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  1. do we honestly believe the giants would trade the number 2 pick to their in house little brother? I'd love for it to happen, but just think, if they do trade it to the jets and they hit on rosen or darnold, giant fans would want the heads of ownership for gift wrapping a franchise qb to the jets, all while watching their qb fade at an older age.
  2. bell literally wants 100 mil to come here. he wont be a part of the team.
  3. Yeah, that was pretty brutal....and realistic.
  4. also, why would the article mention the race of the coaches? No need for that. No matter how good or bad these guys are, they pay their dues and get the jobs. One of the reasons why football ratings were lower this year was because of this stuff. Keep it out of the NFL. This will go unnoticed mostly, but if someone made a comment about bowles, or dungy, or herm, or tomlin, or Rodgers, or lovie or any black coach regarding their skin color the writer would lose their job. Enough of this crap already.
  5. The only reason why I say McDaniels is because Bill left for another head coaching job. McDaniels went back to coordinator. Now he may have been given some assurances that he will take over after bill, but he would probably inherit a bradyless team that needs to be rebuilt. Also, even with an assurance, things could change. one wrong move and you don't get the job. Now you have been blacklisted by every team. Remember, Kraft was in on this with McDaniels. The old saying goes, if they do it with you, they'll do it to you.
  6. Yankees cant let the mets have the best football turned baseball player....always have to be little brother
  7. Hack was also a top high school recruit, and ran the patriots offense under bill O'Brien. Even gruden saw that when he was scouting him. I am a PSU fan and it has shocked me how he has gone backwards.
  8. Nobody wants a Charlie in the box!!!
  9. Line up, when conforto healthy: Conforto, Cabrera, Cespedes, Bruce, Frazier, Gonzalez, Rosario, D'Arnaud, Pitcher. Still a lot of strike outs and no speed. I would love to see us make a play for lucroy on a "prove it" deal. All and all line up isn't bad. Need that pitching to hold up for the first time ever.
  10. All the draft picks for Foles!
  11. if we are being honest, every qb who puts on a jets uniform doesn't sound promising.
  12. got to be kidding me. The lawyer said these charges are out of character for him. Dude was arrested less than a year ago. Back the blue!!!!!!
  13. not sure I understand...what does Morton have to do with Mayfield?
  14. So true, injuries ravaged them last year. They won 11 games a year ago. With a line, Eli probably has a good three years left IMO.
  15. I would love that to happen, which is why I think it wont happen. not at 6 anyway.
  16. Can't be confident. I have blind faith, I'm hoping this is the year, I'm hoping he knows he needs to be bold and get us a franchise caliber qb through the draft or through cousins. I think his job depends on it, so I think he will be active. He has said he will be active, as has the owner.
  17. Any concern about him being 30 when camp starts? always hear guys saying how if you hit in the draft you have the qb for 15 years since they come out at 20/21. say he declines by 35, that's a 5 year window to win that super bowl, as opposed to 15 years. Also, not much talk of trying to get barkley if we get cousins. He can be for a qb what zeke is for Dak. Would love for this team to be an offensive force. Cousins, barkley, ASJ, Anderson, enunwa and a #1 wr free agent like robinson. Improve the line via free agency and draft. Could be special.
  18. Darnold was being spoken about as a stud after his rose bowl game. Rosen missed the year due to injury but was touted as special even while injured. Fake news.
  19. People talking about the kings ransom of picks it would take to move up. Eagle fans don't talk about the ransom they had to pay to move up and get Wentz with the mvp like number he put up before his injury. If you pay a ransom and miss, obviously its crippling. If you hit, no one cares how much you gave up, since like most have said, the draft can be a crap shoot anyway.
  20. it really says we had the most jets season ever, where we won 5 games with a JAG qb who had a career year and could have hurt the future of this organization.
  21. I don't understand a few things. Mayfield has accuracy issues, yet he throws for 70% completion on 400 throws, but allen throws for under 60% and less than 300 throws, and they say that his accuracy will improve in the NFL? I was always of the understanding that accuracy rarely improves. One of the knocks on Hackenberg was that he was under 60% in college and that rarely improves. Another thing that really was glossed over, Mayfield didnt lose a fumble this year, and darnold lost 7, and was responsible for a combined 20 turnovers.
  22. i think Ziggy ansah should be a guy to go after. I want no part of Sheldon back. I don't see Mac giving all our cap money to cousins. If the jets go defense again in the first round I think the fans would revolt.
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