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  1. Evan brought it up to Brian Costello on the joe and Evan show today. Costello said he doesn’t see it happening. For what it worth.
  2. Hate prime time games... way beyond my bed time
  3. Ive been saying the same thing about green in other threads. go get him
  4. I don’t think the jets and giants will ever link up on a trade of that size. Just like Mets and Yankees only do minor things. The jets didn’t even call the giants about 2 last year. I assume the giants won’t call us about three
  5. I’d still see if the lowly bengals are willing to give up on AJ Green.
  6. We have potential and if things break right I think we can have a good year. McNeil is a solid player, glad he is getting a spot. Much deserved.
  7. I’m always hopeful... things need to break right. Rosario needs to develop, as does nimmo. Pitching needs to stay healthy, and I can only hope to the baseball gods that Pete Alonso can be special and contend for rookie of the year
  8. Devils, but only because the Mrs is a huge fan. Could take it or leave it.
  9. It’s hard being a jets, Mets, and knicks fan... the Mets wanted to buy the factory of sadness, but the Wilpon’s said it cost too much, James Dolan just kicked everyone from Cleveland out of it, and Mac is viewing the property...
  10. Why not, the browns are committed to putting weapons around their young, developing, inexpensive quarterback...
  11. I’ll add to the list, try to swing a deal for AJ Green. Maybe the bengals would move him. I mean the giants just trade obj. The bengals have nothing and age wise he probably wouldn’t cost a 1.
  12. Maybe opening up a trade out of the two spot for a qb hungry team and bosa falls to us? Idk today has sucked I’m trying to find a silver lining here
  13. Some would say, not the best character guys, but baker has a ton of weapons...maybe we shouldn’t “baby” Sam and think he can’t handle personalities. Baker now has hunt(when back) Beckham, Landry. That’s insane...
  14. Someone said there were tweets saying we got him. I wanted to know where.
  15. connor hughes said the jets still have enough for both
  16. got to get sam weapons, Bell runs it and catches it.
  17. Right, but my argument is that he isn’t sooo much better than kearse was two years ago that it’s a major upgrade. Though an upgrade it is. Yes Osemele is a nice upgrade, but I would think more is needed on that side of the ball. Which is why I’m surprised the signings, big signings have been so heavy defensively... still guys out there.
  18. My thoughts exactly, I’m happy with the moves, but they have been very heavy for the D. I’m a little surprised with that considering Gase is the head coach. I would expect this off season form Rex or Bowles. Getting sam weapons should be the key, protecting him as well. Crowder is good and all, but will he be much different than a 2017 kearse? Offense still needs work... hopefully today brings us a toy or 2
  19. I read that Robby tweet in Forrest Gump voice. He seems dumber than a 5 lb bag of hammers
  20. That helps the giants protect the QB many say they wont take... Help for Eli
  21. I just remember all the rumors leading up to the draft last year. Glad all these rumors end in a week or so. Let’s get it rolling

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