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  1. I need to hear from all the Darnold critics tonight. Where ya’ll at?
  2. You mean the game in which he gave the defense a 21-3 lead?
  3. I don't think Gronk is coming back.
  4. Yes, the Buffalo loss is the type of loss that can ruin an entire season. The other issue is the juggernaut Patriots at 6-0. They have only played one 1 score game so far and I think have only trailed once all season (when they were briefly down 7-0 to Washington early last week). So, we can't win the division and we already lose a tie-breaker to a team that will likely be in 9(ish) win territory (Cleveland).
  5. Hey, good news man: Once you finally get your tongue out of the Giants assess, there is still a half of football left to enjoy
  6. You guys dreaming about the playoffs need to PM me with your weeds connection yesterday.

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