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  1. I was all doom and gloom after last week. Happy to see that there's some hope.
  2. I'll admit I was worried after that first play, but in the end Sauce is the man and already an elite player at his position. If it wasn't already confirmed, this game locked it in. He's insane.
  3. I thought he was close to being done after last game, but for the first time actually put together a complete and good game. Against the top team in the league no less. I'm thrilled to be wrong about him being bullied this game.
  4. I'm happy with him today. Still a long way to go, but after his last start it's hard not to be encouraged.
  5. Sauce Gardner is the man. Don't think I've ever seen a rookie come in here and ascend to the top of his position so quickly. The guy is already a superstar and I'm over the moon thinking about what he's done, and what he's going to do in the future. The running game kicked it into gear to win the game. Robinson and Carter really came in clutch when they needed to. Garrett Wilson is an incredible talent, and is headed for stardom. Zach had an excellent outing. Bouncing back, and correcting his mistakes. First 100 rating game, and against the best team in the league. We look like a f*cking playoff team.
  6. After such a bad game, and playing against the best team in the league the FO has to be very pleased with his game.
  7. Zach did really well this game. Seemed like he corrected a lot of mistakes. First 100 rating game.
  9. Great running drive. Also looks like Zach is correcting his mistakes, but gotta keep it up. Let's finish this boys.
  10. I wouldn't really fault Mims for that first throw, but I thought it was a good one from Zach.
  11. Good stuff. Like the plays and Wilson played a good half. I'm alright with this.
  12. He's got 6 more on the ground and is tremendously efficient. He's been awesome.
  13. Been a fan of Burrow since before he broke out in college. Before him though I was a huge Andrew Luck fan. My favorite player in the league right now is Sauce though.
  14. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    It's still early, but I've been watching UNC QB Drake Maye. He isn't eligible yet, but he's already putting up big time numbers as a freshman and he looks like he can flat out play.
  15. Can we put a shock collar on Wilson? Like if he drifts too far back or starts gunning up to throw some stupid sh*t just press a little button and stop him.
  16. 2015 was neat for a bit, but I think we'd all find sustained success to be much more entertaining. Requires taking some shots and missing, but it's the best way to do it in this league.
  17. I think the most realistic and best option for us is signing a quality veteran, while still swinging at a prospect high in the draft. Do what KC did with Smith and Mahomes. A good veteran that can ensure you're not wasting your talent, while you're allocated the time to properly develop a QB without throwing him into the fire week one of the rookie season like we always do. Sign Jimmy G, and start pooling together picks to ultimately make a run at a top prospect in the future. However someone like Jimmy G is not our permanent answer.
  18. Jet fans are obsessed with having 2015 seasons.
  19. Nothing is fine with him. I would be surprised if anyone in the building is happy with where he is at compared to expectations pre-draft. He might have a ton of arm talent, but he just can't execute the position at even an adequate level. Even the baseline stuff looks hard, and nothing is ever consistent. The guy has never put up a consistently good game, and trades 1 good throw with three terrible ones. It's actually shocking how overmatched he looks at every turn. The best case scenario is that he's just much more raw than we thought, and he's been struggling against tough pass defenses but will put it together by the end of the year. Though the reality looks like he's a really talented guy that's completely overwhelmed, and is miles away from being even average. And with every game his already slim chances of success keep slipping. They're not 0, but they're also far closer to 0 than 100.
  20. It is a pipe dream, but still preferred option if available.
  21. Yeah no matter what we need to keep drafting in some regard. Lamar and drafting a QB seem to be the only solutions that could be longterm.
  22. I used to brush off the idea of drafting a QB every year, but in all honesty the strategy doesn't seem bad. It's the most important position in American sports. Keep swinging until you get it right. If Wilson doesn't improve greatly by seasons end then we need to be drafting a QB in the top 3 rounds.
  23. Lamar > Another high quality vet (No Jimmy G) > Draft one. Getting an average veteran QB isn't going to win us the superbowl; it'll make us Indy. We either get a top flight guy who is established (ala Brady, Stafford) or we go back to the draft as those are the best ways to do it. We might suck at drafting QB's, but it's the best way for long term success.
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