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  1. usanyj

    Gotta love ESPN

    Espn has become a politcal tool more than it is an honest sports show. i havent watched sportscenter or any espn show in years.
  2. That’s interesting because he signed an autograph for me on the beach once, and my father once while he was walking around Woodbridge mall shopping.
  3. he wants to dump stanton for murph
  4. usanyj

    OBJ not happy...again

    Gano had leg for 73
  5. usanyj


    Believe in something... even if it means punting when you shouldn’t.
  6. usanyj


    Careful, 36 years from now you’ll get in trouble
  7. The next head coach of the jets will be Bates. everyone talking about the importance of developing darnold. Do we remember the constant OC changes for Sanchez? I’m pretty sure he had to learn three different offenses in 3 consecutive seasons. Say what you want about Sanchez but that isn’t good for anyone. Keeping things consistent for darnold will be what the organization will try to do to keep what happened to Sanchez from happening. for all we know, Bowles is making bates run a conservative offense. Maybe as a hc he runs it the way he wants to. Who knows. I just don’t see the jets making darnold learn a new offense in his seconds year. That will only hurt him.
  8. Maybe he was doing an impressions of the cops wife... since he was holding his eye. Robby is a tool
  9. They have been on their knees for the Browns the whole time, even pre game
  10. In all fairness, Sanchez was quite good in the playoffs. He threw for 60.5% and 9td to 3 int... the Rex Ryan bend but don’t break defense always broke when they shouldn’t have. End of the first half in the first title game, the entire first half in the second.
  11. my father and i just looked at each other in silence, nothing needed to be said.
  12. usanyj

    Davis Webb cut

    Would’ve been better with Sammy Davis!
  13. Still can’t believe how good he looked running o’briens Offense at 18... and now he’s here. Really can’t.
  14. usanyj

    Eric Decker Retires

    He was a class act, 2 years ago i was at the Jets Tackle Bullying Symposium for teachers, he took time out of his workout to speak about bullying and to sign autographs and take pictures with all the educators. Just a great guy, and a heck of a number 2!

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