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  1. slimjasi

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    To the select clowns on this message board who were bantering about our coaching staff supposedly not having given this guy a fair shake: This one is for you!
  2. slimjasi

    NFC loaded with QBs

    Well, sure, but only because he's actually been in the league for a few years and has played very well in his 7 career starts. But, we'll see how they compare 3-5 years from now.
  3. Yeah, I'm just not sure why any draft pick is owed playing time in the regular season. Hack had a chance to earn playing time. From the Jets perspective, he didn't. I consider that a "chance."
  4. Hack had his chance in preseason. He was awful.
  5. Again, the bolded is simply untrue with respect to the second season. They had HUGE expectations coming into that season.
  6. I hate to be a dick, but how were we "under the radar" with Rex Ryan as our head coach? Think about it. Also, in terms of pure expectations, we surprised many in 2009, but following the first run to the AFC Championship game in January of 2010, we surprised no one. I distinctly remember some in the media picking us to win the Super Bowl the following season.
  7. I will never forget this game. I remember Jim Nantz picking the Dolphins right before kickoff and thinking . . . really? One of the most dominant playoff blowouts I have ever seen
  8. Yep. If you look at the teams who have been playoff teams virtually every year in recent times (NE, GB, Pitt, Seattle, New Orleans, Carolina, Indy with a healthy Luck, Indy with Peyton Manning, etc.), the one constant is that they all have franchise QBs. IMO, it's extremely hard to make the playoffs year in and year old with anything less than a good QB.
  9. slimjasi

    Lebron is decent

    One of the worst NBA calls I have ever seen . . . which, is really saying something
  10. slimjasi

    Lebron is decent

    Lol, true
  11. slimjasi

    Lebron is decent

    51 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds on 59% shooting. Forced to play with JR Smith. Decent.
  12. Should be the strongest unit on the team.
  13. slimjasi

    Lebron is decent

    Lebron is the best basketball player I have ever seen and I'd put him number one on my personal list, but I have no issue with anyone picking Jordan over Lebron.
  14. He's solid, but probably doesn't have a very high ceiling. He's a game-manager type who doesn't throw the ball down the field very much. I just think guys like that are limited, in the long run. I don't think he'll start over Darnold for more than a season.
  15. It's too early for this, but Teddy certainly has a chance to start.