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  1. London games feelings?

    Great news that Jets are not playing Strange only 3 games they said they wanted 5? surprised by this? I may try & get to either the raiders or eagles games?
  2. London games feelings?

    london games announced tomorrow so will see if Jets are playing? hopefully not
  3. London games feelings?

    I agree abt load of hangers on, would'nt like to know how many tickets are given from businesses to their staff. i'm considering going this year but tbh prefer to save up & see a real game @ metlife.
  4. London games feelings?

    When the uk fans were polled over 50% said they did'nt want a nfl team, so looks like there happy to see the current teams. I believe the fan base is growing every year tho. they are watered down games no doubt tho. id be surprised if there was more than 20% of attendance actaully being fans of the teams.
  5. London games feelings?

    Is'nt there talk of them playing this year in London?
  6. London games feelings?

    yeah manchester would be so easy for me, suppose issue is where as same time as premiership season. London is way too expensive to visit like you say might as well visit usa instead
  7. London games feelings?

    me I want it
  8. London games feelings?

    Yeah I believe the season ticket price does'nt drop?
  9. London games feelings?

    Yeah especially with so few games in a season for the fans. There was talk of the uk soccer premiership teams playing one game in the usa per year but to do this they would add an extra game to the season. however soccer teams play alot of games a season so just in the premiership that would be 19 home games without all the extra cup competitions.
  10. London games feelings?

    Yeah I think Jags will locate to London eventually
  11. London games feelings?

    Haha thats pretty good
  12. How do you guys feel about NFL games being played in London?
  13. jets trip

    Why would they do that? I live in UK so the 1pm game kick offs are better for me as I cant watch the thursday night games as were 5 hours ahead.
  14. jets trip

    cheers man hurry up april!!!!!!!!!!