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  1. usanyj

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    Be called or equated to Rosie o’donnell Is the meanest thing one can say lol
  2. usanyj

    The Height Of Francesa Arrogance

    The best thing about this thread is King P’s avatar pic. Last man standing in the hart foundation is the hit man himself. Terrible news today
  3. At the same time, darnold seems to be doing well. The reports today said he was rolling to his left and still accurate. He converted some thirds but penalties hurt them. Thus the push ups. Darnold seems to be progressing well.
  4. usanyj

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    As a penn state guy, he will always have a special place in my heart. Loved him in state college. Was excited to see him on the jets. Just didn’t work out. He’s a good kid.
  5. usanyj

    What do you all think of...

    He looked ok as a runner.... like my bum as a returner
  6. usanyj

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    I just picture him scanning the field and we get a POV from him and what he is seeing looks like what the terminator sees.
  7. usanyj


    Pop the champagne... I’m going streaking!
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I checked and it says Mets postgame and they are replaying the jets game
  9. Great accuracy and zip on that ball. Money on the roll out andnon the move.
  10. My thoughts exactly... guys don’t turn anymore
  11. Darn old rocking the bridge glove on off hand
  12. Would’ve been a delay of game. Darnold taking longer getting the play having to look at sidelines
  13. usanyj

    Jets Training Camp - 8/6

    I’m hoping for a dak Prescott like rookie preseason for Sam... leave no doubt. It will really be disheartening if after all this he lays an egg Friday
  14. In all honesty, talking about it only gives it more juice... just like the cameras not showing a guy running on the field because people will keep doing it. i personally think this thread should be closed and the topic dropped and moved on from. Action was taken, and the correct action was taken. As terrible as what he said was, no one is physically hurt, we are all good. Let’s get back to what we are all here for, Jets Football.