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  1. I’m loving this random coach... he needs to be HC of the NYJ! Deceive flag thrower.
  2. Said the same thing to my wife. I told her if the Jets had dominated for 20 years I’d be on top of the world. She then said, “I don’t know, that’s not fair.” I told her if that ever happens to the jets and you say this, I’m waking... we have a good time the wife and I
  3. Now just need the coupons to actually invest in the team. We were won 12 of 19 vs the Nats this year. We can be right there with some solid moves
  4. I don’t get it, but I love Pete Alonso, so solid post
  5. I too miss the noon Saturday draft start time. It was awesome.
  6. It’s beyond exciting to imagine what he can be as he develops more and more!
  7. That was absolutely brutal to watch. If the NFL wants officials deciding games, it’s heading that way.0
  8. It’s not even the overreaction. I think it’s more the dejection. The promise of finally competing a little, the hype of a second year potential franchise guy. It’s more of a gut punch. You want to watch this kid and now for the second straight year he will miss multiple games. Now we have to question that going forward, can he play a full year with out being hurt? It’s just frustrating.
  9. There was a penalty in that throw so it would’ve come back anyway
  10. I always loved Mark, he brought me two of the most exciting seasons I’ve ever watched as a Jets fan. Look at his playoff stats, he played well enough to get us to the show. Nothing but love for him.
  11. I figured two as well. 4 is ridiculous
  12. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2836824-john-clayton-i-could-absolutely-see-jets-trading-leveon-bell-before-season
  13. Wonder if Lee got wind of it earlier, with his very happy tweet earlier
  14. He should be taken out back and old yellered for recommending Mac and Bowles. This mess starts with him.
  15. I remember the terrible promo. Coles saying he can’t wait to comeback and see the guys, and jets plays would be cut in calling him cole slaw
  16. I love that song by kane brown
  17. I think everything hinges on Sam. If he takes a huge step. We are far along, if he progresses slower than we aren’t as far. Hoping he makes a huge step
  18. So much like gronk that he only had 1 td last year.

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