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  1. To be fair, Mayfield has solidified himself as more of a winner than any other QB in the draft.
  2. I always try to find positivity, even in the trainwreck that is the Jets.
  3. What do y'all think was the best part about this season. Be it a certain player performing well, an amazing game, or nothing at all. Personally, it'd have to be either our 2nd game against the Bills (Defensive Dance Party), or seeing both Jamal Adams, and Marcus Maye bloom into an elite Saftey core.
  4. Out of these 2 options, I'd prefer #1, but overall I'd prefer neither.
  5. I'd want him. He's been top 5 for the last 3 years, still pretty young, and when you look at his stats, he'd probably be the best QB we've ever had.
  6. The 2015 Draft mostly sucked, but I'm a huge fan of Leonard Williams. He's been our best player the last 3 years, and made a Pro Bowl. I liked the pick then, and like it now.
  7. If we signed a 35 yr old guy from the CFL, we'd already be more active than the Mets.
  8. Since we have so much free cap space, I would like to see us go after Leveon Bell, sign a pass rusher or two, and draft a QB.
  9. We're different from the Browns because we can actually win a game.
  10. Do y'all think Trading up for one of the big 2 QB's (Darnold, and Rosen) is a feasible idea? What do you think would be neccessary to pull it off, and how high we would try to move up to?
  11. Mayfield, easily. Jackson is an athlete, but lacks sharp QB skills.
  12. I really like Chubb, but if available I would love Saquon.
  13. I personally would move up Allen a bit. Multiple reports have said we're big on him.
  14. I recant my earlier Mayfield Statements, he's our guy.
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