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  1. You can trade a player and still be beholden to the contract. The contract doesn’t go away with a trade.
  2. Agree to disagree I guess. i just don’t see the logic in waiting if you think fields or Wilson is a franchise guy. Essentially what you’re saying is pass on a guy we view as a franchise guy because the team isn’t ready to win. Qb is the hardest position to fill and the most important position in sports, if you think you can get your guy you get him, especially if you don’t have to give up capital. I was a big darnold guy, but you can’t say the Jets refused to get rid of bad coaches and signed up for one more year of them, then endorse keeping Sam, because he’s been bad, like, worst in the league bad, yet you want to hitch him to two guys who had no say in picking him? It just doesn’t add up to me. I’ll trust JD AND RS but I think it would be a mistake to run it back with Sam.
  3. Heard on the Fan this morning that a few people in Miami don't think Tua is the guy.
  4. And what happens if Sam doesn't improve to the point of wanting to keep him, but we end up 6-10? This year 6-10 is drafting 10 and up. To get a qb in the draft you'd likely have to move up, which means trading away draft capital that you need to fill in this team. Why do this when you are sitting at 2 and can pick from two of the 3 top qbs?
  5. I don’t care what he believes in, looks like, any of it. If you win I’ll love you, if you don’t, I’ll want you fired.
  6. Still can’t see a guy who didn’t draft Sam and a coach who didn’t pick him wanting to roll with Sam rather than get their guy. I say again, JD got off pretty easy after a 2-14 year. If the Jets come out flat again and darnold doesn’t look good, why would he not be on the hot seat. A new qb resets the clock for a big contract and it also buys you time to keep building. Running it back does none of this.
  7. He’s just waiting for JD’s kids next little league game.
  8. Didn’t see a lot of that vs clemson...unless I’m forgetting
  9. Would be a real shame, with players opting out, some I’m sure need the combine to show they are ready to go. Likely have more pro days or local combines.
  10. usanyj

    GO RAMS!

    Needed McVay’s best game plan against the Jets, hope he was saving it for today.
  11. I wish I got paid that much to be bad at my job.
  12. We need a coach to lead this team into 21st football. The product we have been watch has obviously been bad, but it’s been the football of the past. Which ever guy we hire needs to be a creative offensive mind that actually schemes to his players strengths.
  13. "You are a factory of sadness!!!"
  14. Is this it? Is this the start of something special?!
  15. I’d like to think that JD has a plan in place, and that plan starts on black monday
  16. Curveball... Meyer is a former Florida guy too... he was ok with Trask’s performance in the bowl game. Taking him first!
  17. If JD and the new coach want to take a qb and they identify fields or Wilson as a guy they want to build around, you don’t get cute, you take the qb at 2 you have another first and a high second and two firsts next year. With all the cap as well, it’s a good start to building this team. this isnt draft day the movie. People will lose their minds down the road if we take the wrong guy or miss out on the guy we wanted to get more capital. at some point all the draft capital means nothing, you have to start taking players that can contribute and build up the roster. Kicking the can down the road does no one good.
  18. We have to take a QB, it’s the most important position in sports. You have a chance to do just that and be brought into the contemporary NFL. I don’t see a head coach candidate not wanting to build with his guy. we have a lot of draft capital to build the team and a ton of cap space. Reset the qb clock and build it.
  19. Agreed, but Lawrence had an incredible college career, and one could argue that he didn’t have his play caller for the game and that his line played terribly for him. He is still going number one in my opinion. But there should be questions about how he responds to a bad line and a bad team. He hasn’t gotten much scrutiny, but that would be my concern as an NFL team. Fields answered the bell tonight.
  20. I’d agree, my point is that Wilson is a dual threat as well and both fields and Wilson bring the Jets into a contemporary offense with those skills. But yes, Wilson takes that hit differently.
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