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  1. Draft a QB every year until you get it right.
  2. Wtf is going on in Chicago
  3. He hasn't declared yet, but he's eligible. Presumably going 1 to Houston.
  4. Need to take a good look at him and Young.
  5. Would be glorious if TCU won. Great underdog story. Really like Max Duggan too.
  6. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Bryce Young is excellent. Haven't made up my mind about the rest of the class but I can say that he's #1. He has size concerns, but the guy just plays the position so well.
  7. This. The narrative that Wilson was some SOJ reach that we got too cute about is rubbish. He was the consensus 2 in NFL circles. Every other GM was going to make that pick.
  8. I was unimpressed with this when it happened. Darnold Dec 2018 was a different story though.
  9. This Arkansas Kansas game is insane.
  10. Drake Maye is a legit prospect. His team is overmatched but he's throwing darts and making things happen with his legs.
  11. UNC vs. Oregon Get to see Bo Nix against Drake Maye.
  12. Carr also notoriously has trouble playing in cold weather. Not sure if that's a great fit here.
  13. I like the talent and can acknowledge that his struggles this year can be attributed to injury. That being said, a lot of his film scares me. Plus with him being older already, he'll likely be 25 by the time he's ready to take the field. Really only feeling Bryce Young this year, but his size concerns me. I also like somebody like Richardson you can develop behind the scenes for a bit, but not for the wrong price. Just feel like '24 is going to be the year to draft for us.
  14. Would accept him as a bridge, so we can draft and properly develop a guy in the future when it's time. However if we trade any sort of capital for him, we fail.
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