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  1. slimjasi

    **** the Saints

    Prime Brees? Absolutely. Brees from the past two months? I’m not sure
  2. The problem is, Darnold doesn’t have to be a “superstar” for him to end up being the guy who got away. If Darnold is an above-average to very good 10 year starter, the Giants f*cked up.
  3. slimjasi

    Robby Anderson

    Unfortunately, ours may be one of the GMs who does, lol
  4. That was a regular season game. It would basically be impossible to replay anything with the Super Bowl taking place in less than two weeks.
  5. "Repeatedly" is a bit of a stretch, but I agree that he is a good DC and would be a good hire for KC.
  6. slimjasi

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    One day? I’m sure. Will I still be alive on that day? I’m not sure.
  7. slimjasi

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    I think the Rams have the personnel on the defensive line to give the Pats fits - Suh and Donald are the type of players who traditionally have given Brady the most problems in big games. However, I don’t entirely trust Goff and I suspect that Brady will pull out all the stops to get this one.
  8. IF he plays long enough, it will happen and it will be worth it
  9. slimjasi

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    Absolutely I always hated the "judgement call" argument. The truth is that everything is a judgement call.
  10. Nope. Don't want Brady to retire. I want us to win the division with Brady still playing and BB still coaching.
  11. slimjasi

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    LOL. This officiating . . .
  12. slimjasi

    Shoring up the OL

    I'd take a flier on him.

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