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    I quite enjoy following the massively successful New York Mets, and Jets!

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    Folk kicking the FG to win in Indy as time expired 2010 WC Game
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    Doug Brien missing 2 game winning FG's/ The F**king 2012 Thanksgiving Game (35-0 at half, butt-fumble)
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    That one chic
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  1. That was great. Also something interesting is the fact they mentioned he watches a lot of bad QB film on purpose for the sake of learning what went wrong.
  2. This seems highly likely, at least on the Wilson end. Many people myself included expected him to blow away interviews, recall, and whiteboard stuff. Looks like that probably happened. Not sure about how Fields did but that may be a factor in his lower stock. However most reports show he's a smart, and hardworking guy.
  3. Great article. Looks like we're really doing our homework and I like the consensus thing. Also something really important is the tidbit about meeting players. I'm sure we met with someone who blew us away with regards to brains, character and talent which is really important. A lot of raw, high-end talents have been succeeding lately off brains and hard work. The guy we draft has to check off character and mental boxes, and it looks like we have 2 of those guys.
  4. O'Sullivan likes Wilson. He just doesn't see the Mahomes/ Rodgers Pt.2 that people hype up which is why he says he's "missing something".
  5. Bro, I'm telling you. The guy whose biggest flaws were turnovers and mechanics is JUST LIKE the guy with 3 interceptions that throws the football like a Butterfly. They both throw into double coverage sometimes which is so against the grain compared to other college QB's. This alone makes them literally clones!
  6. That USC game especially is wayyy impressive. Awesome stuff and I hope you continue with this.
  7. Zach "Alpha Crime Dog" Wilson just rolls off the tongue.
  8. I honestly would like a retro 60's look that's not the Parcells ones. Like incorporating the old oval, and the old stripes. I like the 98's, but I LOVE those old stripes, numbers, and logo.
  9. Not that I think he'll be great, but I do enjoy watching some Dustin Crum
  10. Aside from them being gunslingers (which is one of the most common traits in a QB prospect), there is no comparison between the two. Talent, mechanics, decision making, consistency, protecting the football. They couldn't be further apart.
  11. It's interesting how high we seem to be on him. I have more confidence in this FO calling the shots than previous regimes.
  12. I know the lack of a heavy market was key in committing to drafting a QB, however I wonder if through meetings Wilson blew the FO away in some aspect.
  13. I think Urban has to take Lawrence. You could feel a certain way with regards to who is better, but taking Lawrence is the easiest way to keep your job safe due to his high praise. Also regardless of whether Wilson may have a higher ceiling, Lawrence has an extremely high floor. If Lawrence fails, then you could say "well everyone thought he was good, not my problem that he wasn't that good". However if you take Wilson over him and Wilson fails then its "everyone had Lawrence as #1 and you decided to play it cute when you had a free lottery ticket for a generational prospect"
  14. A lot of good stuff on film. I'd also say that Houston was his worst game and he still flashed a lot to like.
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