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  1. DocIsIn

    Colts interested in trading #3 pick

    I think a win-win-win would be a three way trade between Jets, Cleveland, and Indy. Jets get #1 (give up #6 pick, 2nd round this year, 2nd round next year), Cleveland gets #3 (can get Allen, other players they covet aside from Barkely - needs to give up a pick to Indy), Indy gets #4 (ensures they still get their guy). Obviously, a pick a two would have to go Indy's way (a 3rd from Cleveland)
  2. The only problem with Broncos getting Cousins as "Consolation prize is that the Cousin situation will be resolved well before the draft. Cousins will not wait to sign until after the draft. Some team will have to commit to him before the draft.
  3. DocIsIn

    10 and 6 next season

    Players who are athletically inferior to their opponents will tend to commit penalties or fouls - we were suspect on OL and CB, which is where most of the penalties occurred.
  4. The Raiders have Pro Bowl players across the board and the defensive MVP - they were primed for a SB run...
  5. Without question the most logical thing to have happen. Even if we were to draft Darnold or Rosen, they would likely not be very good the first year and may take 2-3 years to really shine. I think Bowles/Mac want to win now and signing Cousins, then parlaying their 1st round draft into two picks, with the two #2's would help us draft two OL, edge rusher and other offensive skill position.
  6. they are just baiting...ignore
  7. Can't argue with that anlaysis
  8. They play different positions -- SS vs FS
  9. Adams had perfect coverage on that play - just an incredible throw. Sometimes I don't know what people are watching.

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