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  1. No more DB's please. I'd rather take the super RB.
  2. If true, how is he even a functioning Human Being at this point?
  3. Yeah, 800 yards & 65 receptions under Josh McCown is definitely cut worthy. Most teams would love to have a guy like that at #2.
  4. He's my favorite guy in the entire draft. He's a gifted runner in all regards. We only get a prospect like him once every 25 years in the NFL.
  5. Good evening JetsNation. My name is Grandy, and I want to give you my professional review of the 3 best QB's in the 2018 NFL Draft. 1: Baker Mayfield Baker is my top QB in the 2018 class, and for good reason. He's a natural stud with an it factor on display. Mayfield has pinpoint accuracy, and is good at throwing on the run, and can hit really any throw. He also displays great mobility both throwing, and running with the football. Even though he has had some off-field issues, it doesn't touch Manziel levels (Like most worry about). He displays great leadership, and is a fierce competitor, and most importantly; a hard worker. Mayfield was a walk-on starting college, and worked his way into being the top player in college football (Heisman), becoming the first player ever to do so. He's a great playmaker that'll perform at a high level in the big stage. NFL comparism: Drew Brees, or Russell Wilson 2: Josh Rosen Rosen is my #2, but not by far. In my opinion, both him and Mayfield will bring forward quality pro play. Rosen is a prototypical stud QB. He has a cannon, a tall 6,4 build, and good accuracy. From a pure passer standpoint, he's undoubtedly the best in the class. He displays great footwork, something QB's tend to struggle on in the amateur level. His throwing motion is smooth, and fluid, and he throws a great football. He can fit tight spirals to make any throw. Reason he isn't the easy #1 is due to 2 things; Injuries & personality. He's suffered 2 concussions, and 1 arm surgery before even hitting the pro level, and character concerns have caused some to doubt his love for the game. If he manages to stay healthy, he'll be a star in the NFL. NFL Comparison: Matt Ryan with a stronger arm 3: Sam Darnold Sam Darnold is probably the top overall prospect in the class. He's still very unrefined, but his ceiling is as higher than anyone else. He'll be either a superstud legend, or a complete dud. He shares the same stud "it" factor that Mayfield does with pulling off some of the most amazing plays you'll ever see. He's got a really strong arm on him, and displays quality accuracy. He's got great mobility, he can run, and can throw on the run. He draws similar comparisons to Aaron Rodgers in his play style . His main knockoffs are composure, and turnovers. He displays poor footwork, and has a really wonky throwing motion, almost like throwing a Baseball. These aren't too big, and could be improved upon by proper coaching. He led College football in turnovers, mostly due to bad hands, and forcing bad passes, which have caused some to worry about his hand size. Overall, he'd be a huge project, but if done correctly; he could become the next Aaron Rodgers.
  6. Sweet, dump Wilkerson, and pick up another difficult kid.
  7. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    That isn't a good thing. Joe Flacco isn't a good Quarterback.
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-jets-pay-whatever-takes-154848534.html According to Cimini, the Jets are willing to pay whatever it takes to sign Cousins. With us having the resources to do so, Cousins in the Big Apple is looking more like reality everyday. Getting him would be idealistic. He instantly becomes the best QB we've ever had, and he's not even hit his prime yet. He's posted top 8 numbers, while behind a poor supporting cast over his last 3 seasons. WE sign him, build up in the draft, and we have a contending team.
  9. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    I think AZ is outta the mix, report came out a lil while ago stating that. We're even more in the clear.
  10. Kiper's BIG Board

    Wentz was way above Allen coming out. Accuracy is the most important tangible in a QB, and there have been no good QB's with under 60% completion in college (but there have been quite a few short QB's who've been great). Allen has posted 55% cmp, and against poor competition. It's Hackenberg all over again.
  11. It won't lead us away from needs, because all the top players in the draft play positions we need. If we get Kirk, taking the best player available is the best case scenario.
  12. I'd love if we got him. The stats he's already posted in his career would be far and away the best we've ever had. He's posted top 10 numbers with a horrific supporting cast, and hasn't even hit his prime yet. The others in the draft would be a gamble, and if we'd trade up; we'd be gutting our next 3 drafts for once again: A Gamble. You get this guy, build a team around him, and watch our team become an elite force in the league.