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    Folk kicking the FG to win in Indy as time expired 2010 WC Game
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    Doug Brien missing 2 game winning FG's/ The F**king 2012 Thanksgiving Game (35-0 at half, butt-fumble)
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    That one chic
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  1. Multiple core guys going out of their way to defend Carson, and the author admitting already he made mistakes in his reporting. This looks like some BS click-bait to me.
  2. Grandy

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    Honestly a great idea. One of the brightest football minds out there who shares a common play style with our young savior whom he loves as well.
  3. Gase is putting together a stout coaching staff so far. Really impressed.
  4. Grandy

    I’m tired of losing

    As long as Darnold grows and develops as he's supposed to, that'll be good enough to make us competitors. However its important that we get some playmakers in FA and draft. It shouldn't be long until we're a winning team.
  5. Grandy

    The Bright Side

    Their dominance would surely be weakened if they didnt have 6 free games a year. Our weak division is one of the biggest reasons why they're still on top. However that's changing by at least next year.
  6. Grandy

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    We're Chiefs fans today
  7. On a more serious he seems to know what direction he wants to take and how he will do so.
  8. None except for maybe Favre He reminds me the most of a hybrid between Rivers, Romo and Rodgers.
  9. Good The best coach on our team this year.
  10. Not today. I just cant see them losing in Foxborough. But I think after the season probably. I'm hearing Gronk will retire which with Brady getting older, will be a huge hit to the team.
  11. Grandy

    Andrew Luck

    Not like the dude led the 2nd largest playoff comeback in NFL History Not like he's been to the AFCCG Not like he's made the playoffs every full season he's had He's had a winning record every full season and only missed the playoffs once. And you can't for one second say that any of the teams he's had were playoff caliber.
  12. Grandy

    Andrew Luck

    The same guy that threw 40 TD's and was a top 5 MVP candidate with the worst o-line in football, then threw 31 TD's while playing with a torn labrum, and then came back after not throwing a football in almost 2 years and threw 39 with a bottom 5 receiving core and was a top 5 MVP candidate is overrated? That's wack.

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