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  1. I love Joe and listened all the time for years, but I agree that he's become hard to listen to in recent years, and as a result, I have become (at most) an occasional listener. It doesn't help that I have always found Evan to be incredibly irritating - a know-it-all who, like all know-it-alls, doesn't really know it all. As for the premise of drafting Lawrence, a couple of things about Lawrence: 1) I don't love how much hype he has. I wonder if he is really as can't miss as everyone seems to think. 2) You aren't getting him unless you have the number 1 overall pick because whichever team ends up with the number 1 pick will almost definitely not have a QB in place that it believes in more than Lawrence. Now, if the Jets landed the number 1 pick, it would either mean that Darnold seriously regressed, or that he was injured. In either case, if you thought Lawrence was the guy, you would have to take him. 3) The Jets aren't getting the number 1 overall pick. (end discussion)
  2. Pete is missing the point. The issue isn’t that they gave two number 1s (plus) in a vacuum, the issue is that they they did it for a safety. Sure, in general, they wouldn’t get criticized for trading two number 1s to move up from the 20s to number 6 overall, but they almost certainly would if the player they were moving up for was a safety.
  3. Honestly, at this moment, I am as happy with Joe Douglas as I have been with any team executive of any of the other teams I root for, at any time. To me, this trade was so much of a slam dunk for Douglas that we should assume his dick grew at least 3-4 inches in the process.
  4. This. Also, as a corollary to this, what are we realistically expecting Adams to do to Seattle's W/L record? Seattle was 11-5 last year. How much better does Adams make them? Are they a 13 win team now? Are they clearly the best team in the NFC? The reality is, as good as Adams is, it's hard to say anything definitive about what a top strong safety even does for you, in comparison to an average/slightly above average one.
  5. I get why Seattle wanted Adams - a win now team landing (possibly) the best player at his position in the league. But, you can't tell me they didn't overpay. The Jets got more for Adams than the Giants got for ODB, in the midst of Adams publicly sh*tting on the organization. To anyone arguing that Seattle didn't overpay, I pose the following question: What did you actually expect the Jets to get in return for Adams? If, exactly one week ago today, I told you that Adams was going to be traded to Seattle on Saturday and asked you to guess what Seattle would give up, what would you have said? If your answer is two first round picks + other assets (including their starting safety as an immediate viable replacement), you are LYING. Whether you want to call it a "fleecing" or not is irrelevant. The Jets did well by any reasonable standard of evaluation.
  6. Better than any trade for Adams I could have ever imagined We got two firsts, a third, and a reasonable veteran replacement for a strong safety who didn’t want to be on our team anymore
  7. two first round picks plus for a strong safety Douglas is balling out
  8. I feel bad for you folks who actually think this means Woody is selling the team.
  9. I’d bet a fair amount of money that you are wrong
  10. The only problem I have with this argument is that the Redskins do not seem to be bribing the refs LMAO
  11. I'd probably follow the franchise no matter what, but I'd definitely be bummed with a name change.
  12. I sure wouldn’t. But I agree that the Cowboys have no leverage - he is a big leader on that team and they have no viable alternative.
  13. I think it will be a very long time before there is a female NFL Head coach, for a variety of reasons.

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