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  1. They have plenty of time to figure that out. We are still a month out from the draft - way too early for deadlines
  2. Can I ask why? the jets traded for Brett Favre in August and won 8 of their first 11 games with him before his torn bicep wrecked the season. why do we have to worry about setting a deadline for acquiring Aaron Rodgers in late March?
  3. Almost my exact reaction to this thread lol
  4. We’ll see. Now that Rodgers has made his intention to play for the Jets known, people are already talking about him like he’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. That Jets tax is real.
  5. I agree but the enormous difference between Garrett Wilson and Moore with any QB playing illustrates my point - Moore isn’t a top banana. He’s a second or third option at best and we got early third round value. I’m not sure I would have traded him, but the value we got for him is fine.
  6. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time would love to sign him and he fills a need
  7. Eh, to an extent, sure. I still don’t think that matches the packers pressure. again - we traded for Favre in August and he didn’t know the offense at all. Rodgers had back to back MVP seasons with our current OC.
  8. You’re right, it doesn’t matter. then again, nothing we say on this message board ever really matters. Just passing time until the draft or Rodgers trade - whatever happens first.
  9. I hear ya. too much left to be seen for me to properly weigh in - heck, I’m hesitant to even discuss the potential upgrade at QB until the deal is actually done
  10. Agreed, but that’s not relevant to my main pont - which is that Green Bay is under pressure to trade him before he steps foot in their building again.
  11. Realistically - no I don’t see how they can let him report to camp. (Fear of injury) and keeping him? That ship sank weeks ago.
  12. As has been pointed out ad nauseam by now, the Packers have the same hand, but time is their enemy. The Jets can wait them out. Why? Because, eventually, the Packers have to pay Aaron Rodgers. The Jets technically don't have to complete the trade until August - which is when they traded for Brett Favre.
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