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  1. How do I get this job? Sit around and do nothing and get paid like a king. Here I am being a Vice principal when I could just be an employed quarantined athlete.
  2. Only thing that worries me about Mims is his speed. I thought he was quicker than what he showed on Sunday. He looked very slow in the open field on that catch. I was surprised. Not sure if the hammys are 100%.
  3. Adam Gase is our tank commander.... he’s Leonidas... he stands until the bitter end. Then we send him to hell!
  4. Can’t lose a super bowl if you haven’t made one in half a century.
  5. She just won SEC player of the week....For a kickoff that went 27 yards.
  6. The strengths and weaknesses have me cracking up!
  7. It’s how the draft works, you’re a great player? You’re going to a bad team most likely. if you get drafted to New York and you have the buzz surrounding you like Trevor does, you make a ton of money in endorsements as well. It’s a no brainer to come to a big market if you can.
  8. It would be a sweet Sunday to watch a jet loss and a jax win. Two game cushion, then, call me crazy, we could even root for a win at some point because of that cushion, you know, for old times sake.
  9. At this point, I’d rather have 5 weeks of Sam being brutal and us getting a 4 or 5, and secure the number 1 pick, than to have him be benched, have Flacco steal a game or two and us get a second for Sam.
  10. Vikings next week and the bears are their best shots for a win.
  11. I haven’t minded Evan and Craig. I think they’re trying to have the boomer and carton feel of a level headed guy mixed with the wild card. They definitely need to find a flow and chemistry though. After watching the carton documentary, I’m enjoying the redemption story. He’s spoken to some callers with addiction and offered them support. I think that’s a positive with the new show.
  12. Flores says Tua is the starter when healthy. Wait and see if that’s the case though.
  13. Probably for the best he was invisible. He would’ve just dropped anything that came his way.
  14. I think the dolphins are interesting, especially since Tua hasn’t been great and just got benched mid game. Who knows maybe he comes in with a chip in his shoulder? the browns are a sloppy team, if we get a bad weather game like they just had that could be up for grabs. the patriots aren’t the patriots anymore, and cam has looked terrible for all the hype he got in the offseason. I don’t think we will be favored in any game, but I think we do something dumb and win one of the ones I mentioned by accident.
  15. Need some minshew magic to come back and steal a game.
  16. Flacco and gore really shouldn’t be on the field, they serve no other purpose other than to potential hurt our future, which they aren’t a part of.
  17. I remember watching him when I had no idea what the answers were. He was a regular must watch. A true shame. RIP.
  18. Bells first rush as a chief went for 16 yards. Blocking helps!
  19. As much as I have “embraced the tank” I would still like to not go 0-16. So I’ll be rooting for the one win teams to win another game or two or three in the hopes that our jets winning one or two won’t hurt them in pursuit of the number one pick. its just brutal watching these games, I’d like to cheer for something at some point.
  20. Any news on if Sam is starting this weekend? Don’t they usually have an idea by Wednesday? I didn’t hear anything yesterday.

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