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  1. Don't forget that he's too small when the 3 best QB's in the NFL are his same size, or smaller! (Wilson, Rodgers, Mahomes)
  2. Reason goes out the window when people get this reactionary.
  3. We're cursed, like legitimately. The best thing the Johnsons can do is hire an exorcist, priest, or any competent user of voodoo magic to be our next GM/HC/Target of anger. Texans were ahead of their time man. Also scrap these garbage uniforms already. Can we at least look good while blowing horse c*ck? I mean, the Mets have that going for them.
  4. Can we let JD just handle trades. Let anyone else handle the roster and coaching. Heck, let's give the keys to Brant f*cking Boyer, it couldn't be worse.
  5. Yeah we have half a dozen drops, and half a dozen sacks given up, but let's fix all our problems by adding a suspected rapist that'll cost an entire draft! Brilliant!
  6. Can't imagine watching this game and thinking "Ah yes, we gotta replace our QB".
  7. Biggest thing is Wilson not losing his composure and confidence. Might not have connected but I'm happy he's still trying those.
  8. Drops and drops. Not on Wilson, for now. And hopefully it doesn't become on him.
  9. Rough start obviously, but lol at the people that are giving up on Wilson. IF he still looks bad on week 15, it's rational to doomsay, but not game 3 after being completely outmatched on all fronts. This isn't Darnold during year 3, this is a rookie during game 3.
  10. It was an easier schedule but Wilson but up the highest non-SEC QB rating in history. There have been LOTS of QB's that have played easy schedules and none of them were that good.
  11. I think people need to remember that most rookie QB's, even the ones that end up great, look like sh*t for a good portion of their rookie seasons. Especially so early on such bad teams. If they're still playing poor and haven't learned to cut down on bad tendencies by the end of the year, then skepticism is warranted completely. However the season is long, and they are young.
  12. Great fit! Our o-line would definitely make sure he gets his butt touched! No thanks. Keep him away from here.
  13. Yeah, the world isn't exactly over, just looking like that's the direction for us once again. Never want to see this again obviously, and I do still believe that his arm talent still makes him a better prospect than Darnold ever was. It's going to be a long road ahead, but one can only hope I guess.
  14. Also a side note, every rookie sucked balls today. Wilson didn't even have the worst rating today which speaks volumes for how bad the day was for quarterbacking.
  15. We traded a guy who can play good ball only in the 1st half, for a guy who only does it in the 2nd.
  16. Hey, if we can get him to the 4th quarter he can look acceptable! I suggest just running for 45 mins until then. WOOOOO
  17. This. I don't expect a win, or really even a close game. I just don't want Wilson to fold under pressure or embarrass himself. Wilson might be able to have a good game, but not gonna put too much faith in that with how our team played last week. Would be nice of course, and I hope he does great, however it doesn't seem likely. A realistic hope is that he just keeps playing hard, and continues to learn and adapt to what's thrown at him while making some nice plays. Wilson being a film guy should help him a lot with learning of this NE defense. He also does take in bad QB film as well
  18. Would be surprised, and maybe satisfied if this is a one score game. Granted it depends on what kind of one score game it is. 13-10 would be painful, but I bet 38-31 would be exciting.
  19. He's very likely going to get the sh*t kicked out of him by the pass rush, but if he adapts and continues to learn like yesterday then I think he can have a good game overall. Belichick is the rookie eater, so if Wilson can have another gritty and good game I'll be happy. Having some guys back should help out on multiple fronts, but ya never know.
  20. That title gives me 'Nam flashbacks. Let's uh, just try to play competitive football.
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