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  1. I went last year.  I won my tickets calling in to Q 104.3.  Met Brick and Mangold.  I wanted to go this year to meet Sam but that was the only day sold out.  Figure its worth it to spend 100 bucks and get open bar and buffet as well as autographs and pics, rather than going to these autograph shows and getting only the autograph for a more expensive price.

  2. 10 minutes ago, roscoeword said:

    I love Sam and root for him like crazy. But he doesn't pass the eye test with me. it's not the interceptions, it's more like he still has mono. he seems to lack energy. he never makes plays with his feet. He doesn't seem quick... He makes "wow" throws sometimes, but not 'wow' plays. I fear he will be at best Andy Daulton.

    Any thought in the possibility he was mandated not to take off running because of the spleen and the spleen guard he wore all year? 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, ASH1962 said:

    First of all, I am 100% behind Sam and hope he becomes the FQB we so hope he will, however, the guy never throws a ball longer than 10 yards and in my humble opinion is soft, henceforth my nicknaming him mister-softee.thumb.jpg.1aa8385a8335fa0bee290391fef0a80b.jpg

    I hope I am totally wrong here, I really do, but apparently, nobody has told the Jets that if you throw long once in a while, maybe you get a PI flag or holding call in your favor. But we continue this maddening dink and dunk crap resulting in 18 play 50 yard drives for FG's, while scoring 17 points a game. They are boring and hard to watch and I for one, am totally glad this season is now over.

    To your point, yesterday he did that, and the ball was deflected and picked. Upon replay, it was an obvious PI on crowder that wasn’t called, and then wasn’t challenged by Gase. I’ve seen plenty of qbs throw up 50/50 balls that get caught or picked or a PI. I’ve seen plenty of people call that smart. I’ve seen plenty of people here call it dumb and a bad read when darnold does it and it’s picked. I also think the jets don’t throw downfield enough. I can’t think of a single time this year darnold threw it deep and we got a call that put the ball at the opponents 1 yard line. Doing this, especially late and trailing is a smart play 

  4. I hear you, but he’s gonna make mistakes, all qbs do. He’s going to throw an interception at some point, all of them do. He has played incredibly well the last month or so. He needs to continue to be aggressive and trust his ability, that ability has pulled out of the depths after the ghost game. He posesses everything you want in a qb. He just needs to out it all together. 

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