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    I quite enjoy following the massively successful New York Mets, and Jets!

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    Folk kicking the FG to win in Indy as time expired 2010 WC Game
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    Doug Brien missing 2 game winning FG's/ The F**king 2012 Thanksgiving Game (35-0 at half, butt-fumble)
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    That one chic
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  1. Holy moly we dont have a competent QB going into one of our most important camps in years. Its a minuscule issue. Sign him with the same terms the rest of his QB peers were given. I don't understand why the FO would let this bleed over so much at such a crucial time. We have money and will have money in the future.
  2. Rest in paradise man. Tragic news and all the prayers and best wishes to his family. I hope our team will commemorate him this season in some form. Like the BWJ patches from last season.
  3. Praying for your family, and for your wife to kick cancers ass! It's certainly not easy, and it never will be but I believe in y'all.
  4. So far he seems to playing good with the 1's against the 1's already in camp and people are saying it looks like he belongs there as well. Seems very advanced. Nice to see as a bigger concern with him was competition. Early impressions are he's a quick learner, a hard worker, and a good team guy. Let's just hope he builds upon those things. He can be great, but he's not great until he is great.
  5. Encouraging stuff so far. Seems like he's carrying himself, and playing like a veteran so far. Seeing him hold his own with the 1's against the 1's is awesome when the biggest concern with him from many was competition in college.
  6. Doesn't look overweight on Instagram. Hopefully my eyes don't deceive me.
  7. Not this again Just want '18 Herndon back.
  8. I could always see on Sam that he wasn't dumb, but that he just can't really handle pressure. It's like if he got mentally overloaded he would just snap and do something batsh*t crazy with the football. He would get overwhelmed and have a brain fart.
  9. Geno was the worst QB, but I voted Darnold for biggest bust based on draft position and what he cost us. We spent a top 3 pick and 3 2nd rounders on him, and Geno was a freebie 2nd round pick and the difference in production between the two isnt drastic.
  10. A lot of people underestimate the fact that much of NJ is literal forest.
  11. That game hurt my soul. It was the equivalent of a public execution on the Rex/Tanny/Sanchez years.
  12. Moore looks frickin explosive.
  13. I'm skeptical about "The next Dogecoin". Dogecoin reached the level of notoriety that it did due to being based on a meme.
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