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  1. Had to ask the job for a raise becuase gas is making it stupid to go to work
  2. I thought this is where it was going and you beat me to it, nice job!
  3. Awesome work, love this draft… I have to say, ruckert is such a feel good great story I’m cheering hard for the kid
  4. After working as an educator in an urban town in NJ, most of my high school kids had affiliations. most of the athletes used sports as a means to escape. A vague post like this takes out the importance that football likely played in this prospects life. unless you have proof of blood in, blood out. This is nothing.
  5. I’m not good at twitter or social media… but am I correct in assuming that the “09 Mar” means that this was posted in March of 2009?
  6. 3 daughters, I salute you sir
  7. Fair point… I’m forcing the Mets and jets on her and any future kids I have. My father did it to me… time to pass on the joy
  8. I like what he is saying obviously, I guess I miss the mock draft part. Because he says the jets can get thibs, London, and linderbaum… I’m assuming there is a trade up?
  9. I was at a mall today and I put a jets hat on my one year old daughter, she took it off and threw it on the floor. she had no idea what she was doing, but I understood the action.
  10. Because the guy wears jewelry? That’s why he’s a cancer? Come on… it’s the NFL, guys who beat their wives and kids get signed and people applaud it. But because a guy spoke poorly about another college and has a chain, that’s off limits? Ok sure.
  11. The likelihood of a receiver coming out of the draft and being jamar chase is rare. can a Wilson or a burks or a London be great? Sure. But it will likely take time. Not sure how much time Zach has if he doesn’t take a huge step next year. You have to help him. Help him like the bills helped Allen.
  12. If the details are true, they got a 6th with him, so really they just have up a 5th. depressing start
  13. Baseball will always be my favorite sport. To me, there is something special about it. I played it my whole life, and just like the jets. The Mets will set my mood at times. i think baseball is the ultimate father/son sport, you go out and have a catch with your dad, he throws you some BP, you talk about all the greats. the one thing I’ll always cherish is the car or train rides to and from the games with my father. Where we talked about life and what the future could hold. Those rides were different than any other car ride. They were special. I want to share that with my child now. So this lock out, it takes that hope away. And to me, aside from not watching the game I love so much, I feel a little cheated from passing that experience along. those car rides to and from the ball game, man, nothing like it.
  14. What a great story… athletes truly have the ability to help uplift people. A lot of the time we hear the negative over the positive because the negative sells better. this right here, it’s awesome.
  15. My favorite reports this time of you are the reports that “the guy doesn’t really care about football.” To even get to the point where you are being drafted takes years and years of hard work and sacrifice. The idea these guys don’t care about football is ridiculous. Is football a means to getting fame and fortune? Sure. Is football a way to help your family? Sure. All these guys play for a reason. And some of them will suck and blow it by making dumb decisions. But I always find those articles insulting. They care. Just not everyone of them will make it.
  16. I remember a few of these plays, two that stuck out to me, and I think it was the bucs game where Cole and berrios both get stopped at the one yard line. I felt like they were plays where your receiver has to get in the end zone. Playmakers get in the end zone in those spots.
  17. This was Connor Rogers… Connor Hughes was busy complaining about being in the rain at the senior bowl to get this scoop.
  18. I think at the end of the day it’s easy to complain when you don’t get a job. Racism shouldn’t be the go to every time. It just damages the definition of the word. Dude was already a head coach. and I guarantee everyone here has interviewed for a job and didn’t get it because of an internal candidate or a candidate who had an in with the decision maker. I was legit told two weeks ago I was the choice, but the hiring committee knows the internal candidate and I was turned away. I didn’t cry racism even though the hiring committee was made up of people of a different race than me. I get it. And that’s what happened here. A guy who worked with the bills hired a guy he knows who worked with the bills. End of story. the actual scandal is an owner offering money to have a coach throw games. That’s worse than Pete rose kind of accusations.
  19. Shame about uzomah, depending on the injury, he has to have been on our radar
  20. No truer words, I read it as calamad regardless of it being spelled calamari, which is undoubtedly a misspelling.
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