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  1. Either way, the coaches will be patient with him as should we. We have no choice lol try to be hopeful he’s the guy. Sit him down, We gotta make the offensive scheme around Zack like what the Bears are doing with Fields. Trust his ability and what he likes, he will get better. Hopefully by end of szn we have an idea
  2. Way too early. also Fant was screwed by shifting back to LT last min following Duan Brown’s shoulder injury. Give them some time to gel, actually just enough time until Zack is back
  3. “According to Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network, Jets general manager Joe Douglas remains open to the thought of using the 10th overall pick to make a sizeable trade. It has already been reported that the team is “all-in” on acquiring Deebo Samuel and that their second Day 1 selection is on the table to do so.” “As Pauline reports, however, the same is true with regards to D.K. Metcalf. “If Douglas could pry [Metcalf] from the Seattle Seahawks with the 10th pick”, Pauline writes, “he would make that move”. The Jets were named as one of the teams calling Seattle about the 24-year-old’s availability earlier this month. Similar to the 49ers when asked about Samuel, however, the Seahawks have maintained that they are not looking to trade him, prioritizing an extension instead. New York already made a significant push – in terms of both draft capital to facilitate a trade, and financial commitment on a long-term deal – to try and land Tyreek Hill when it became known he would be on his way out of Kansas City. If they come up short on landing Samuel, they should still be well in range of most, if not all, of this year’s top receiving prospects. Included among those is Jameson Williams, whom the Jets have shown interest in; assuming he recovers from a torn ACL, he has the potential to provide a similar skillset to what Metcalf offers.” I’m all for this while on the clock at 10, even though the Metcalf one is less likely
  4. Deal is off if they’re trying to include Moore, get the f*** outa here. JD’s not doing that, that is fake news lol
  5. 9ers ‘insiders’ Texans are out of deebo bidding. Jets are the most aggressive, eagles, dolphins and patriots are bidding. We are the favorites but we shall see
  6. These 9er fans wanting 10 and 38 in this twitter space lol I would go 10 and early 3rd round pic
  7. 26 yr old proven #1 WR > any WR in this year’s draft that we’d take at 10. Let’s see what Zack can do with Corey Davis, Elijah Moore, DEEBO, berrios, Michael carter, TWO above average tight ends and a much improved Oline in a stacked division.
  8. JD, get Zack our Stefon Diggs. Jets never had a WR like Hill, ever
  9. Bucs by 50, belichick raging on the sideline 😂
  10. Rings? Sticking it to Bill Belichick? Having too much fun winning or just loves the game too much? The guy's a nut lol
  11. Bowles shut down Brees, Rodgers (twice) and Mahomes
  12. Real football guys running the show whom are well respect throughout the league, finally free agents and other plays would gravitate to the new culture GET HYPE!!
  13. On that, I believe JD and Saleh are the type to go with what they believe is best and not hear outside noise. JD x Saleh BABY!!
  14. Man let's go then goddammit, JD x Saleh work your magic starting with the rest of the coaching staff and then free agency. JETTUP, JETSNATION, 2021 BABY LET'S GOOOO!!!
  15. A A leader of men, A culture changer, Immaculate attention to detail, will handle NYC, brought in a kyle shanahan disciple, Anti-Adam Gase
  16. He plays both DT and EDGE, but he'd be a guy who would follow Saleh, maybe compete on our roster 🤷‍♂️ would Sherm really come? idk he's at the point of his career where he'd probably wanna play for a contender
  17. Soloman Thomas, EDGE, is a stud at only 25yrs old Jeff Wilson Jr, RB, the guy is a tank
  18. Saleh is the winner baby LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!! IMG_1360.MOV
  19. I'm feeling different, GOOD different because I actually think we have a legitimate and well respected GM for the first time in awhile. 🙏
  20. Didn't Saleh get interviewed by the Eagles right after we interviewed him, I wonder if they let him walk out of the building too without a deal
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