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  1. I agree, I think going fields or Wilson does this, and it’s much needed. Dual threat qb is where the Nfl is going. We need to get there.
  2. You won’t get that answer for Trevor until September in Jacksonville. It’s a big question though.
  3. I can honestly say I gave OSU no shot in this game. They’ve dominated every phase of the game and this couldn’t be better for Jets fans with the way fields has played. Tonight is a goodnight.
  4. Bad decision there by fields, had the underneath, locked onto the receiver the whole way.
  5. It’s an interesting question. He’s going to a team with very little talent and will be trailing often. Can’t replicate how someone responses to that until they are in it, obviously, clemson doesn’t offer that situation.
  6. 6/9 on passes over 20 yards is awesome. Love deep ball accuracy... now let’s get deep threats.
  7. I’ve learned the hard way with my Sanchez and favre jersey... I’ll stick with my Curtis jersey until someone forces me to purchase another.
  8. Would really want to sign one before the draft and take a receiver early, build the offense, bring in weapons.
  9. Lawrence has to start chucking it. A lot of underneath passes, no deep passes, you’re down 28.
  10. Woooooooow. fields is the better qb tonight. He has played with a chip on his shoulder and through pain. Warrior tonight.
  11. I know there is replay, but refs have to see that, back in the days of no replay that would be a brutal call. Knee and elbow down.
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