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  1. Next week should be the only option. Winning on MNF against the Pats changes everything.
  2. We're probably not beating the Pats, but I expect and want it to be at least close.
  3. I'll admit I was wrong about the Goff/Smith tidbit, but Dobbs> Watson is still a thing on there.
  4. Right Now 1) Jackson- He's putting up impressive numbers on the air, and ground. Plus his team is in 1st. Easy choice right now. 2) Darnold- Ever since he hurt his foot last year he's been the most impressive. Just need to see him keep it up for a few more games to give him a safe 1st place vote. However yesterday did really add fuel to the fire. 3) Allen- Numbers aren't that impressive, but his team is 4-1. And although those 4 wins have been with tons of luck, and against poor teams he has shown some good clutch ability. 4) Mayfield- Reallllllyyyyy struggling. His numbers are bad plain and simple, although his hyped up supporting cast has been nothing but disappointing so far. 5) Rosen- He was just benched, and has a 50 QB rating this year. Bad team or not, it's a bad look. When All Is Said and Done 1) Darnold- Has the best mix between current ability, and ceiling. If he keeps up the pace like yesterday, and the final 4 games of last year; him at 1 is a no brainer. Because his biggest knock was turnovers, and if he can limit them; there's nothing in the way of his stardom (aside from another case of mono). 2) Jackson- Don't think he has super impressive passing skills, but they're good enough to strike a scary balance between his legs, and arm. He's gonna win a ton of games until he blows out his legs. 3) Mayfield (Could easily be flip flopped for Jackson)- Though he's struggling now, he still showed a ton last year and I believe he could salvage his performance and remind people why he was so hyped. Just worried about his decision making (on and off the field) 4) Allen- Has had a streak of some nice wins, and has one of the biggest cannons known to man. However I just don't feel that he can sustain a long term career unless he greatly improves his passing skills. 5) Rosen - The definition of being thrown to the wolves. Pre-draft I was high on him, but he's been dealt the worst hand this league has to offer. It'll take something special to save this young man's career. I really do feel bad for Rosen
  5. Imagine relying on Qbase for accurate projections when their top 2 QB's ever (Alex Smith, and Jared Goff) are glorified game managers, and they gave both Watson and Mahomes under a 10% chance to be elite. I mean, Joshua Dobbs has a higher ranking than both Watson, Darnold, and Wentz. It's just as much a crapshoot as every other prospect ranking out there.
  6. Bayless takes certain opinions for viewership. Like every guy who has worked for him either behind the scenes or on air has said that he's actually a great guy that says controversial things to put on an entertaining show; and it works.
  7. Not sure what's up with him. Has he just been figured out, and has yet to adapt his game? Or is it a mental thing? Because he was spectacular last year, and now has a top 5 supporting cast around him. Also it's not like he's just slumping, he's genuinely playing bad football. Ultimately I think he pulls it together, but his last few games have been concerning.
  8. We need rollouts. Darnold looks sharp, now play to his strengths.
  9. Nothing huge but that first throw was the most exciting thing this O has put out since week 1.
  10. Saw the same thing with Eli. Watching film I could swear he was a better QB without him because of over-reliance.
  11. Jones had a bad game, but he'll be fine. Don't think he'll ever be an elite guy, but I expect him to be good. If you look at the numbers through his first 4, they line up perfectly with Darnold's which I found interesting.
  12. Defense has been fine so far against some stout opponents. The key is the offense. Can we muster more than 1 TD? 5 perhaps?
  13. Jones had 2 picks and could've easily been fazed, but he came out and threw a beautiful TD. Not a pretty game by him, but his resilience is impressive.
  14. Daniel Jones has been good so far, impressed with some stuff I've seen from him. Pats by 25.
  15. I think we can squeeze out 8 or so wins if everything comes back together, and Darnold looks sharp like he did after his foot injury, and up until he got sick. However for playoffs to be a remote possibility, we need to take at least 1 of our next 2 games against formidable opponents, not betting on that. Though by midseason, we have far and away the easiest remaining schedule in the league, and every single game is winnable. I think this season will be a ton of fun starting this week until the end of the year. Tons of possibilities and interesting things to keep an eye on. I'm excited even if we're not a playoff team. Because truthfully this year is about how good Darnold does, so as long as he plays well, this year can be considered a success in my eyes.
  16. This is a weirdly impressive stat, and a sad one. It shows how bad Falk really is, and also that we have offensive hope with Darnold+Herndon back. There's a chance our offense can be great starting this Sunday.
  17. I don't think wins are the most important thing when evaluating QBs, because it's heavily team based. Sure it's important, but then it leads to some weird places where Dilfer and Sanchez have a better win% than Eli Manning, and Dan Fouts. It also makes it weird when our only HoF QB has a losing record for his career. And let's be honest. As bad as Baker has played so far this year, both you and I would still take him over Sanchez in the long run.
  18. This is according to NFL Next Gen stats ,which tracks the movement of every player on the field, classifying an open receiver as any player with three or more yards between himself and the nearest defender. With Luke Falk misfiring all over the field, an open receiver didn’t amount to much. If Gase can continue to scheme receivers open at that rate and Darnold is on target, all of a sudden Darnold’s presence can help get this thing turned around in a hurry. If not, Gase may be looking for work sooner than anyone could have anticipated. The post Here’s the Ripple Effect Jets are Hoping for With Darnold Return appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... This last segment is actually mind-blowing, and could be quite significant. I actually think this O will do well with Darnold back, especially in the pass game. This is also not even taking into account the return of Herndon as a lethal TE target. We all remember how solid our offense was looking through TC and preseason until Darnold got sick.
  19. Small sample size, but interesting nonetheless. The main problem with Darnold was always TO's, but if he can maintain the lack of them there's nothing in the way of him becoming a Superstar (aside from another case of mono).
  20. This is immature. Stop.
  21. What's the point of this thread?
  22. Yay I can watch this team without it being an agonizing experience! I think he'll go off on a tear, and if the rest of the team follows we may make a little run with our absurdly easy schedule coming up.

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