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  1. Wirfs, yes that was a bad miss. However in NFL circles, Wilson was consensus over Fields. Bad decision, but every other GM would've made it.
  2. We've been in every game for the last 10. This team is right on the cusp.
  3. I completely agree with the fact that purgatory is the worst spot to be in. QB purgatory is more lethal than if your guy is just flat out terrible.
  4. I do not think this happened. Too much slop for this to be the case. If you erase the pick, maybe. However this didn't move the needle at all.
  5. You see, we faced a lot of 3rd and longs this game because the run simply wasn't working. It wasn't forgotten, it was shelved because it sucked.
  6. I think some of these issues aren't on Saleh, but the clock management at the end of the game was really bad.
  7. I do think we have to change our scheme if White is out though. We consistently found success on rollouts. Do those. Wilson did good when just chucking it, but bad intermediate. Do more chucking. It's clear Wilson does not fit this scheme like White, and although that's probably his issue we just have to adapt to his strengths if he's gonna play. Also if he makes a mistake stop hiding him because that might be a reason behind why he shells up when he makes a mistake.
  8. I think it was an overall mediocre game from him. Some wow, mostly bad. It's clear that he has talent, but at no points has he shown to the ability to actually utilize it consistently. He has never put together 4 quarters. He gets too rattled by mistakes. Might find success if he goes the Geno route, but at this point I don't see how Wilson miraculously becomes a competent NFL QB.
  9. Pitiful playcalling. One pick and and LaFleur stops having the team chuck it. Who cares, what else can Wilson do at this point?
  10. A shame about that Smith play in the endzone. Almost a beautiful throw and catch, and if not should've been PI. Got screwed there.
  11. Yup, there it is. Fck it and chuck it Zach is the way to go for now.
  12. MLF has been trying to make Wilson fit his scheme, which wasn't working. Might as well make the scheme fit him.
  13. Exactly. Wilson has been bad, but we haven't been calling to his strengths. This last drive is how we have to do it.
  14. We just need to air it out. Let Wilson fck it and chuck it, and what ever happens happens. He's shown that he cannot execute dink and dunk, might as well just see if his howitzer can do something. Liked the calling that drive.
  15. Did this man just learn how to play football? I sure hope so!
  16. I'm worried he's going to play a completely average game, but with pretty numbers due to a bad defense and the CS is going to run with him and re-annoint.
  17. Absolutely let him loose. His best football seems to be when he just has to gun it and make it happen. Whatever they were doing earlier wasn't working. Idc if it was his fault or not, you just have to try something different.
  18. Even though it conflicted with the beliefs of many on this board (myself included), Wilson was the consensus pick in NFL circles. If Douglas didn't make that pick, Lynch and Shanny would've etc. That's just how it was. Douglas didn't make some bold and crazy pick that blew up. It was a mistake, but even if you put another team and GM in that slot the same pick likely would've been made. It's like the Darnold thing. There's a lot of criticism directed towards how we handled him, but I don't hear a ton about the pick being bad itself and that we should've taken someone else because of the situation and him being consensus. That's even with having 2 super QB's in that class. In fact I feel like I hear more grievances from this fan base with regards to O'Brien over Marino because even though O'Brien was a quality QB, Marino was the easy pick that was messed up. Basically, you tend get a lot more scrutiny if your bold pick fails as opposed to the one everyone else would make too. So Douglas making otherwise good picks saves him from a lot of criticism even though it feels like everyone should be pointing and laughing about the Wilson pick.
  19. Russell Wilson has now thrown 3 TD's in the last 4 minutes of gametime and the Broncos are back in this thing.
  20. I think he has, but a part of me is skeptical about what the team will do. Zach doing well against the Bills and winning can now be compared to White losing and getting beat up against them. White has also lost twice in a row with not great play. Someone may also say that Wilson was 5-2, and White is 1-2 so Wilson's skillset was able to keep defenses honest. I personally think it's silly to think that way, but I wouldn't put it past them. They've been quite unpredictable. Now would be the time to put Wilson back in if they really want to. Unless he's really hurt, I think we've seen the worst football from White this year already. Our end of year defensive slate should let White put up some big performances if he's allowed to play which would effectively shut down Wilson talk. Tricky times are ahead. Hope we do the right thing and stick with the best QB.
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