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  1. Whatever JD's coach decides, it is what it is. I trust JD will pick a good HC and that HC will bring in quality coaches. (Saleh with Kafka) would b a nice tandem) Coaching is sooooo key rn. I hope we hit a homerun.
  2. I mean, doug has hit on some good draft picks or at least while he was the HC: Rd2 - Miles Sanders (2019) Rd2 Dallas Goedert (2018) rd4 Avonte Maddox (2018) rd1 Derek Barnett (2017) rd7 jalen mills (2016)
  3. Good points, and Jalen Hurts looked awfully good with subpar weapons
  4. our Andy Reid? Doug Pederson Andy Reid
  5. Does he jump ahead of everybody else? I'm just wondering...I keep thinking about it and I'm liking him here more and more... Pederson/Fields? does it have a nice ring to it exciting times
  6. And let's get one thing straight..Doug Pederson is nottttt Adam Gase
  7. Actually, now that I think about it. Since he already has a good relationship with his would-be GM unlike the relationship with Roseman which is the reason why he's gone from philly...this could be genius, and he's ballsy af. IDK man, if I was JD I wouldn't just toss the other candidates to the side though...
  8. JD I trust in you, don't let us down...
  9. Almost forgot about that, he should never receive another NFL HC or even OC opportunity again after that. Despicable.
  10. I'd say bring Perine to training camp and preseason (if there is) and let him compete for it, I wouldn't give up on him just yet. And he needs to stay healthy. But as of right now Ty Johnson is leading the pack. We may still need an elite reliable #1 though
  11. Bills > Indy Seahawks > Rams Buccaneers > Da footbAll Team Ravens > Titans Saints > Bears Steelers > Browns Potential Upset Indy > Bills Lock of the Week Steelers > Browns - cuz covid Potential Blowout of the Week Saints > Bears cuz trubisky or Bucs > Da Football Team cuz can washington score Close Game of The Week Rams vs Seahawks, I think this is going to be a dogfight, can't wait to watch.
  12. This actually aint bad, we get Watson and really only lose a pick in round 1 of 2021, we would still have a first in 2022 from Seattle. And Houston can use that #2 to trade down for a bigger haul of picks as that article says... all wishful thinking though, Watson aint comin here
  13. And hopefully he'll still be playing at an All Pro level if we get him. Getting him andddd Thuney would be great to get this off-season
  14. Urban Meyer is really the only one I've heard publicly being set to be interviewed, but I guess he doesn't count here since he's been retired... Hopefully we get to hear about Harbough and Campbell in the coming days/weeks
  15. And their QB put up elite numbers, it's truly mind boggling... like wtf
  16. Houston is winning so far Trust in JD baby!
  17. No doubt about it, the Jets are the 3rd best option for a HC, thank you Houston. 1 and 2 are a toss up
  18. Aaron Glenn would be a real ballsy move...He could possibly bring back that "we bleed green"-type culture. I wonder what Parcells honestly thinks... The "Safe" Want: Daboll/Fields Expect: Bienemy/Fields Too soon to tell honestly
  19. Honestly sounds like a fan's worst nightmare, after finally finding your franchise QB. Sheesh Houston
  20. What an absolute sh*tshow in Houston..the Houston Jets "Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus is in high demand for potential head coaching jobs and while the Houston Texans had their eye on him as a candidate, it seems he has declined the interview. There doesn’t appear to be an exact reason why but anyone paying attention can get an idea. Things don’t look great in Houston given the recent drama surrounding the hiring of new general manager Nick Caserio. Whether that was the reason or something else, Eberflus declined to interview with the Texans, per Tom Peli
  21. Fields is not dropping to 15 lol probably a slight chance if he sh*ts the bed vs Bama
  22. He should definitely be in the rotation competing against Perine for at least RB2 next yr, dude has break away speed and is not afraid to lower his head.
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