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  1. Maybe, but i’m gonna check out the season first
  2. I just woke up from a weed coma, so I just want to make sure that I am not completely out of my element, but it’s still only August of 2019, right? Furthermore, it is my understanding that Polite and Winovich have each only played in NFL Preseason games? Is this correct? Those of you in possession of a fully-functional DeLorean may disregard this message.
  3. I personally really like Simmons, but you just have to remember that he’s an enormous Boston homer. Just think of how sweet it will be to listen to him when the Pats finally fall off
  4. Listen, if you can’t tell that Darnold is going to be pretty good, I can’t help you
  5. Maybe. Maybe not. He’s not getting another HC job anytime soon, at least not in the NFL
  6. The problem is that he only sees himself as a HC now. I've heard him say several times since being fired that he has no interest in being a coordinator anywhere.
  7. Listen, I've been saying/writing since like a month before either guy was drafted that Darnold was the best QB prospect in that draft. BUT, why is everyone so obsessed with comparing these guys every 3 days? Can we, perhaps, wait until they play some more games?
  8. I love Rex as a person and think he can be a DC anytime, anywhere. I just don't think he's a good long term HC.
  9. This place is getting bombarded with some sloppy trolling lately.
  10. I'm in. I think Rice would be a clear upgrade over Robby, IMHO. Better all-around WR. I like Deion, but Tru is a ballhawk
  11. You're trying too hard. The secret to good trolling is hidden in subtlety and nuance.
  12. Don’t need analytics to get a sense for QBs. Watch the guys play. Sam can ball
  13. He was so great in his prime that I would probably kick the tires on him, if there was mutual interest
  14. I'm hoping Q and Leo and get on the field together for an extended period of time. The only chance for the Jets to have a good defense is for those two guys to free each other up to eat
  15. He's not a dominant player and has been a disappointment overall, but referring to him as "terrible" is pretty silly
  16. Depends on Johnson’s health. This group is also playing with better safeties.
  17. My wildly speculative guess would be that Rosen is a bit of a pouter
  18. Yes, but this isn't relevant to the point I was making. The point is that the guy blows with the wind and changes his tune according to his fickle nature, which is dictated by ratings considerations and random personal biases.
  19. The only thing I will say about Dak is that he seems to be a really good leader/locker room guy. I feel like he definitely commands the huddle and the room. The problem is that he’s like, what, the 18th best QB in the league? 30 mill per season for him feels insane.

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