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  1. This is true, however he's still missing plays and not handling pressure well. Needs to be better.
  2. I do notice this too. I feel like the coaching staff has tried to put as much training wheels on him as possible after his gunslinging disaster of a start last year. However it's showing that he's actually really good and natural in those 4th Q situations where he just has to make things happen. On the opposite end of the spectrum he's been terrible in early game scripted sections. I think the Staff needs to strike a balance. He looks so wonky and unnatural trying to be Mike White. They need to figure out why he's so much better in late game situations and mix a gameplan that has him playing free while also keeping him in check a bit. They've gone so far in the direction of trying to make him someone that doesn't lose games that I'm terrified he's gunshy now. He's fantastic at not turning the ball over now, but on the flipside he doesn't produce.
  3. That actually is one of the main points PFF makes. Even amongst great QB's under pressure rate is way more unstable and can do a 180 from season to season. The problem is that Wilson's is on track to be one of the worst they've ever evaluated, and he hasn't shown the other side of it at the pro level yet. So one view of his splits is really optimistic, while the other is scary. Though the optimistic side tends to come out on top with these metrics. Him being so good clean is a really important thing, but whew he's gotta get so much better under fire for him to be good.
  4. Thanks for all the posts man. I really enjoy them, and the majority of the board does too. Sorry that people come after you for posting things that don't align with their beliefs. Same thing has happened to other posters with inside insight, and with similar people involved. Ultimately you're relaying and explaining information you hear. Complaining about it and being antagonistic towards it is a bit weird to be honest because it's not your problem at all. It's well constructed and knowledgeable content. We need more of that on this board so seeing it chased off is a bit sad.
  5. Sauce is the man. Amazing player already.
  6. PFF has actually stated that clean pocket grade is one of the most stable metrics for projecting success, and is definitely more valuable than under pressure grade. However the problem here is that his under pressure grade is not just bad, but laughably terrible. Kinda brings the value of the clean grade down a ton.
  7. Most impressive throwaway passer of all time. Seriously though his ability to escape is insane. Just wish he wouldn't backpedal 20 yards. Also would be cool if he was good.
  8. I think it's fair to be concerned about Wilson while still acknowledging that it's too early for him to be a lost cause. He needs to be better. I know we're playing an absolute gauntlet of pass defenses but he's gotta make it happen.
  9. WTF MAN Prayers up to them. They're awesome and have helped us so much.
  10. Ugly win, but a win nonetheless. Best start since 2010.
  11. He's had effort problems all year and now this. Grow up. I personally don't agree with how we've been using him, but this is not how to handle it.
  12. One of the best posters on the board returns. Welcome back man.
  13. The Shanahan system is notoriously complex. Guys like Rodgers and Ryan put up pretty unremarkable numbers early on in the system and they're established greats. Saw stats that showed they almost doubled their TD's from yr 1 to 2 in that system. So I'm sure their lack of exp in the receiver room is hurting right now. Having a really young and raw QB like Wilson master an offense like this is a tall task, but one that can pay off so well in the future. He's coming along, but yes overcomplication has definitely been a factor at points. This system is no joke.
  14. Yeah there was a deep attempt today where he was just getting manhandled in coverage. Don't know why he was lined up like that in the first place when the Packers were focusing press. We need to get him the ball in space. Same with Garrett.
  15. He didn't do great, but he also didn't suck. Rough first half with some bad conditions, and issues with pressure/ receivers not getting open. However he was perfect when he needed to be in the 2nd. Only 4 passes but 4 completions for 80 yards in crucial drives. It gets about a C from me. Maybe C minus. Nothing conclusive in either direction.
  16. He had a meh game. Executed when he needed to in the 2nd when he did throw the ball. Doesn't push the needle in any direction.
  17. We might be done throwing, but I would like to see this.
  18. Think it's a playcalling thing. Zach, Breece, and the whole O just turns on in the 2nd half.
  19. Our 2nd half offense comes to play. Need to figure out how to sustain that magic across the game.
  20. The epic highs and lows of a young QB with a lot of raw potential.
  21. He just posted back to back weeks that had him ranked top 10 in multiple analytics/ advanced stats.
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