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  1. What is more interesting to me is that the Panthers are second to last and the Dolphins are only ahead of 10 ten teams. What's not interesting is that it's MADDEN.
  2. I think people are underestimating how good our WR depth is now. Cole is a good NFL WR and I sincerely think Moore has a chance to be one of the best slots in the entire league because he just plays so fast (one of my favorite players in college over that last 5-6 years) I think it's fair to doubt that Mims will ever be a stud, but he can absolutely still be a good NFL WR
  3. I'm honestly not sure why a contending team would be particularly interested in Sam.
  4. LOL, it's not happening. There is a better chance that Andy Reid is dead by 70 than there is that he passes Shula by 70.
  5. Brady is the GOAT QB who plays in the other conference and has basically no impact on our franchise anymore. Meanwhile, NE still plays in our division . . . So I don't get why anyone would prefer to see BB win another SB without Brady over seeing Brady win more without BB.
  6. Honestly, I think our WR group is one of the deepest positional groups on the team now and I don't see Douglas using major draft capital for a WR. Love the player tho
  7. I think there is a decent chance the Knicks trade up in the 1st round. I'd also love Sexton, but I don't think we could get him without giving up Quickley, which I would be against.
  8. Eh, Fitz was awful in 2016, but it made sense to bring him back. They had to ride the lightning with Fitz and see if the 2015 success was sustainable. They had no other realistic options at QB and they had a veteran-laden team with a veteran QB coming off of a career year. The big mistake came a year later when they passed on Mahomes and Watson for a safety and then only compounded their big miss a year later by overpaying to trade up for Darnold (but who they thought at the time would probably be Mayfield).
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