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  1. Wins are meaningless unless you clinch a playoff berth, or else you just end up with bad draft picks, and nothing to show for it. Less wins this year would've been much better for the future of this team.
  2. I only have a Mangold jersey, and a Chrebet jersey. However I'm Looking to pre-order my Josh Rosen jersey soon.
  3. Bad Talent didn't weigh on him too much. Fun Fact: His receivers has the lowest drop rate compared to the receivers of all the other top QB's.
  4. Because he doesn't have 198 sacks.
  5. He's old, and a nutjob on the field. No thanks.
  6. Dee Milliner wasn't actually that bad skill wise, he just had horrific durability.
  7. Being able to complete passes is like the most important thing for a QB. Josh Allen's accuracy issue is too much to ignore.
  8. Going to be doing polls with all of the top QB prospects. Josh Rosen is next.
  9. But Darnold has that Favre aspect of being able to make super throws with solid accuracy, Sanchez couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  10. Seems like we're real interested in him. Hopefully the formal meetup goes well.
  11. I'd actually love it if we ended up with either Rosen, Darnold, or Mayfield, as I believe all 3 will dominate in the pros. I am intrigued by Allen's Mega Arm, but he has the lowest CMP%, and the lowest rate of dropped passes as well. Jackson is exciting, but he's inconsistent, and wouldn't fit our offense.
  12. To be fair, getting a Phillip Rivers would be the best thing to ever happen to this team.
  13. I'd like to see the official standing of prospects on JN, I myself am a staunch Rosen supporter.
  14. You remember the organization we're talking about here?
  15. Ryan Leaf was the big armed inaccurate guy. Rosen can make any throw with top accuracy.
  16. So you'd rather have a repeat of the last 3 years, and not take a chance on 15 years of glory?
  17. Getting a free agent other than Cousins is an awful move for this franchise, only gets us 2-3 of relative stability, and mediocrity.
  18. The Bills, and Dolphins now have huge capital to move up and snatch a Franchise guy above us that will terrorize us for a decade. We have the ability to move up Macc, now do what our Franchise needs, and move up to secure our guy before our enemies do.
  19. This is real bad, the Bills are gonna move up. Macc has to pull the trigger before they do.
  20. Baker Mayfield has showed consistent work ethic, amazing stats, and skills. He'll be a star in Green and White.
  21. I think it'll be best if Cousins signs elsewhere. It'll force this team to get an exciting youngster, and build around him. The Colts turned a sorry franchise into a household name with Manning, maybe it's our turn.
  22. A Jet Great, and an All Time Great. Prayers for him.
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