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  1. Bingo. And yet, the Jets not allowing Darnold to audible (which, IMO, has very little chance of actually being true) will undoubtedly become a cherished part of JetNation folklore. funny stuff.
  2. I personally don’t think Bowles is a good head coach and my best guess is that he gets canned after this season. However, I don’t think his performance has quite been terrible yet this year. We smashed Detroit, then lost a game because our rookie QB and overrated deep threat had backbreaking turnovers. Now, Thursday night was a disastrous loss. Epic failure. F. It will live in infamy. But, I still want to see how this team responds. I have certainly seen bad things, but I’ve also seen some good things that I didn’t expect to see. I’d like to see how we’ve developed through Thanksgiving, or at the very least, the end of October, before I give up on Bowles for good. I’m close, but I need to see a little more. This defense will never be great without a legit pass rusher, but I think they have showed some promise, so far. And Darnold has impressed me in two of the three games that he’s played in. He’s certainly throwing his fair share of silly interceptions and had a rough game on Thursday, but I see the stud talent that this guy has and I love his demeanor. I’d like to see where we are 5-6 weeks from now before I start making big proclamations.
  3. But, how does this guy know that Sam isn’t allowed to check? I’ve definitely seen him check to other stuff over the course of the first few weeks. How does this guy know that Sam simply isn’t choosing to check out of hopeles plays? Seems like a ton of overreaction here, in general. The dude has played three games. They were obviously being very conservative on Thursday, but a lot of it had to do with them not wanting to get him killed behind this mediocre offensive line. He was under constant durress for a lot of that game.
  4. slimjasi

    Robby Effing Anderson

    Another brutal, game-changing fumble. Even though we held them to a FG there, it allowed them to make it a one score game very quickly. Changed everything.
  5. His best quality is that he keeps his eyes downfield when he is rushed, which he is constantly, because this offensive line is doodoo
  6. Really interesting spot for Darnold. Tough spot. But big opportunity here
  7. I was worried the minute I realized Mayfield was coming into the game. It was so obvious what was going to happen. So obvious
  8. BINGO. Unless we bring in a bunch of stud offensive players this coming FA period, every draft pick in the top 2 rounds for the next two-three years should be offensive linemen, WRs, running backs, or tight ends. Nothing else.
  9. Let's force a turnover here. Would be really nice.
  10. Was anyone else surprised that they didn't at least review the Anderson fumble? Seemed like they never slowed it down to see if he could have been down (I don't think he was, I'm just saying)
  11. Yes. He let it get to his body. There's a reason he's not playing offense.

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