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  1. slimjasi

    Which Franchise is the Worst?

    Amazingly, the Jets are the "least worst", but that's like saying Parkinson's disease is the least worst neurodegenerative disorder
  2. slimjasi

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Good point, I agree. But if you had a chance to hear what Clayton said, it's pretty obvious that he's pulling it out of his ass.
  3. slimjasi

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    You're missing the point, my dude
  4. slimjasi

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    It's half sad/half adorable how gullible people are. Why are ya'll losing your sh*t over baseless speculation?
  5. slimjasi

    Manish Speaks

    He comes off as a bullsh*t artist who doesn't really have any significant insights
  6. Wow, what a “dig” take a break, dude
  7. Breaking: Adam Gase hates America. And Puppies.
  8. slimjasi

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    1) If you honestly believe there is a chance that bell won’t show up to play for the Jets, that’s cool. We’ll see what happens. 2) True, but he’ll only be 29 in two years and there are still backs bouncing around the league over the age of 30.
  9. slimjasi

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    Getting a player of Bell's talent level while only having to commit to a potential head case for two years is a steal for the Jets. Also, you can already tell by the stuff Bell is saying in the media that he's going to give it a legit shot in 2019. Frankly, if he ever wants a good contract again in the NFL, he has to show up and play hard. The Bell stuff is much ado about nothing.
  10. slimjasi

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    It's basically only a 2 year deal though, because the Jets have an out. The notion that the Bell contract is a bad contract for the Jets is very silly.
  11. slimjasi

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    The thing is, Gase has put all the pressure on himself to win now. So, the good news is, we either turn into a decent team OR Gase is out of here pretty quickly.
  12. slimjasi

    Put a bow on the McCagnan administration

    The highs: Darnold, Adams, and getting a pro-bowl caliber year out of Brandon Marshall for a 5th round pick. Neutral/TBD: Leo, 2019 draft/FA The lows: Basically everything else

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