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  1. Yep. 2013 was a true minefield of draft busts
  2. He didn’t say “weapons,” he said “talent.” IMO, interior OL is priority number 1
  3. The “this QB will doge team X” trope that the media pontificates about every year almost never happens. 83 and 2004. When else? It always amazes me how much time people waste yapping about that nonsense.
  4. Agreed. But that's why when people write stuff like "the Jets RUINED Sam Darnold" . . . it's over the top. Sam had significant flaws in college that were never corrected at the NFL level. Part of that is on Sam and part of that is on the Jets. The other thing is that people have completely jumped the shark with the Gase bashing. Sam threw 15 interceptions in 13 starts as a rookie. So, if the Jets truly "ruined" Sam, the "ruining" started well before Gase arrived. Obviously, the simplest explanation that fits all of the available data is that Sam was an inherently flawed
  5. Absolutely. Gase ruined Sam by turning an erratic turnover machine with bad mechanics into . . . an erratic turnover machine with bad mechanics.
  6. Yea, we all had that one. Most obvious bust ever.
  7. I don't have any tattoos and have never planned on getting any. Having said that, I could see myself being talked into it. The Jets winning the SB would be a truly special event.
  8. IMO, Atlanta is going to stick with Matt Ryan because of his contract. They either trade down, take a tackle, or take Pitts. Even if the Jets wanted to trade out of 2, I just think it would be prohibitively expensive to move up to 2 from 8 or 9. And, at 8 or 9, it's not like you have a stacked roster. You are still a rebuilding, non-playoff team. So, tbh, giving up all of your assets to trade up to 2 doesn't make any sense. Also, to your point, Wilson isn't a can't miss. But that also doesn't exist.
  9. The sad thing about articles like this is that our fanbase buys into it. The Jets have not "developed" a franchise QB since Namath, so they shouldn't even try (or even be allowed to try). It's sickening. F*ck that. Take the best player you can and try to build a strong team around him.
  10. Correct. The problem is that nobody knows how a 21 year old kid is going to handle the mental/psychological pressure of playing QB in the NFL. You can interview a guy until you are blue in the face, you still have no idea.
  11. I have no idea about Wilson, but a skeptic of Sam would ask if he is going to be better in Carolina this year than Teddy Bridgewater was last year
  12. Ownership isn't changing, but yes, it takes a village
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