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  1. As much as it shocks me, the consensus definitely seems to be that the Cards are taking Murray. Honestly, no matter what they do, we are in good shape.
  2. I still think we need another receiver, mostly because I don't trust Enunwa to stay healthy. If you told me Q was going to play 16 games this year, I'd say we are all set.
  3. Fair, but that's another reason I'm so high on the year off. I also think Bell is a better player than Murray
  4. I don't think it is being taken that way. I think people are just excited because he is easily one of the most physically talented players we have ever had who is, currently in the prime of his career, and putting up historically dominant statistics. We really have never had a guy like that. Is he guaranteed to be an all-time great going forward? No. But he's had an all-time great start to his career and he is now a Jet. Absolutely! Running backs have a finite number of touches in them. It's no different than miles on a car.
  5. I completely agree with you. I wrote this in another thread, but I still do not buy that they will give up on Rosen after only one season. I'd also be totally cool with this, because then we either take Allen (who I think can be an awesome pass-rusher in the NFL) or trade down (and, at this point, I would think we would get some juicy offers for the right to draft Murray)
  6. Stop. You sound silly. What are the odds that he suddenly sucks . . . at 27 . . . after a full year without taking hits? Seriously, I am not being rhetorical. I want odds. Bell was one of the 2 best running backs in the sport two years ago. Last year, he didn't play a down. Give me your prognostication going forward. If he were coming off a career threatening injury, I would totally get your reservations. But I just don't see why Bell shouldn't reasonably be expected to be an elite player next year.
  7. Curtis had an unbelievably durable and productive career. He's an all-time great. But, prime vs. prime? Bell is clearly a more dominant player who, as Curtis alluded to himself, has more talent than Curtis ever had. Bell's first five seasons in the league speak for themselves. This doesn't mean he will have the career that Curtis had. (Chances are probably good that he won't have anywhere near Curtis's long term durability)
  8. The guy is 27. Are you telling me that you think there is a realistic chance that he will never be the same player again . . . at 27? IMO, he has, at the very least, two prime seasons left. He plays the most devalued position in the NFL. Most teams don't like giving running backs huge contracts.
  9. If we are talking about an impact pass-rusher, that statement is only marginally relevant.
  10. Good is not the word I'd use, but regardless, an impact pass rusher is precisely what any good doctor is ordering.
  11. Darnold is 21 and on a rookie contract. Wilson is 30 years old and would be making crazy money. If they believe in Darnold as an organization, that trade makes no sense for the Jets, my dude.
  12. I'd actually like to hold onto him. He has extremely limited trade value and he has shown flashes in select games. IMO, since we aren't going to get anything of note from trading him, we might as well just hang onto him and hope he improves this season under Williams. At worst, he provides some experienced depth. I personally see no reason to cut him.

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