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  1. 3 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    If it lands us Rodgers, it will be worth all the laughs from fans of other teams right now.

    if we get stuck with Garoppolo, Minshew, Brissett, etc. in a competition with Zach?  Well then, wheewwwwwww boyyyyyy, are we going to be bad, and I will be laughing my ass off on game days.  At least we’ll probably be a virtual lock at a top 5 pick in this case.

    I respect the gamble that Douglas and Saleh are taking, but they will reap every bit what they sowed if they don’t get the big fish.

    So what you're saying is; we wind up with either Rodgers or Drake Maye/Caleb Williams.

    I'm down. 

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  2. I'm telling you. Take the look and layout of the Namath jerseys and just make the logo into the 80's one. Top 5 uniforms you'll never have to change right there. 

    Our logo is terrible right now, ditch the oval please. We're the Jets and our logo is a football with a football inside. Comical. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Larz said:

    I think the focus should be mostly on offense even at the expense of some defensive talent. The Oline needs a lot of talent 

    Yeah I agree. Offense still needs some work in the trenches plus the obvious need at QB. The FO has to go about this offseason immaculately, but unlike years past I feel like we're only a couple of pieces away. 

  4. https://www.si.com/nfl/raiders/the-black-hole-plus/las-vegas-raiders-derek-carr-dave-ziegler-tom-brady-josh-mcdaniels-mark-davis

    Here's an article on what went down this season with Carr. Not gonna paste because its a mess of bullet points, but I'll sum it up.

    Carr was (and still is) very respected, but the Patriot way didn't work for him. Didn't take too much internal criticism well and thought the fun of the game was being sucked out of him. He also had serious issues with decision making and execution this year. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    when your talking about an average of 2800 yards a year for Lamar and good passers are hitting 4500 and great passers 5000 plus do I really need to explain ?

    That's because of attempts and Lamar having another element to his game that those guys don't have. He doesn't need to chuck it all the time, and when he does throw he's been very efficient. Top 15 career passer rating. Plus it's not like they've had the weapons for a big passing attack either.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    You mean like the people telling me Lamar has similar passing stats to Josh Allen ? When Lamar barely broke 3000 yards in only one of his seasons which happened to be a damn good season but since then ?? Nothing

    Since when are total passing yards the end all for being a good passer? Lamar just doesn't have a lot of attempts, but he's been efficient. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

    49’ers are a tough team, I respect that they put out a good, grind you out type team every year. I know that that is what Saleh wants to replicate that but he seems to have a too soft of a mentality. 

    I've always had a soft spot for them bc of family, and I respect the team they've built. The Purdy story is so cool too. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    I, too, get physically ill at the idea of having a MVP caliber QB, who won that award with almost nothing at WR, come here to throw to a pretty darn good WR corp, backed by a very good defense.

    Ill I tell you.

    Jets fans want a guy who has won MVP, leading the league in TD passes with a 113 rating while rushing for 1200 yards in that same season. What idiots. 

    It's not like Lamar is one of the greatest offensive players to grace the league, or anything like that. 

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  9. Wasn't a big fan of him but I feel like this came from Woody and that scares me. 

    Really worried we're headed down the path of the Colts. Can totally see the FO scrambling to get a Vet in as QB because ownership is breathing down their neck; and unless Lamar becomes available I feel like we're going to be making a move that'll get us nowhere longterm. Just some 10-7 type seasons with WC eliminations until we have to blow it up again. 

    This organization always fails at the QB process, then it gets impatient and arguably worse things happen. We're just now recovering from Mike Maccagnans attempts to build a team impatiently. 

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