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  1. Exactly. Nobody knows anything. Take a shot at a guy you like and don't look back. It would be hard for him to be worse than Darnold has been and you are going to eventually get fired anyway if you don't find a legit QB, so you may as well go for it.
  2. I read his post. It still doesn't make any sense to extend Darnold. It's a bad idea. They don't have to do anything special to "allow themselves to trade him" . . . they can just trade him this offseason. If they want to keep him, let him come back for his 4th year and prove himself. Again, history tells us that the chances Darnold turns it around here are low. There's simply no reason to invest any more money in a player who has been bad for 3 years. None.
  3. It has nothing to do with that. They rotate every year - last year, the NFC title game was the late game, the year before, it was the AFC title game, etc.
  4. Belichick has 6 losing seasons without Brady and will be 69 years old in April. He’s running out of time to change this narrative. And if Brady ever wins this SB (don’t think he will), forget about it
  5. So the chiefs are just going to win the next 15 Super Bowls in a row? what are you saying here?
  6. They were 13-3 this year and have a 24 year old QB who accounted for something like 50 TDs this year. in 2011, we were 8-8 and had Mark Sanchez coming back for another year i would recommend less meth
  7. Bills weren’t ready for the moment. QB ran backwards all game and should have had 3 picks. The coach kicked field goals when he needed touchdowns. The team got chippy when the game was out of reach. they should have a great future, but I would be very disappointed if I were a Bills fan. The Chiefs are legitimately an all time great offense though.
  8. I don’t mind Brady. He’s an incredible player and his continued success hurts BB, who is still in our division and was supposed to be our coach 21 years ago
  9. Hard to imagine he would actually retire. This was a brutal loss and I'm sure he's super pissed and frustrated

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