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  1. Best available EDGE over best available DT every day of the week and twice on Sunday. We desperately needed an EDGE, and this team drafts another fat DT.
  2. Darnold is playing like a young, inexperienced QB who is playing behind an awful OL and has a clueless head coach.
  3. That was precisely the drive I asked for. Let me be wrong and this team doesn’t disappoint.
  4. Let’s put together a scoring drive that will set me up for more disappointment. Let me at least see Darnold put the team on his back just once.
  5. Only the Jets can play so poorly and not be getting blown out of the water. The Jags are are not a good team.
  6. When NE gets rid of someone, run as far away as possible.
  7. I have a torn labrum. It doesn't heal without surgery. I'm with Osemele on this.
  8. I put you on my ignore list for a reason. I make the mistake of reading one of your posts to see if you are no longer an insufferable female feline. Once again, I am wrong. You assume that Jonah Williams would have torn his labrum had he been drafted by the Jets. Look up outcome bias. Back on ignore.
  9. We need an upgrade on every position on the line. A right tackle and more draft picks over another interior DL playing out of position. Even if he ended up playing guard, it would have been a better pick.
  10. Wanting an offensive tackle makes you a bozo? He got hurt in OTAs.
  11. Imagine if we actually played our interior defensive lineman, in, you know, the interior of the line. We wouldn't be judging LW and QW on the ability to sack the QB if we played a 4-3 and had true edge rushers. Is this any different than expecting a guard to excel at playing tackle?
  12. He is on rookie scale for five years. Leo is not worth it, but we aren't talking about Leo.
  13. We control QW for five years. Robby is UFA and we are not franchising him. He is not worth the 10 million or more than he is going to ask for. The upside of QW is vastly superior to that of RA.
  14. Are we going to find out that Trumaine Johnson has been playing with an injury for two years? At least it would explain why he is that bad.
  15. What does past draft picks from Macc have to do with what JD will do with his first round picks? Anyway, I'm 100% taking Quinnen Williams over Robby Anderson.

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