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  1. Yea, I have noticed this trend among fanbases of many losing/bad teams, but it is especially pronounced in this one.
  2. I’d say 7-7. I had them going 8-8 at the start of the year i think without the crazy rash of injuries, they would be a .500 level team but injuries happen, and the lack of quality depth was always a major concern
  3. With Darnold: W/L: 5-6 PPG: 20.4 Without Darnold: W/L: 0-3 PPG: 7.7 (14 out of 23 total points scored occurred on defense or special teams) Gee, this is a hard one.
  4. I’d say some sort of Romo/Big Ben hybrid, but in reality, all of these comparisons are silly
  5. This has nothing to do with most valuable player. LJ is great, but you don’t win 10 straight games without a really good roster. There are 11 guys on the field. Their offense alone has a great QB, a great OL, and very good running backs.
  6. Nah, they have a stacked roster. Football doesn’t work that way. You don’t go 12-2 because of one guy. They have a great team.
  7. They are ready to win now. They probably have the best roster in the league. We have a bottom 5 roster. Our time will come
  8. LJ definitely has special talent and is definitely the MVP of the league right now. No question. But people are going to continue to worry about his longterm durability until he shows that he can play the way he currently plays for several seasons in a row without breaking down.
  9. It happens. The draft is a crap shoot. No one really knows anything. It’s a semi-educated guess at best. There are too many variables. That’s why the obsession that people have with tanking for a slightly higher pick every year is silly.
  10. No, but running backs have notoriously short careers. you would be pretty disappointed if every QB you drafted only lasted a little more three years (i.e. the average career length of an NFL running back) none of this is to say that Jackson will definitely get hurt. Maybe he won’t. But the concern over the longterm viability of all those designed running plays for a QB is a valid one.
  11. Agree. I'm not a guy who is trying to tell people that Darnold is Marino. And I don't even think we know the coach sucks yet. I think we know the roster sucks and I think we know we have a raw QB with a lot of physical talent. I think we should try to develop this guy with an actual NFL offensive line and at least one more really good young WR.

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