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  1. No, no, no. they are affiliated after the fact by way of their accusations. They didn’t know each other beforehand. That’s the point.
  2. I think the fundamental point that a lot of the Watson defenders are still not fully grasping is that, when a guy has 22 (unaffiliated) accusers, it’s hard for most rational people to not think that there is at least some truth to the accusations. And then you remember that Big Ben initially got suspended for 6 games (which was subsequently reduced to 4) with (two?) accusers and you wonder how the NFL would sell less than 6 games to the public.
  3. You mean to tell me that podcast hosts aren’t objective observers?!?!?!?
  4. LMAO you are such a Fields fanboy (hint - we have no clue what Fields is, either) funny stuff
  5. Not sure how most of this is relevant to my point - which is that the conventional wisdom regarding college QB prospects is largely unreliable. further, I doubt very many jets fans would have actually drafted Wilson over Lawrence, despite some claims to the contrary. Lawrence was always the golden boy and he had as disappointing a rookie season as anybody. Also, “worst starting QB I’ve ever seen type trajectory” is pretty silly after a handful of games (5 complete games pre-injury?), even for a Wilson skeptic.
  6. Wilson oozes talent. He has a big arm, a very quick release, and is hella mobile (the most underrated part of his game). whether or not he ever develops into a good stater for the jets remains to be seen. History tells us the Jets are not the team to get the most out of a prospect like Wilson. Statistics tell us that most QBs don’t become longtime starters and most highly touted QBs coming out of college are disappointments (at least to some degree). The numbers aren’t in our favor. On the flip side, Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and Zach Wilson have nothing to do with this franchise’s awful and embarrassing history of futility. There’s always a chance this time is different. The talent around Wilson gives him a much better chance than Darnold ever had. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that Wilson can at least be competent. And, if not, I think Mike white has a puncher’s chance, as well.
  7. Fiends was actually the guy I wanted to take at 2, but all things considered, I’d rather be Wilson right now than Fields
  8. If Lawrence was the only "ready to go" QB, then that only further emboldens how worthless the conventional wisdom is on these things. It's just really hard to evaluate college QBs and project how things will go at the next level. We also simply know very little about these QBs after 1 season in which they all played in different circumstances. Years 2-3 are decisive.
  9. Nothing worse than being hyped up before you’ve won anything. We should be better, but let’s hold off on comparisons to the Bengals until we can win a divisional game.
  10. Yes Although they have to be disappointed by how bad Davis was when he played
  11. The offseason is slow. Gotta fight about something!
  12. Using multiple high draft picks on a premium position? Blasphemy for our Jets!
  13. Feel better soon, friend, but you will be just fine!
  14. I strongly question the premise here. I don’t think the jets look at Wilson as the “3rd receiver.” I think they look at him as another good WR and playmaker to add to the offense. I imagine you’ll see Wilson line up all over the place. Teams need multiple good WRs and our WRs alll get hurt every year, anyway. Moore, Davis, Wilson, and Berrios will all get plenty of reps.
  15. Pumped to watch this guy in this offense
  16. It's possible, but I'm not too worried. I'm more worried about Becton struggling at RT.
  17. You are continuously conflating the concept of innocence with not being found legally responsible in a criminal court. Two very different things.
  18. This was never a realistic option. The only time trading for Watson would have been remotely realistic would have been January 2021 before the allegations against him became public - and imagine the reaction to having given up multiple first round picks to find out a month or so later that he would be out for AT LEAST the 2021 season. Total catastrophe. Then there is the fact that he would have never agreed to come to a Jets team coming off a 2 win season, anyway. Much ado about nothing.
  19. Anything is possible and I personally love that people expect us to be a last place team because we tend to be better with no expectations, but were the Jets even the 31st worst team last year?
  20. But if they are committed to the Becton/AVT duo, that implies Becton will play RT and Fant will stay at LT, since we already know AVT is playing right guard.
  21. The lack of respect for Lamar Jackson is baffling. Look at his opening day resume. Heck, look at his resume overall. I pray for the day when Zach Wilson can be the “gimmick” QB that Jackson has become. Also, what gimmick are we talking about here? Scoring touchdowns?
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