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  1. A wins a win, but my hope for the game is to see how Saleh prepares from a bye week. The Pats played an intense game and lost in OT. The jets had time to game plan them longer. I really want to see Wilson progress against whatever it is that Belichick does to make rookies look bad.
  2. When the Seattle draft board is ashes… then you have my permission to die.
  3. I actually think Corey Davis shirt armed that pass, didn’t look like he extended his arms. Could’ve been placed better, but I think that’s a catchable ball. The low throw to the tight end in OT wasn’t good. Another thing most aren’t talking about… Cole catching that bomb on Zach’s role out and falling to the ground. Not sure why he goes to the ground there, it’s a walk in touchdown.
  4. I also don’t know why Cole feel down on the deep ball when Zach rolled to the right, he should’ve just caught it and ran it in. Not sure why he went down.
  5. I was thinking that on the replay. During the live play I thought he overthrew it. When they should the angle from behind Wilson, it looked like he didn’t extend to try to catch it and it was within reach.
  6. More disappointing aspect of my weekend? The many saints of Newark or the Jets? It’s really a tough decision.
  7. If I counted correctly, I saw 7 dropped passes. Some would’ve only went for a few yards, but still. 7 drops is ridiculous.
  8. It’s a favorite pastime to bash the Jets. Give them praise would go against the same old Jets mentality that some fans have and the media without a doubt possesses. It’s up to Zach and the Jets to change the narrative.
  9. I personally think these rings are too big. Can’t wear them.
  10. I’ve only recently got into the crypto game. Seems almost like it’s too late to jump in on Bitcoin, though you can buy fractions. I’ve invested some in shiba because why not? It’s cheap and if it moons you can turn a profit. Also invested in cardano and I’m really high on vechain right now. Especially if musk is going to complain about the environment, vechain is lowering emissions.
  11. That’s my plan exactly! The dogefather, as he calls himself, will likely mention it, it will go up, then I’ll sell off and put the earnings in a different crypto I’m liking. Have 250 doge just for SNL
  12. A new number for Zach. #2 on the field, but #1 in our hearts https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/byu/.amp/news/zach-wilson-selects-his-jersey-number
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