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  1. It regained its popularity when the pandemic hit. People were looking for something to do while home. It’s turned into a business. People buy a box of cards for 50 and flip it for 200. Watch enough videos and see enough people not know how to say player names and you know it’s all for making money reasons.
  2. What you’re saying is spot on. I’m a big baseball and football card collector. I still do it to collect my favorite players and enjoy it and want to share it with my kid one day… now a days, people don’t even know how to pronounce player names, they just care about the value of the card. It ruins the hobby. Very similar to what you describe.
  3. Moral of this game… get dalton shultz in jets green
  4. I think everyone can agree, no one wants to see anyone go through anything negative. But I also think it’s hard for a lot of people to get behind the mental health stands of the rich and famous when we all go to work everyday and make substantially less and likely deal with a lot worse.Whether it’s Calvin Ridley or Simone biles, I wish you well, but most people can’t do what you do. I work in a school system, the pandemic forced me to be my schools contact tracer. For two years, everyday I have to call families and tell them they are a close contact or there is a positive case within the
  5. They never sell those shirts but the jets strength and conditioning shirts are always cool, every year.
  6. Would be interesting to see the logo they come up with. Mount Rushmore? Nope, I think they think that's offensive now because of who is on it... Maybe a picture of the White House????
  7. I liken Echols getting the ball signed to the jersey swaps. I don’t know why this is such a big deal. yesterday and today really show you the media skew against the jets. The sny postgame and now people getting on Echols for getting a ball signed, but a ton of players swap jerseys and sign them at the end of the game. Come on, it’s tiring and really it’s to the point where they should just be turned off and boycotted like the YouTube and influencers in the jets world are pushing.
  8. I always enjoy the weekly shows with Ryan, O’Leary, and green bean. I don’t mind can’t wait with Hughes… I really just enjoy looking at Marissa Morris. any thing with Jets X factor is good.
  9. The game is often not the most exciting, but I’ve always wanted to go for the opening ceremony, the national anthem, seeing a president. That is worth the price of admission in my eyes. One year I hope to go.
  10. Random thought, how does Vera Tucker get to wear 75 when it’s retired for hill
  11. My first reaction was he didn’t even put his arms out. And the replay showed it wasn’t a bad pass.
  12. I was told josh Allen couldn’t hit water if he feel out of a boat, now he’s throwing for 66% and was a runner up in mvp voting.
  13. Adams with a great PI to help the cause.
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