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  1. This place is so bi-polar lmaoooo
  2. Get Garrett Wilson on the field as a true starter. He's electric. Dump Flacco, bring in Strev. We still won't win but it'll be more exciting to watch.
  3. The board is really angry about this, but idk I totally expected a performance like this. We're young, already impacted by injuries, and up against a team that we never beat.
  4. Flacco has thrown it 55 times and we've scored 3 points. Holy sh*t this team is gold.
  5. We need to get Wilson and Moore the ball 2nd half.
  6. Gonna be honest and say that we don't look that bad. It actually seems like we're a QB away from really competing in this game, which is a huge upgrade from years past.
  7. He is still campaigning for Tebow as a franchise QB a decade after he flamed out. Nowhere near comparable to drafting a bust, and moving on when it's he sucks like Newsome did. One made a mistake, and corrected it by moving on. The other is wrong, and dying on an absurd hill over it instead of conceding. That's just asinine. Even the most ardent Tebow fans understand that he just wasn't a good NFL QB. This is just silly though.
  8. Let's throw it all out. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2021/08/tim-tebow-8/ "I do not believe Meyer gave Tebow a real chance. I think he caved and drafted Lawrence instead to satisfy the Jacksonville fan base. Meyer should have come in and slammed his fist on the podium and declared Tebow as his quarterback like I would have." "I have tried three times to get Tebow back into the NFL. I tried to influence my friend Marc Trestman to sign him when he became the head coach of the Bears. I proposed to make him my starting franchise quarterback/assistant general manager (GM) my 166-page GM proposal when Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam personally asked me for my ideas. Most recently, I used my dream interview with the Redskins in 2019 to swing for the fences for Tebow with (then) Team President, Bruce Allen. My fourth time will be a charm. Next time, I will stand before the national media and I will light social media on fire like never before as I declare Tebow as my starting franchise quarterback and as my assistant GM. Tebow will become the first dual-role player/front office executive in league history. Next time, not even the gates of hell itself will be able to stop what is ordained. "
  9. Wilson needs to be legit when he returns or we're back to the draft. We can't go into next year without him looking the part.
  10. This is once again, and awful look for the staff. Wtf Saleh?
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