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  1. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2836824-john-clayton-i-could-absolutely-see-jets-trading-leveon-bell-before-season
  2. Wonder if Lee got wind of it earlier, with his very happy tweet earlier
  3. He should be taken out back and old yellered for recommending Mac and Bowles. This mess starts with him.
  4. I remember the terrible promo. Coles saying he can’t wait to comeback and see the guys, and jets plays would be cut in calling him cole slaw
  5. I love that song by kane brown
  6. I think everything hinges on Sam. If he takes a huge step. We are far along, if he progresses slower than we aren’t as far. Hoping he makes a huge step
  7. So much like gronk that he only had 1 td last year.
  8. Technically he did, traded up one spot and gave away our 7th
  9. They defend a child and woman beater... but this guy is fat sooooo
  10. Should’ve traded down yesterday to avoid this very thing.
  11. Yeah you always hear that Rosen thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. That won’t be true with a Harvard alum
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