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  1. Not sure juju shakes free. He would be 24 and depending how he rebounds from a down and injured year, he likely would get franchised either way. You would probably have to trade for him then sign him. Juju is my dream pick up since he already played with Sam. I think this is a move that needs to happen and happen now since there were rumblings of him being on the move. A top three of juju, crowder, and Mims with an improved oline and a health Herndon has some serious potential. And it’s young potential!
  2. I guess that would be my one down vote on JD thus far. I love everything he’s done, but we need to get Sam a weapon. Who knows, maybe Mims catches fire quick and perriman’s last 5 games are now the norm, but my blood boils thinking about kyler getting Hopkins and Allen getting diggs. Get Sam a guy out there!
  3. Swing a deal and get Juju, get sam a weapon.
  4. I think tyrod Taylor is a more interesting placement. He hasn’t done anything since 2017.
  5. That was incredible. Always loved JCo. I remember they had to pull out some games late that year, if I’m not mistaken there were back to back to back weeks of tight games. The lions game where Holmes broke free, this catch that set up another Holmes break free, then the Texans game that had braylon catch a bomb then Holmes in the corner. 2010 was a blast of a year.
  6. Then when it doesn’t get passed the press will say it’s a white billionaires club. Lose-lose situation.
  7. It’s gotten to unreal levels. What if Adam Gase identifies as black? Does that count? Best person for the job. Enough of this nonsense
  8. There are no rules that prevent it. Best person for the job, regardless of color. The lunacy of political correctness has gotten to unreal levels. Now it doesn’t matter how bad you are, if you have too many white dudes, tough, you lose draft capital because this organization has more black or Hispanic dudes? Stop. Just stop.
  9. Doing her best Karen hill impression.
  10. Shouted out Sam too, and Sam liked it. Bromance!
  11. Get JuJu, reunite the Trojans
  12. I think it can’t be understated that Sam and JuJu have a relationship and have been successful together. A top 3 of JuJu, Mims, and crowder with Perriman possibly building off of the last 5 weeks of last year is solid. Rebuilding the line and throwing in Mims and JuJu, with Herndon coming back and possibly Bell on his last year, possibly playing for another contract Could really elevate the offense.
  13. He threw for over 3,000 last year with a terrible oline and missing 3 games. 3,500 wouldn’t be enough if he plays 16 games this year.

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