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  1. He wasn’t going 8-8 with the roster and coach we had last year
  2. Yea, he probably would have had a disastrous rookie season with us. Crappy Jets roster + lame duck Bowles + Mayfield’s propensity to talk sh*t + NY media = total sh*tshow
  3. No doubt, but I would have a lot more emotional investment in how Mayfield turns out if the Jets actually had a chance to draft him. Since he was already gone when we picked Darnold, his level of success/failure is mostly unrelated to how I feel about the Jets taking Darnold. This isn’t a Ken O Brien vs. Dan Marino Situation.
  4. The 2009 unit is easily the best Jets defense I have seen, but I wasn't alive for the 68 team.
  5. 98 82 is a close second but 98 Vinny T >> 82 Richard Todd
  6. My top five would be: 1) Brady 2) Montana 3) Manning 4) Marino 5) Elway (Brees just missed the cut)
  7. But But But he’s holding out!
  8. Sanchez was not a good NFL quarterback. He was inaccurate and couldn’t handle a pass rush to save his life. Hanging onto Cotchery and Edwards would have helped, but once the OL/running game deteriorated, we were always going nowhere with Sanchez behind center. The reality is that we hid him behind the best OL and running game in the league in 2009-2010.
  9. There are definitely things I really like about him, but I worry about his people skills/tendency to wear people out. I think he's a classic boom or bust hire. He's obviously a very smart, no nonsense football guy who will improve this team in x's and o's by a country mile. However, it remains to be seen whether he can successfully manage personalities and inspire grown men to prepare/practice/play hard for him, day in and day out, for more than a couple of years.
  10. This board was in love with the idea of signing Cousins. I argued with people for days on here.
  11. Amazingly, the Jets are the "least worst", but that's like saying Parkinson's disease is the least worst neurodegenerative disorder
  12. Good point, I agree. But if you had a chance to hear what Clayton said, it's pretty obvious that he's pulling it out of his ass.

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