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    I quite enjoy following the massively successful New York Mets, and Jets!

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    Folk kicking the FG to win in Indy as time expired 2010 WC Game
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    Doug Brien missing 2 game winning FG's/ The F**king 2012 Thanksgiving Game (35-0 at half, butt-fumble)
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    That one chic
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  1. This is a very good watch. Goes over how Wilson really improved on the mental side towards the end of the year learning how to read defenses and go through his progressions consistently while attacking the middle of the field. Also explains how his decisiveness improved, and how it was hampering his game at many points.
  2. This may be the most important tweet here. It's known that Schrager and Saleh are tight and communicate often.
  3. By far most SB winning QB's have been homegrown. It should always be the preferred route. Let's hope our current one works!
  4. Guys I know we're a Jet board, but Mims is just NOT the biggest disappointment from his class lol.
  5. Good to see we once again have a nice and easy start to the season. Lmao
  6. Would be exciting, but terrifying at the same time. I know there's been a lot of optimism about our team, and the fact that we may now be able to beat the Pats but idk. The two worst games we've played in the last few years have been us with a young QB against the Pats. Could be a disaster as easy as it could be our best game in ages.
  7. F*cking love this team. LFGM!!!!!!!!!
  8. Really love MC and pretty much all of the 2021 class. So many great dudes who really like being Jets. Plus many of them are already starters. Also Wilson with his arm around Moore is sweet. These guys are a tight knit bunch.
  9. If Zach is the hard worker that he's reported to be, he'll be demonstrably better than last year and starting getting real good. Not gonna put much stock into stats. His film and the win column are going to be the biggest indicators. If I were to put a stat prediction/expectation I'd just reference Josh Allen's 2nd year, but juice it up a bit because I like our talent on Offense a lot.
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