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  1. They can’t even spell Lombardi correctly... they don’t deserve Watson... or the Lombardi trophy
  2. I think he is still telling his mom he doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow after getting lit up for dancing on logos. we need to bring In a wr, if the price is right, I’d take him.
  3. I dislike the bills because they are division rivals. That being said, I can’t say I hate watching them, they are a fun team to watch. Plus, Allen doesn’t seem like a tool bag like Brady, so he’s likable at least. I hope they get sent home next week.
  4. Diggs was an established stud when the bills got him. Just like any draft pick, it’s a crap shoot and you have to hope it works out. People can say get chase and smith, but fact of the matter is that doesn’t guarantee we have a number one receiver. Go out and get an established receiver if you can, Robinson would fit the bill.
  5. Just our luck we’ve dealt with a juggernaut that was the patriot dynasty for 2 decades and we roll over right into a great, young bills team
  6. Yes I know that, I was saying that the rams as constructed are the best defense in football and they have a game manager as a qb.
  7. So my concern with hiring a defensive head coach is the nfl has tailored their rules to make games more high scoring and add more penalties on defense... the rams have the number one defense in football. Number one, and they have given up 32 points so far... you have to be able to score points in today’s nfl, you need a mobile qb, you have to out gun teams. Hey we gave up 28 points today, that sucks but we put up 35 points.... the Jets can’t do either, but the goal should be to be able to score points, even if you can’t stop a nose bleed, you have to out score teams. im looking forward to seeing whatever our plan is begin to unfold in the coming weeks.
  8. This just makes sense... dude just got hired two days ago, sit down with the brain trust and evaluate the situations and the path forward.
  9. You can trade a player and still be beholden to the contract. The contract doesn’t go away with a trade.
  10. Agree to disagree I guess. i just don’t see the logic in waiting if you think fields or Wilson is a franchise guy. Essentially what you’re saying is pass on a guy we view as a franchise guy because the team isn’t ready to win. Qb is the hardest position to fill and the most important position in sports, if you think you can get your guy you get him, especially if you don’t have to give up capital. I was a big darnold guy, but you can’t say the Jets refused to get rid of bad coaches and signed up for one more year of them, then endorse keeping Sam, because he’s been bad, like, worst in the league bad, yet you want to hitch him to two guys who had no say in picking him? It just doesn’t add up to me. I’ll trust JD AND RS but I think it would be a mistake to run it back with Sam.
  11. Heard on the Fan this morning that a few people in Miami don't think Tua is the guy.
  12. And what happens if Sam doesn't improve to the point of wanting to keep him, but we end up 6-10? This year 6-10 is drafting 10 and up. To get a qb in the draft you'd likely have to move up, which means trading away draft capital that you need to fill in this team. Why do this when you are sitting at 2 and can pick from two of the 3 top qbs?
  13. I don’t care what he believes in, looks like, any of it. If you win I’ll love you, if you don’t, I’ll want you fired.

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