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  1. This....dude outplayed Aaron Rodgers and deshaun Watson. Just looked like he had it. We seemed to have ruined a talent. And I for one feel like that is criminal in the sports world. likely outcome is we give up on him. And he goes somewhere else and finds success. I think it’s just unavoidable. im down on sam right now. And I’ve always been in his corner. Because I think everyone wants to finally have The Guy. I think he can be a franchise guy. I just think at this point he’s been ruined and unsupported with the lack of acquisition of talent. The conversations Sam and josh Allen must have. Allen talking about his new toy in Diggs, and Sam hoping his receivers grow back their hammys.
  2. I guess the only positive about that time would be we were 1-15 in 1996, then we let parcels buy the groceries to cook the dinner and we were in the title game in 1998... I guess the silver lining is hopefully with some solid decisions and drafts we can turn this around... or you know...not.
  3. We feel sorry because if you are a new jets fan this pain was completely avoidable for you. You don’t have to do this to yourself! Most of us were born in the darkness, molded by it, we have never seen the light. Run free!
  4. That was huge, have to catch that at any level, hit you in both hands
  5. Exactly, look I’m down on darnold too right now, but when balls hit guys in the numbers they have to be caught. That should’ve been 6!
  6. And if we get him we will ruin him too
  7. I’m 32 and I root for the Mets, Jets, and Knicks. So I’ve never seen a title, on 2 World Series losses and 3 heart breaking title games, as well as an nba finals loss. It’s being a fan, and a new season always springs hope. If this goes this way, if this bounces this way, if this guy steps up, we got something... rarely does it happen, but there is hope. Next year, and the year after that, until it’s all over, I’ll still be there. They make it hard. But I keep telling myself at some point there will be a euphoric payoff.
  8. I really have been in his corner from jump street. After today, I’m starting to believe he just might not be the guy. IM just tired of waiting.

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