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  1. I have a really good feeling about this draft. I really think we are on the verge of something big here Very odd feeling for me.
  2. Just a show of hands...

    I will be very excited with any of the three.
  3. Anyone else like all 4?

    I would have been ok rolling with Allen if we stayed at #6 (although, I would have been disappointed that we didn't trade up). My biggest issue with Allen is that I can't help but feel that he didn't do enough in college to warrant being a top 2-3 pick. He's a guy who could definitely turn into a stud under the right tutelage and in the right culture, but he hasn't established that he can be a dominant player on the field quite yet. I just think that his inherently elevated bust potential should preclude him from being a top 3 selection.
  4. FFS

    Landing Darnold is your "nightmare" scenario? Really?
  5. Jets 5th worst to agents

    Sublime silliness.
  6. The problem is that no one has any way of knowing whether Baker would actually be there at #6. And if you are pretending otherwise, that's cool . . . but just know that you are, in fact, pretending.
  7. Jets 5th worst to agents

    Are you implying that a 5th round pick for Marshall was a bad deal?
  8. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    The Tyree catch was not on 4th down.
  9. Most embarrassing top 5 QB bust

    Was basically coming in here to post this. He might be the biggest bust in the history of professional sports.
  10. The only thing is, what the Jets/Giants ultimately do will still be dictated by who the Browns actually pick. So, I'm not sure how any misinformation could actually benefit them.
  11. Good point. I agree.
  12. You're not wrong.