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  1. Technically he did, traded up one spot and gave away our 7th
  2. They defend a child and woman beater... but this guy is fat sooooo
  3. Should’ve traded down yesterday to avoid this very thing.
  4. Yeah you always hear that Rosen thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. That won’t be true with a Harvard alum
  5. If this works out and Rosen shines this is the luckiest walk into a solid situation I’ve seen. Because kinsbury wants what he wants, he dumps a top prospect for a baseball player. Unreal.
  6. Sounds like a guy who’s tired of answering dumb questions about stuff that means absolutely nothing. Sounds like he can’t wait for tomorrow. Hope hes there when when we pick.
  7. What a garbage article, he doesn’t like Beyoncé music and didn’t like black panther? Must be a racist! Love that this guy is able to hurl racial slurs at him like Colin crackkker-nick, then says, no I won’t call him that. This is “journalism”, the writer is a race baiter using headlines to get clicks. I’ve never heard of him. And I’m glad. The guy supports the president. He can do that, and shouldn’t be judged for it. 55% of the country supports the man at the moment. The fact that he had to delete his support is ridiculous. Never give in to the mob, because then you’re just a weak target. Stand by your convictions. I hope Nick Bosa is wearing jets green (or black, I hope he would be ok with that! *he says with heavy sarcasm*) its a shame he is a white conservative, god forbid! We need less of those (*he says with heavier sarcasm*)
  8. 1021 unread texts?! My man, you had a year off. Answer a few here and there...
  9. I think I need a “meh” option. I’m meh about it
  10. Funny how mlb is changing rules to shorten the game, and the nfl is making rules to make the game longer...
  11. Met him in old bridge, such a nice guy, took a pic, he signed a helmet. All free. Was more than happy to do it.
  12. Can’t stand him on the field... but no one, no one, lives life better than gronk.
  13. Only in pro sports can you keep making millions of dollars after proving you can’t play pro sports
  14. Adrian Peterson is still playing... it’s all sick. You’re not a man if you feel the need to do these things. Hunt booted a woman and got 8 games. That was on video. I can see this going the same way and a team signing him right up.
  15. ink is dry, people can breathe now, anthony barr took his tums from a minnesota cvs
  16. It may come down, Vac was saying guys like Shane Ray and Ziggy may have to lower their prices too. Still solid guys out there. The second phase of free agency is where teams are made. Poole could be a good signing for us, young and has showed flashes. Still have a ton of work to do but excited where it is going
  17. Not the Biggest fan of Mac, but Bell's deal is ridiculously good for the Jets. We have him for his prime years of 27, 28, 29, and if need be we can release him before hes 30 if he isnt performing. Absolutely love it.
  18. Vacchiano said he will probably command more than Barr. Costello said he doubts the jets look into him on Joe and Evan yesterday.

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