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  1. Wtf has been the last month for this organization.
  2. Breaking news: Star player at a premium position wants to be adequately compensated! Guys, it's not that deep. Pay him.
  3. Lamar is a transcendent talent that can put this team over the top. The guy is an MVP that led the league in TD passes, and rushed for 1200 yds in the same season. That's video game.
  4. While a better passer coming out, Fields was nowhere near the runner that LJ was.
  5. I used to scoff at the idea of drafting one every year but now I think it's the move. Too important of a position to draft sparsely.
  6. Not sure about cost, but Young can play.
  7. Man I wanted Slater so badly. AVT is great though.
  8. The Bears getting #1 makes this a very spicy offseason. I really like Bryce Young, but it may also make Fields available. As much as I'm looking at 2024 for QB, I wouldn't mind calling up Chicago for either QB.
  9. This is so bad. We cannot develop QB's at all. Wilson isn't blameless, but it was clear from the get go that we mishandled his development.
  10. I do not feel good about the future of this team. I hate that I feel this way, but I just feel impending doom.
  11. The report as of about 45 mins ago was that he had a pulse but couldn't breathe on his own.
  12. This is apparently his agent. Let's hope its legit and Damar is recovering.
  13. Prayers to him and his family. Hope he pulls through.
  14. Has built up every team he's been a part of. I don't hate Saleh as much as some, but you definitely have to consider it.
  15. So I assume they are not looking at the draft?
  16. Draft a QB every year until you get it right.
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