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  1. Also I think sympathy as a prayer emoji was a cool concept. I also liked having a red downvote because it matched with the green. I also liked old haha, but maybe that's just because I was used to it. Just my two cents on emojis, have a nice weekend.
  2. I really miss the like button. For reasons other than it being the default reaction when I started posting here. It was a perfect response to a post or writeup that you thought had quality, even if you didn't necessarily agree with it. Or even if something was low effort but enjoyable. You liked it.
  3. I think people underestimate the mobility and athleticism of Burrow.
  4. Burrow got sacked as many times as David Carr last year, and barely lost the superbowl. He now moves to 3-0 against best QB in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. Maybe there's some debate to be had at the top...
  5. If I send Lamar Jackson love letters for the next several months, what are the chances we acquire him?
  6. I like this. If we were to get a guy like Jimmy G or Carr I would only want them to be as holdovers/mentors for a prospect we can spend proper time developing. If Mike White is already that, then I'm happy.
  7. Williams is playing injured, and is able to adapt his game to hang in the pocket, maneuver, and throw strikes. He can play.
  8. White is definitely earning the job right now, and looks like head and shoulders the better option. I agree that Saleh has a lot on his plate trying to handle this QB situation but I believe in him. He's really impressed me as of late. Also, Shawn is awesome and one of the best on this board. Respect the man.
  9. I wonder how much the coddling of Wilson affected how the CS handled White. Seemed odd that after one bad game they tried to erase him. In his first 4 starts, he's played 2 of the best games we've seen in years.
  10. It's actually stunning that this is the case. He's gone full Knoblauch and is so far in his head, but on paper there's no reason why he can't be good. The fact that we're here is wild. Sadly I think he's too far gone, but the guy has some gifts.
  11. That's actually true. If a guy we drafted high was doing stuff like this in his first few games he'd have a street named after him already. There's no reason why he can't improve as well. I actually believe White can be our Jimmy G/ Cousins type of guy at a fraction of the cost. Would be huge.
  12. By the way, it's so nice to actually believe a ball is going to hit it's target when thrown. When Wilson throws the ball I have no confidence it'll actually be accurate.
  13. It's White's job. This is the exact play we would've wanted from a Jimmy G or Cousins. He executed the offense amazingly.
  14. In other news, Sam Darnold is casually having the best QB performance against the Broncos all year.
  15. Mike White is about to finish with the most efficient performance since Geno against Miami in 2014.
  16. 156 QB rating holy sh*t. I know he had that bad Bills game last year, but that was his 2nd full game ever. We might have our Cousins/Garoppolo without paying 40 million.
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