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  1. I don't know - we have no idea what Clark would have/could have looked like this season. The point is that the OP implied that GVR was clearly the best option we had at RG going into the season, which is something that we don't really know to be true.
  2. This would be a much better post if Cameron Clark didn't get hurt and Alex Lewis didn't suddenly retire. But I know, narratives must persist. Facts be damned!
  3. The thing that pisses me off more than anything are the people blaming him for getting his leg rolled up on (like that can't happen to any OL on any play) and then connecting it to nagging injuries from a season ago? Now you have people saying he got hurt this year because he was overweight? Seriously? How? It's just lazy, stupid commentary. At least half of the mouth breathers in this fanbase deserve this garbage team, tbh.
  4. How about the fact that we are only 6 games into 2021 and this already feels like it can get worse than 2020!!! 2020 was supposed to be us bottoming out . . . Only the Jets
  5. He's played 5.25 games, right? I just want to make sure I didn't get too stoned last night and sleep through 2022.
  6. Absolutely. This is why I can't go crazy on Douglas yet - we have no evidence that these players are being properly motivated and/or put in a position to succeed. The team has zero first quarter points in 6 games, has been blown out three times, and was down 16-0 and 17-0 in the other two losses. Bottom line? That's a coaching issue.
  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that this game will be closer than we all expect. Everyone has the Jets losing by historical margins - this is logical. The Jets are dreadful and the Bengals are really good and just got finished destroying the Ravens in Baltimore. What isn't logical, however, are the NY Jets. They usually have a game or two every season where an elite team plays down to their level and I just have a feeling this will be one of those games. The defense will play more "inspired" after giving up 54 points and the Bengals will be in full let-down mode after their huge win an
  8. I don’t think anybody is saying this
  9. Mahomes currently has just as may interceptions as Wilson and it’s not like Wilson is the only rookie QB struggling
  10. Big early season win. Another big game coming up on Thursday. I think the early part of the season is very important for a team on the rise like the Knicks. They have to win some of these early statement games in order to build the confidence they need to take that next step
  11. Saleh's tenure couldn't have started any worse. It's just been spectacularly disappointing. He talked a lot in the offseason about the importance of overcoming adversity and that there definitely going to be tough times ahead. I guess here's his chance
  12. I don't know if they will reach their potential, but their ceiling is easily higher than 45 wins. I think there is a large range of possibilities based on how durable certain guys are, but they are pretty good
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