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  1. If Watson and Watt are out, you might as well move and rename the Texans to Canada. Fans can justifiably check out. I'd give them Sam, the #2 pick, both of next yrs first round picks (we keep this yr's seattle first round pick)
  2. If Rivers really sh*ts the bed this weekend or is just done, I'd say the Colts.
  3. I want Ohio State's Oline to not have a great game, in fact I want the pocket to collapse more often than not...and Fields still make great throws, move great in the pocket and make smart decisions with his legs.
  4. I'd agree. It's not like we're that desperate to trade for picks, we're in good shape with that despite the many holes. But financially, would we have to pay Sam yet or do we have another yr? and if say a team on the west coast, say the 49ers wants Sam, like they'd be willing to give up a 2nd for him, then that'd be the only scenario i say we trade Sam and draft QB @ 2. Otherwise, let the QB @ 2 that we take compete with Sam in 2021, fueled by the competitive culture brought on by our new CEO-type HC
  5. Exactly. Telling any coaching candidate they'd have to keep Sam would be the absolute jetsiest thing ever.
  6. 1. Matt Campbell 2. Brian Daboll 3. Jim Harbough 4. Arthur Smith ... 6. Eric Bienemy
  7. The Texans are trying their hardest to stunt his growth...what a truly awful predicament.
  8. I mean, if he really really really wants out, package Sam in there with a 1st or two
  9. Please not Marvin Lose, i mean Lewis, we know what he is
  10. Fields next, after he shreds Bama
  11. Vs Bama, We need to see him make the right reads when his first read isn't open...and maybe even when his first and second reads aren't open, consistently. We need to see him play mistake-free for consistency's sake. We need to see him thrive under pressure, again.
  12. Non-committal on sticking with Sam, cool cool. QB @ 2
  13. Lets get a clean 25/32 320 2TD 0 Int game from Fields vs Bama baby!! with some nice deep balls, tight window completions and clutch plays
  14. Fields is a fighter, we want a guy with a massive chip on his shoulder like that. I just hope he performs very well against Bama to make the top 2 picks a win-win situation
  15. Either way, let's root for Fields to have a big day against Bama. That'd make us feel more confident and JAX thinking harder about who to take at #1 #optimism
  16. If we go with Daboll, the possibility of us riding with Sam would increase. Taking the guy who nurtured Josh Allen to now do the same with Sam who's Allen's best bud, while also weakening Buffalo. This may or may not happen but I wouldn't be surprised.
  17. If Fields has a field day against Alabama with Urban Meyer as Jacksonville's HC.....lord have mercy Jax take Fields #1. Man that'd be the best scenario barring us not trading down. We need Fields to go off vs Bama, it's a win-win at the top 2! #optimism
  18. Absolute generational talent...please pay this man ASAP. Joe knows!!!
  19. Scherff, Kyle Long and maybe Andrus Peat IMO
  20. He is hurt and is hurting the team by remaining in the game, Bowles is ******* retarded.
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