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  1. Gotta keep trying to get one in the draft. Unless you can get a top tier vet keep drafting. Us sucking at it doesn't mean it's not the best way to do it.
  2. Our QB and OC are terrible right now. Zach just can't execute the QB position and LaFleur keeping with the run game strategy is asinine.
  3. I'm hyped for this. No more Pats bs, we gotta win this game and make a statement. This team is fully capable and Zach has to play good period. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS LETS HAVE A GAME FOR THE AGES!!!
  4. Hope Hooker is alright. He's worked hard and done some great things.
  5. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Not huge on this class, but I think '24 can be really good. However I would be interested in a high ceiling Day 2/3 guy like maybe Richardson.
  6. Derek Carr is a quality QB, but unless we get an elite vet they're not going to make us SB contenders. Especially with the cap space. I'd take him as a holdover for the next drafted QB but I don't see him as the answer. Give Zach his three years while looking at 2nd-3rd day QBS in '23 if needed (Richardson etc.). If he busts out then trade whatever you need for Drake Maye in '24.
  7. Tua is actually great. He got a whole lot of sh*t from people, so even though he's a Dolphin I'm happy for him.
  8. Unfortunate thing is that apparently Takeoff wasn't even involved. He was just sitting to the side on his phone. Was reported that Quavo was the one who was involved in the dispute and sadly Takeoff was hit by strays.
  9. Not a fan. He's notoriously petty, and spending 44 billion on twitter fueled in large part by spite just adds to that narrative. The way he's handling the transition, especially with employees is just bad. A huge amount of people strangely orbit him too because he tries to come across as the quirky and relatable billionaire by making bad jokes online and smoking weed. He's leading some great efforts in various fields, but the guy is no hero or extreme genius.
  10. I'm still not over the moon with him, but my goodness his potential makes me giddy.
  11. Hit the nail right on the head. Zach has played a lot of bad, no good football. However he's so loaded with talent that you gotta keep going with him as long as he shows improvement. It wasn't too flashy of a game, but I'm ecstatic with his improvement in so many areas just from last week. Such a quick turnaround is wild. He obviously has to keep it up for it to be meaningful longterm, but a game like this is what we wanna see from him at this point.
  12. I remember people criticizing him for spreading the ball around and not focusing on GW when he first came back from injury.
  13. Give it a rest and enjoy the win man. He, and the entire team did well.
  14. This is also big. Was super encouraging that he seemed to correct a ton of mistakes just from last week. Was decisive, didn't bail the pocket, didn't force it etc. Against a great defense too. He's gotta keep it up though.
  15. Gets 76.2 QBR for the game. Excellent. He's now 21st in the league in QBR. Not too shabby.
  16. Predictably bad HC hire turns out to be bad. Have no idea why he was so coveted.
  17. Also this is such a fantastic game going into the bye. The extra week should be really good for Wilson. If he's gonna take that step forward it's probably going to be soon.
  18. He's played by far his best football when he just lets it rip. Things turn ugly when he gets cute with it.
  19. I think they would want him to throw more over the top due to him not being overly tall compared to other QBs, but ultimately he has to be comfortable.
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