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  1. Been a fan of Burrow since before he broke out in college. Before him though I was a huge Andrew Luck fan. My favorite player in the league right now is Sauce though.
  2. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    It's still early, but I've been watching UNC QB Drake Maye. He isn't eligible yet, but he's already putting up big time numbers as a freshman and he looks like he can flat out play.
  3. Can we put a shock collar on Wilson? Like if he drifts too far back or starts gunning up to throw some stupid sh*t just press a little button and stop him.
  4. 2015 was neat for a bit, but I think we'd all find sustained success to be much more entertaining. Requires taking some shots and missing, but it's the best way to do it in this league.
  5. I think the most realistic and best option for us is signing a quality veteran, while still swinging at a prospect high in the draft. Do what KC did with Smith and Mahomes. A good veteran that can ensure you're not wasting your talent, while you're allocated the time to properly develop a QB without throwing him into the fire week one of the rookie season like we always do. Sign Jimmy G, and start pooling together picks to ultimately make a run at a top prospect in the future. However someone like Jimmy G is not our permanent answer.
  6. Jet fans are obsessed with having 2015 seasons.
  7. Nothing is fine with him. I would be surprised if anyone in the building is happy with where he is at compared to expectations pre-draft. He might have a ton of arm talent, but he just can't execute the position at even an adequate level. Even the baseline stuff looks hard, and nothing is ever consistent. The guy has never put up a consistently good game, and trades 1 good throw with three terrible ones. It's actually shocking how overmatched he looks at every turn. The best case scenario is that he's just much more raw than we thought, and he's been struggling against tough pass defenses but will put it together by the end of the year. Though the reality looks like he's a really talented guy that's completely overwhelmed, and is miles away from being even average. And with every game his already slim chances of success keep slipping. They're not 0, but they're also far closer to 0 than 100.
  8. It is a pipe dream, but still preferred option if available.
  9. Yeah no matter what we need to keep drafting in some regard. Lamar and drafting a QB seem to be the only solutions that could be longterm.
  10. I used to brush off the idea of drafting a QB every year, but in all honesty the strategy doesn't seem bad. It's the most important position in American sports. Keep swinging until you get it right. If Wilson doesn't improve greatly by seasons end then we need to be drafting a QB in the top 3 rounds.
  11. Lamar > Another high quality vet (No Jimmy G) > Draft one. Getting an average veteran QB isn't going to win us the superbowl; it'll make us Indy. We either get a top flight guy who is established (ala Brady, Stafford) or we go back to the draft as those are the best ways to do it. We might suck at drafting QB's, but it's the best way for long term success.
  12. If a top flight veteran is available, then go ahead. Otherwise draft until you get it right. If you become Indy you end up in football purgatory.
  13. I've always found this odd. Typically right handed quarterbacks are supposed to be better throwing to the left as opposed to right. It was one of the main concerns with Lamar Jackson pre-draft.
  14. 355 yards is cool, but can he just not throw three of the worst picks imaginable in a winnable game. The good ones are able to have nice stats and also not throw the game away.
  15. He has a big arm and natural talent coaches love. Some overconfident coach would be willing to give a second and change to see if he can fix him and make him a star ala Darnold.
  16. That roughing call killed what we could've had, but even with that it was still winnable. IDC if he put up big volume stats, Wilson threw three of the worst picks you'll ever see and gave the game away. Game is just too much for him. If he was ever going to work he needed a 3 year apprenticeship and reworking ala Rodgers. Nothing looks easy for him.
  17. Sell the f*cking farm, Lamar is a super player.
  18. He'll definitely say something like that for diplomacy. I think behind closed doors he knows the reality of this.
  19. There was such a disconnect with regards to how Fields was evaluated. He's the best one so far.
  20. As much as I'm skeptical on Wilson, I think this right here is a very underrated factor in our offensive success.
  21. This is true, however he's still missing plays and not handling pressure well. Needs to be better.
  22. I do notice this too. I feel like the coaching staff has tried to put as much training wheels on him as possible after his gunslinging disaster of a start last year. However it's showing that he's actually really good and natural in those 4th Q situations where he just has to make things happen. On the opposite end of the spectrum he's been terrible in early game scripted sections. I think the Staff needs to strike a balance. He looks so wonky and unnatural trying to be Mike White. They need to figure out why he's so much better in late game situations and mix a gameplan that has him playing free while also keeping him in check a bit. They've gone so far in the direction of trying to make him someone that doesn't lose games that I'm terrified he's gunshy now. He's fantastic at not turning the ball over now, but on the flipside he doesn't produce.
  23. That actually is one of the main points PFF makes. Even amongst great QB's under pressure rate is way more unstable and can do a 180 from season to season. The problem is that Wilson's is on track to be one of the worst they've ever evaluated, and he hasn't shown the other side of it at the pro level yet. So one view of his splits is really optimistic, while the other is scary. Though the optimistic side tends to come out on top with these metrics. Him being so good clean is a really important thing, but whew he's gotta get so much better under fire for him to be good.
  24. Thanks for all the posts man. I really enjoy them, and the majority of the board does too. Sorry that people come after you for posting things that don't align with their beliefs. Same thing has happened to other posters with inside insight, and with similar people involved. Ultimately you're relaying and explaining information you hear. Complaining about it and being antagonistic towards it is a bit weird to be honest because it's not your problem at all. It's well constructed and knowledgeable content. We need more of that on this board so seeing it chased off is a bit sad.
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