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  1. Couple of articles published in the last few days say there is chatter about it. I know Lee and Adams were voicing it early on. Apparently in one of the videos released by the team there are green helmets in the background... https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/09/whats-the-deal-with-jetsnewunis/amp/
  2. usanyj

    chris is happy

    That’s what I do everyday
  3. I'd like to say this feels different... I want Darnold to succeed more than I want a lot of things. I just picture him as our qb for 15 years and us finally being happy. I just really hope this works out. It is highly unlikely that all of these guys succeed. I just hope 5 years from now we can look at this list and be proud of what we got.
  4. usanyj

    Petty Cut

    It's a shame, I wish him well.
  5. usanyj

    Petty Cut

    Per the NY Daily News
  6. usanyj

    Petty Cut

    Petty officially cut
  7. I always love reading about the inner workings and the war room. I remember a great piece on our trade up for sanchez. Regardless of how it worked out it was still incredible to see how long the process is and how much time is spent. They literally want to know everything. How he treats the door man and the janitor, how he tips, etc... To be a fly on the wall during that process would be facinating
  8. usanyj

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Boomer is a nice one.always loved him.
  9. Ask eagles fans what they gave up to get wentz... they may remember the picks, but the perennial mvp candidate and franchise qb make them not care. If Darnold pans out, I would give up my entire draft for a franchise guy.
  10. That is going to happen..Rosen and Allen looking that way
  11. Put on SNY... at least it’s jets focused
  12. If people are trying to make a late push, shouldn’t that mean a decision has been made to take someone else? Why change it now. Stick with your plan.
  13. I keep thinking that coach will be Bates
  14. usanyj

    Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    To be fair, Sanchez was good in the playoffs. I don’t recall him giving up all those points before half to the Steelers. And him not stopping Peyton before the half against the colts. A red Ryan defense always broke when it had to stand strong
  15. usanyj

    Would we even draft Rosen?

    You’re right, I don’t like him. I love him