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  1. This Arkansas Kansas game is insane.
  2. Drake Maye is a legit prospect. His team is overmatched but he's throwing darts and making things happen with his legs.
  3. UNC vs. Oregon Get to see Bo Nix against Drake Maye.
  4. Carr also notoriously has trouble playing in cold weather. Not sure if that's a great fit here.
  5. I like the talent and can acknowledge that his struggles this year can be attributed to injury. That being said, a lot of his film scares me. Plus with him being older already, he'll likely be 25 by the time he's ready to take the field. Really only feeling Bryce Young this year, but his size concerns me. I also like somebody like Richardson you can develop behind the scenes for a bit, but not for the wrong price. Just feel like '24 is going to be the year to draft for us.
  6. Would accept him as a bridge, so we can draft and properly develop a guy in the future when it's time. However if we trade any sort of capital for him, we fail.
  7. Such a shame. I was over the moon with Darnold and his potential at the end of 2018.
  8. Those were three of the worst picks you'll ever see.
  9. I was talking to my Dad a few days ago about something like this. Tua has been very efficient and impressive this year. However is he the guy to win those gritty, cold football games in the winter with playoff implications? Don't know yet.
  10. Fields deep ball in college was incredible, and it seemed like he was so accurate. Guy just looked the part.
  11. Seeing the candidates for team mvp last year is hilarious. We've come really far.
  12. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Been watching film recently, and I'm really starting to like Bryce Young. As of today he would go #1 to Houston but if somehow Chicago gets that pick, something spicy may happen at the top of the draft.
  13. Exactly. We will get good value if we trade him. He's mobile with a big arm and some coach and or gm is gonna get cocky and think they can fix him. We'll get a day 2 pick at minimum imo.
  14. Good. Happy they know when to cut bait. Wish the guy well but I don't see how it's ever gonna work here with him.
  15. We're a QB away from Superbowl contention when we were almost 0-16 2 years ago. Douglas made a mistake but he's a good one.
  16. Wilson was the consensus pick in NFL circles. He didn't take a controversial gamble. Every gm was making that pick. Never agreed with it but thats just how it was.
  17. Bring back White and sign a solid vet like Minshew to spice things up. Gather capital for a future move at a QB in '24. I'm 100% a fan of drafting and developing another QB, but not this year. We also need to make sure we have a quality vet in place if we were to do this. If anything goes wrong we still need to be able to win games. No sinking or swimming with a young guy, I'll take insurance please.
  18. Let's have some class. Talking sh*t about a guy to his Mom is so childish. People have to grow up. These are real people with emotions and feelings. Wilson sucks, and it sucks for all of us; including him and his family. It's the guys livelihood that he's been working at since he was a kid. Having it crumble in such a disastrous fashion in front of the nation has got to be tough for that whole family. Especially when fans take out their frustration against them. This sucks for everyone involved, but cmon man.
  19. Yeah it's embarrassing but not the worse scenario. I mean, the Chargers got Brees and Rivers shortly after Leaf flamed out.
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