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  1. 11 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Yeah, they painted themselves into a corner. Douglas should try to recoup some picks to get ready for a QB move in two years. Trade Zach, Elijah Moore, whoever. 

    Yeah I think we need to focus around a few key guys and try to get some capital. Douglas will be given one more chance for his guy and then he's toast. A shame because he's been otherwise excellent at building the team imo. 

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  2. Just now, T0mShane said:

    Feels like they burned themselves out chasing wins the first half and the attrition has caught up to them. I would not draft any of these QBs in this class, and wait until the 24 class to make my move. 

    I can see that. Too much over-relying on the D was bound to stop working. I also agree about the QB classes. Big fan of Williams and Maye in '24 but with our talent I doubt we're bad enough for em. Looks like we're headed for a QB purgatory and I hate it. 

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  3. Not a huge fan of the signing, but I love how dedicated Cohen is to winning. It's gonna change the game in some way. All of these teams can spend more money, and Cohen has the balls to do it. 

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  4. The truth is Zach sucks, but MLF is not running the offense to his strengths. He wants players to adapt to his scheme, while others have schemes that adapt to their players.

    Wilson does actually have some strengths that you scheme around, but LaFleur is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. He has to be less stubborn. It's simply not working. Wilson absorbs a lot of fault, but LaFleur can do better. I overall just think the offensive staff can't develop a young QB that isn't plug and play. Which is why even if Wilson busts out and we draft a new guy, MLF has to go too. There's a distinct stubbornness and lack of patience that I dislike. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Green Ghost said:

    As bad as he’s been, and he’s been awful, I haven’t yet gotten the sense of hopelessness watching Zach that I did with Sam.
    Maybe it’s because Zach has more talent around him, I don’t know… but he seems to have the ability to make a big play. It’s trying to make the mundane ones where he often looks lost

    I realize I’m the anomaly here with that view, but I’m being honest. My head tells me he’s a bust, but my heart says there’s a QB in there waiting to come out.
    Like a lot of you though, my patience has worn thin. My preference is to go with Mike White and send Zach on his way.

    He sucks and all, but the flashes do really intrigue me still. I think a distinct difference between him and Darnold in this regard is that he has shown an even greater ceiling. Sam was by all means a high end prospect with high end potential, but the stuff Wilson can pull off at times is just absurd. Stuff that I've only seen maybe 2-3 QB's pull off, ever. 

    He is definitely the weirdest QB I've ever seen. It was on full display last week. Make some tremendous plays only a handful could ever dream of pulling off, then miss passes I could make. It's easy to see why the org thinks we can salvage him, and why it's likely some other ballsy coach takes a swing at him if we move on. He's just so dang erratic, and for the most part is flat out incompetent in executing the basics as a QB.

    Wilson is likely a bust, but a dream project car nonetheless. If he was a rookie and just had this game I'd maybe say I was encouraged. The problem is he's just so far behind on basic QB concepts that even if he is the hard working guy everyone reports him to be, it's going to be a big uphill battle. 

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  6. I think people forget the Uzomah throw was to the opposite side of the field. Wilson might be the most inconsistent QB I've ever seen, but other than maybe the Jeff Smith throw all of his bombs were money. If he could be as efficient as White in the short-intermediate game we'd have a super QB. Sadly he sucks at that. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, jetswinbaby! said:

    And just think how much better off this team would be right now...

    Tristan Wirfs at Tackle was the chalk pick over questionably too big Becton...

    Becton is not playing and may never play again...

    Justin Fields from OSU at QB over Wilson from BYU was the chalk pick...

    Fields is improving, Wilson is regressing...

    Douglas just had to go and overthink it...

    He just had to go for the home run instead of the sure base hit...

    You can't strike out on 2 premium 1st round picks without devastating effects...

    This is on you, Joe Douglas...


    Wirfs, yes that was a bad miss.

    However in NFL circles, Wilson was consensus over Fields. Bad decision, but every other GM would've made it. 

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