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  1. The Jets disappointed this season, but its been one of the most entertaining I've ever seen.
  2. I am an honorary Titans fan for the rest of the postseason.
  3. Sam's numbers and play so far is a big "meh", but I do like the fact that he finished with a winning record on this decimated team. He definitely does need to show more. He's made some good plays but nothing earth shattering. Some people say that he needs to cut down on stupid throws, I can kinda agree but outside of 2 games he was excellent at protecting the ball. I will actually argue that all he needs to become very good is developing just an adequate deep ball. He's shown very good things throwing intermediate, but the amount of missed plays this year due to his inability to hit a receiver deep in stride is the most concerning aspect of his game.
  4. It's respectable On one hand, we had a really easy schedule. On the other hand, we have the most injury decimated team in the league. It balances.
  5. Gase can't adjust to save his life We're the best opening drive Offense ever, but once the script is over he can't do anything.
  6. He's only fumbled 5 times in his entire career, but he's not really gripping with both hands since he got hurt and that could cause problems.
  7. Everytime he gets screwed in an awful way, he responds with an equally awful throw.
  8. Lamar (and maybe Allen) are the only ones who have had a team put behind them, and Jackson is the MVP front runner on the best team in the league. That's all you'd ever want from building around a QB. I think Darnold has a higher ceiling in his throwing ability, and staying power in this league. However Jackson is the MVP and he's not. Jackson is literally the best case scenario of building around a QB and it paying off. As of now it can't not be him.
  9. I know he's been up and down this year, but it's Darnold on offense. Look at it with him, and look at it when he missed time. Defense isn't a question. PREZ. Special teams is a tossup, but I'll go with Lac.
  10. Darnold is only the 2nd QB this year to throw for 2 TD passes against the Ravens (the other is Mahomes) With our o line and receiving core in the gutter, that's actually really impressive.
  11. It would have to be for an audible because with the pressure there was no way he could do anything.
  12. Darnold is the most inconsistent thing I've ever seen. The way he can go from making jaw dropping plays, to boneheaded picks is peak Gunslinger. That is just him. If we can somehow give him some good pieces and coaching, he could be amazing. However he's still raw, and his team is just reinforcing his negatives. It felt like he was running backwards every snap, and it disrupted (and has been) our tempo.
  13. The pick was bad, but all things considered he had a solid game.
  14. Every time Darnold does good things, he erases it with a backbreaking idiotic pick.

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