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  1. He actually has good arm strength, just not sure about the deep ball.
  2. Still don't know why we started Flacco over him to start the year
  3. This is a QB friendly system. We just needed a guy to execute.
  4. If White can keep this up for the rest of the game, it's officially his show in NY.
  5. Mike White can play QB. This has been an excellent half for the O, and the Defense seems to be settling in.
  7. Caleb Williams is awesome, and he has great playmaking ability. Part of me has Zach ptsd from some happy feet display, but Williams is playing better comp and still tends to step up. Also Zach's biggest problem is airmailing balls left and right, but Williams has real good accuracy.
  8. No but he can get the ball to open receivers.
  9. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    I don't see it happening, but if so I don't see why not. Big proponent of taking big swings at QBs until you get it right. They're quality prospects. If we like them, and the price is right go on ahead.
  10. Honestly I've never connected to a team in College because of the short term nature of it, but that's part of why I enjoy it so much. If I don't root for anyone I can just enjoy the pure sport. Maybe just find the closest competent team to you.
  11. Thanks for AVT and Garrett #prez
  12. I really like Richardson. Would not mind giving him a shot at the right pick. He's got the potential and I know some people that have met him and they vouch for him being a great guy too.
  13. To be fair, pretty much everyone else would've made the same pick.
  14. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Really good post. Love his potential, especially as a project we can mentor behind the scenes while we trot out a quality vet. On the topic of Levis, the NFL seems much higher on him than fans and I feel he's either going to go the direction of Wilson or Herbert with no in between (former much more likely). Though I'm totally with you on wanting to take Richardson over him. When evaluating the total package I have no idea why Levis seems to be a tier above Richardson in many scouts eyes. Richardson is raw, but he's getting there and his potential is absurd.
  15. I'm sure Saleh and LafFleur were absolutely terrified when they went into the film.
  16. Holy sh*t they did it. This staff has balls and took control. Huge props.
  17. Not sure about our staffs ability to develop a QB, but that's maybe a Calabrese thing. However I do like LaFleur as an OC.
  18. Wilson blows but this is a terrible take. Guys like Peyton Manning and Mahomes grew up with money, and they seem to be just fine. No correlation. Just sh*tting on a young guys character.
  19. This is the move. Get Jimmy, and and pay close attention to the draft. Jimmy is a good one that seemingly elevates his team. He just wins with them, constantly.
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