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  1. Thanks for AVT and Garrett #prez
  2. I really like Richardson. Would not mind giving him a shot at the right pick. He's got the potential and I know some people that have met him and they vouch for him being a great guy too.
  3. To be fair, pretty much everyone else would've made the same pick.
  4. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Really good post. Love his potential, especially as a project we can mentor behind the scenes while we trot out a quality vet. On the topic of Levis, the NFL seems much higher on him than fans and I feel he's either going to go the direction of Wilson or Herbert with no in between (former much more likely). Though I'm totally with you on wanting to take Richardson over him. When evaluating the total package I have no idea why Levis seems to be a tier above Richardson in many scouts eyes. Richardson is raw, but he's getting there and his potential is absurd.
  5. I'm sure Saleh and LafFleur were absolutely terrified when they went into the film.
  6. Holy sh*t they did it. This staff has balls and took control. Huge props.
  7. Not sure about our staffs ability to develop a QB, but that's maybe a Calabrese thing. However I do like LaFleur as an OC.
  8. Wilson blows but this is a terrible take. Guys like Peyton Manning and Mahomes grew up with money, and they seem to be just fine. No correlation. Just sh*tting on a young guys character.
  9. This is the move. Get Jimmy, and and pay close attention to the draft. Jimmy is a good one that seemingly elevates his team. He just wins with them, constantly.
  10. I'd bet those comments from post game really did damage. Complete failure as a leader in that moment. I still doubt they bench him right now, but it's good to put pressure on him.
  11. I'm hearing that the all 22 makes the game look even worse. It's an absolute catastrophe. He's gun shy, unaware, full of bad mechanics, and is flat out dropping his eyes. Barring an absolute miracle even greater than Josh Allen, his book is written.
  12. Oh goodness it might be even worse than what we saw on the broadcast.
  13. The team should be chewing him out too. Take accountability and play ball my guy.
  14. Grandy

    2023 QBs

    Really agree with you on this post. Think Richardson is a good late first/early 2nd guy. Absolutely love his potential and lately it seems like he's really getting there as a passer. In his last game hit 400 yards and made some excellent throws. Love the mobility too and think it's where we need to look. Guys who use their legs seem to be the trend for success because it can help balance out someone who maybe isn't there 100% as a passer yet. Also a huge Drake Maye guy for 2024. Guy can flat out play football and I think he can be a truly great one. Also Caleb Williams looks excellent in his own right. Digging the '24 class a whole lot.
  15. Sauce and JFM are amongst the most respected on the team. This has been such a terrible look for Wilson. It's gonna unravel soon unless things inexplicably take a 180.
  16. I've heard that's when you officially lose a prospect.
  17. The fact that he's dismissing his own bad play is super concerning. He's been more flippant the last couple of weeks after handling the media quite well to that point and being self critical. I think he realizes it's slipping away.
  18. Unless we get a Lamar guy, or another top tier vet we have to keep drafting. Just because we suck at it doesn't mean it's not the best tried and true method for long term success in the NFL. Getting a vet as a holdover would be nice, but you still need to be taking swings at a QB with premium draft picks until it works. Carr or Garoppolo aren't going to bring us in a Lombardi. You'll get more 2015 from them. Bringing them in as a bridge ala Alex Smith with the Chiefs would be a fine idea. They are not the long term answer though.
  19. Sign Jimmy and keep looking at the draft for your next longterm option. Let's do what KC did. I'm a firm believer in drafting a QB until you get it right. It's the best way to find longterm success. However enough of making unprepared rookies week 1 starters. Make them earn it.
  20. The Wilson nepotism needs to stop. They're going to lose the locker room if they haven't already. Such a good team being wasted. Zach isn't a precious baby that needs nurturing and coddling. He's a grown man who wanted this and is going to have to deal with all the ups and downs that come with it. In fact, his giant leap in college coincided with the only time he had an open competition with fire under his azz. Saleh and co need to make him earn it. He has not so far.
  21. Wilson is indefensible at this point. So unfair to the rest of the team that is pretty dang good to have it thrown away because we have to coddle wittle baby zachy-poo instead of demand actual good QB play.
  22. This was 2012 Arizona but against the Pats. Terribad, one would say.
  23. Darnold was better, and would've been head and shoulders better had we given him the same support we gave Wilson. And Darnold sucks.
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