years. I'm out until Gase is out. My wife doesn't believe me. My kids don't believe me. I just turned off the TV. i won't be visiting Jetnation. I won't be reading any articles. I'll find out when a friend let's me know. The team has broken me and I'm out. I'd rather spend time with my kids and be in a good mood. Tired of being a laughingstock. Tired of the excuses. Tired of the same crappy feeling year in and year out. Not one to toot own horn but if you knew the cash I dumped into this franchise you'd all puke. And they've pushed me away. Hard to believe but Gase was the final straw. He is a fraud, quitter. Just like me I guess. See ya'll. Always loved reading about our boys on this site. Maxman - great stuff. I'm done. You were saying something about a joke?
  15. The stats confirm that Darnold has regressed under Gase. Too much whispering and not enough developing.
  16. I’m certainly not a Darnold fanboy but I do understand that Darnold is a raw work in progress and Gase is a retread head coach who is on his way to being a two time former head coach. Darnold has tool for a at least a decent career. Gase is over his head and hopeless.
  17. Best available EDGE over best available DT every day of the week and twice on Sunday. We desperately needed an EDGE, and this team drafts another fat DT.

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