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  1. I’m always impressed with Powell when he plays, but he’s always hurt
  2. A hot knife that kicks a lot of field goals
  3. I came here to talk sh*t, but then I remembered that we are very likely to get blown out.
  4. I choose to believe that Rex isn’t dumb enough to give a known Belichick guy his playbook. I choose to . . .
  5. Good point. I would love the Patriots to be deleted from earth, so i hope this is it. But I still doubt it.
  6. Watch it happen. The NFL is not going to make a big stink out of this 1 month away from the playoffs. The Brady and Beli legacies are intertwined with the NFL shield now. If the Pats go down, the NFL is going down with them.
  7. Ok, maybe. He still didn’t put the ball in the endzone. For as much fellatio as he got from Feely during the broadcast, you would have thought he threw a few TD passes or was maybe Dan Fouts in disguise.
  8. “General” Fitzpatrick didn’t get the ball in the endzone. Darnold did. Twice. That was the difference in the game. I’d take Darnold’s game on Sunday over Fitz’s game 100 out of 100 times.
  9. Wilkerson's best season was in 2015 under Bowles . . .
  10. It's nostalgia. We haven't had a legit contender in a decade (unless you count 2015) and people are sitting around thinking about better times in the middle of another lost season . . . It turns out that having your team's season end in October every year is bad for your mental health.
  11. He has already said that he has no interest in ever being a coordinator again. He considers himself a head coach.
  12. I don't think he's a bad coach. He's just not as good as he thinks he is. I think he's average-ish.
  13. Well, we saw Rex coach Richardson and Wilkerson . . .
  14. He's 61-66 in the regular season and 65-68, overall. Meh. I think we can do better
  15. The Ravens can afford a loss since they hold the tie-breaker over NE.
  16. The problem is that the collapse started before Idzik and his mediocre coaching followed him to Buffalo for two years. He didn’t have a winning season for 6 straight seasons as head coach. At best, he’s mediocre.
  17. I get that people are nostalgic about the last contending team this franchise has had, but ya'll do remember that he had 4 straight non-winning seasons here, right? Rex people act like he is 30 games over .500 or something.
  18. The Eagles are the only team in the league that can't move the ball on the Giants, lol And this team gets to compete for a division title? Life is not fair.
  19. On second thought, let's not sign Darby. Who else you got?
  20. Easily. The awkward silences from Al Michaels when one of Miller's obscure references wouldn't land were gold.

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